Pride of Pakistan – Farieha Altaf

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Farieha Altaf entered the world of fashion as a model in the mid 80s. At that time modeling was considered a taboo and girls faced a lot of hostility. Farieha was not bothered with this attitude and continued with her modeling though most of it was in print. She made a name for herself in the fashion world. Farieha later started acting in TV plays as well. She is remembered for her roles in the long play “Rosy” in which she worked opposite Moin Akhtar. She also appeared in a TV serial penned by Haseena Moin. Farieha distanced herself from the fashion world after her marriage but not for long.

She re-entered the glamour world but now as the owner of a production house “Catwalk”. Through Catwalk, Farieha has introduced many new faces on the modeling scene. She has not only introduced models like Vaneeza Ahmed, Amir Zeb Khan, Sonia Khan and many others. Designers Nomi Ansari and others were also introduced by her. Freiha’s contributions to the fashion world are numerous; as a matter of fact, fashion became an industry in Pakistan because of the efforts of people like Farieha.

Farieha has also given a complete makeover to some leading sports and showbiz personalities like actor Shan. Farieha also directed and produced the Lux Style Awards in 2007.

Pride of Pakistan – Abdullah Ejaz

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Hottest and popular model of Pakistan-Abdullah Ejaz

Abdullah Ejaz is rated as the “hottest male model”. Blessed with good looks and a perfect physique for a model, Abdullah who always aspired to be a model started his career with small assignments. He was not lucky like his peers and had to wait for some time before he could make an impression in the fashion industry. Later his looks and talents as a model were noticed by some big wigs of the fashion industry like Mehdi, HSY and Karma; Abdullah was now on the road of success. Chen One a big fashion house also signed him as their model.

Abdullah has been more successful in print. He knows how to pose in front of cameras and has a certain charisma and the right attitude to make people notice him. Abdullah is also a successful ramp model and looks comfortable in both western and eastern attire. He won the Best Male Model Award in the 5th Sony Ericsson LUX Style Awards, September 2006. Abdullah Ejaz is an example of the fact that fashion industry in Pakistan has come a long way. Not only Pakistan has best of models who have the required talent for this field, the approach towards future is very well aligned with modern requirements of the industry. Abdullah Ejaz has won respect of his followers and fans over the years. 

Pride of Pakistan – Mikaal Zulfiqar

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Pakistani actor and model Mekaal-Zulfiqar

Mikaal Zulfiqar is a Pakistani model who emerged on the fashion scene in 2000. It has been almost 10 years and he has planted his feet firmly not only as a model but also as an actor. He is a very talented individual who has shown by now to the fans and critics alike that he is here to stay.

Mikaal has also acted in a couple of music videos. This multi talented man is a superb model in print and on the ramp as well. Like his peers, he is well versed in the art of modeling and has worked with several fashion designers.

As per the current trend among models, Mikaal also made a successful transition towards acting. Mikaal not only acted in TV dramas along with some leading actors and actresses but also acted in few movies. His serial Saiqa aired on Hum TV was a big hit. To date he has acted in three movies; two Pakistani and one Indian. In the Indian movie “Shoot on Sight”, he acted with senior actors like Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri.

Mikaal is popular among the masses because of the hilarious Ufone TV commercials and is often called Ufone wala. Mikaal recently tied the knot with Sara Bhatti.

Pride of Pakistan – Suneeta Marshall

Pakistani Hot Model Suneeta Marshall

Suneeta Marshall was introduced to the world of fashion by her aunt Angie Marshall. She began her career with TV commercials and maybe it was because of her long lovely tresses that she mostly appeared in hair care products such as Garnier Fruticis shampoo, Pantene and Head and Shoulders shampoos. Later people saw her as the Gul Ahmed girl. Suneeta then modeled for fashion gurus like Bunto Kazmi, HSY, Deepak Parwani and Nilofer Shahid.

Suneeta’s biggest break came when Bunto Kazmi selected her to model her designs in the Milan Fashion Show. That show did wonders for Suneeta and now confident of her self, she submitted her portfolios to Dior and Gucci; the big fashion houses. She was accepted by both and Suneeta became a Part of Dior’s shows in Karachi, Paris, Moscow, Dubai and London. Suneeta soon joined the ranks of “in demand” models, if she was not doing catwalk, she was busy with photo shoots.

Suneeta acted in a couple of song videos which led her towards TV plays. The immensely attractive girl really had acting talent and clicked on the small screen as well.

Suneeta has always taken her work seriously and that’s what has made her a top model of Pakistan.

Pride of Pakistan – Aaminah Haq

Pakistani hot and popular model Aamina Haq

When Aaminah Haq first entered the glamorous world of modeling, she was noticed more for her parentage than her stunning looks. She is the daughter of Ghulam Mustafa Khar and Sheherzade Nilofar (wife No.3 or 5 not sure). However once people overcame their initial curiosity they saw that Aaminah was not only extremely pretty but also very graceful. Though only 5 feet 3 inch tall (not a suitable height for a model), she could carry herself gracefully on the ramp. With her raven black hair, almond shaped eyes and eastern charm, she looked like a Moghul princess in traditional clothes. She was completely at ease in western clothes as well and could carry off bold designs without looking vulgar. Aaminah had a photogenic face and made a good still model too. She has posed for all leading fashion magazines and has worked with all the leading designers.

From modeling, Aaminah tried her hands on acting. Although she seemed wooden at first but with time her acting abilities improved and her performances were applauded by the people. Aaminah has also worked in videos of songs. She has hosted TV shows as well.

Aaminah was selected by Levis Jeans as their brand ambassador. The famous model is also the ambassador of “Smile Again Foundation”, an organization of the renowned Depilex Beauty Parlor which treats poor acid attack victims.

Her international exposure is limited to some commercials mostly shot in Canada. She was also interviewed by the prestigious French magazine “Vogue”.

Aaminah married her long time friend Ammar Belal, a designer in 2009.