Pakistan Film Industry

by on December 12, 2009
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Lollywood-Pakistani film industry

On its inception in 1947, film industry was the only medium of entertainment. Films were already being produced in Lahore before partition so with the help of some the actors, directors and technicians who either preferred to stay back or had migrated from India; film industry started taking its first steps. ‘Teri Yaad’ was the first film produced in Pakistan in 1948.

Progressing slowly, Pakistan began to produce quality movies in the mid 50s. The 60s and 70s saw the golden era of the film industry. Almost all films reached the silver jubilee mark. Films like ‘Dosti’ and ‘Aaina’ reached the platinum jubilee mark.

Regional cinema also flourished and quality films like ‘Heer Ranjha’ were produced in the Punjabi language. Sindhi and Pashtu cinema was also thriving.

The late 70s saw a steady decline in the standard of the films and the industry could never really recover from this down fall. There was a brief period in the 90s when the film industry saw a revival but it was short lived.

Following is a list of 10 best films of the Pakistan film industry:

1. Aina
2. Mola Jatt
3. Umra-o-Jan
4. Anjuman
5. Sheri Farhad
6. Heer Ranjha
7. Zarqa
8. Mera Naam hai Mohabbat
9. Aag ka Darya
10. Malangi

Khuda k liye and Bol are two recent movies made by Shoaib Mansoor. Both were commercially successful and critically acclaimed.