Pakistan through decades: History of National Anthem of Pakistan


A national anthem is the symbolic of the people’s love for their country. In other words, the patriotism of countrymen is manifested in the form of their national anthem. The history of national anthem of Pakistan is as old as the country itself. The national anthem of Pakistan was written by Hafiz Jalandhary, a renowned poet in the year 1952. The music of the anthem was composed by Ahmed Chhagala before the composition of the lyrics of anthem in 1949. The national anthem takes one minutes and twenty seconds to play and twenty musical instruments are used together to play thirty-eight various tones. The language of the national anthem of Pakistan is Persian and eleven singers sung this song when it was aired on radio Pakistan for the first time in August, 1954.

It is interesting to note that the selection of a song to be made the national anthem of Pakistan was an uphill task for the government of Pakistan. The issue of the selection of a song to become a national anthem of Pakistan was resolved by starting a competition between the potential and existing poets with the prize money of considerable amount. The competition had been won over by Hafiz Jalandhary out of the around seven hundred competitors. A controversy began about the poet of the national anthem of Pakistan by the claim of Jagganath Azad to be the one who wrote national anthem for Pakistan for the first time. However, this claim has been rejected because of lack of empirical evidence.

Pride of Pakistan – The Charismatic Atif Aslam

Popular singer of Pakistan Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam the charismatic singer made waves with his very first song “Aadat”. At that time he was the lead singer of the band “Jal”. Incidentally the band split up after the release and mega success of their very first song. Atif Aslam got phenomenal success and fame with the songs “Aadat and “Who Lamhey”. These songs were later featured in Indian movies making him more popular than ever in both Pakistan and India. With his good looks and style he soon became the heart throb of many. His first album was “Jal Pari” and second album “Doorie” were both hits across both sides of the border.

Atif Aslam’s voice can be defined as sensational, powerful and electrifying. Atif Aslam was never keen to be a singer. The encouraging response he got from his friends when he sang during his college days boosted his confidence and he started participating in competitions and winning them.

Atif Aslam has performed in many countries of the world. But he has been appreciated a lot by the Indians. He has sung for many Hindi films and all of his songs have been a mega hit. Atif has faced criticism from some corners in India but generally people like his songs. An Iranian director has also used Atif’s voice in a Hollywood movie “Man Push Cart”.

Atif was also seen as an actor in Shoaib Mansoor’s movie “Bol”. Atif has been nominated and has one a number of awards. He was also awarded “Tamgha-e- Imtiaz”; the highest civil award.

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