Pakistan through the decades: List of Chief Justice of Pakistan

iftikhar chaudhry

A justice system is as important for the society as the creation of society itself. It implies ensuring that each and every member of the society is getting his rights without any external pressure or threats. For the creation of a just society, it is essential that a justice system is developed on equality basis for the countrymen. The justice system of Pakistan is headed by the Supreme Court the office of which is controlled by the Chief Justice. Pakistan has had twenty-two Chief Justices who have taken charge of the office during their tenure. The first Chief Justice of Pakistan was Justice Abdur Rashid who remained in the office from 1949 till 1954. The current Chief Justice is Iftikhar M. Chaudhry who took charge of office in the year 2009. Given below is the list of Chief Justices of Pakistan who are twenty-two in number:

1)      Sir Abdur Rashid

2)      Muhammad Munir

3)      Muhammad Shahabuddin

4)      A. R. Cornelius

5)      Dr. S. A. Rahman

6)      Fazal Akbar

7)      Hamoodur Rahman

8)      Muhammad Yaqub Ali

9)      Shaikh Anwarul Haq

10)   Muhammad Haleem

11)   Muhammad Afzal Zullah

12)   Dr. Nasim Hasan Shah

13)   Sajjad Ali Shah

14)   Ajmal Mian

15)   Saeed -uz- Zaman Siddiqui

16)   Irshad Hasan Khan

17)   Bashir Jehangiri

18)   Sheikh Riaz Ahmad

19)   Nazim Hussain Siddique

20)  Abdul Hameed Dogar


Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry