Pakistan Tourist Destinations: Top Ten Forts of Pakistan


Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage and it is depicted in the form of marvelous structure built for the defense of a state or a country. There are many forts located all around the world that are of historical significance. The main purpose behind the construction of forts was to protect a country from invaders and enemies. However, they serve another purpose also which involves making a display of one’s architecture as depicted by its significance in a culture. Pakistan is proud to have enormous forts with beautiful architecture and rich cultural significance.Ranikot, the largest fort of the world is also situated in Pakistan. The reason behind the accumulation of forts in Pakistan lies in its history. As Pakistan initially was a part of Indo-Pak sub-continent, it had been ruled over by various monarchs including Mughals who were fond of art and architecture. Here a list of the famous forts of Pakistan has been presented naming only the top ten forts of Pakistan with their respective locations. These forts are a place of frequent local visits along with being famous tourist attractions

1)      Ranikot Fort located in the province of Sindh.

2)      Baltit Fort situated in Hunza Valley

3)      Royal Fort located in Lahore

4)      Rohtas Fort situated in Dina

5)      Multan Fort located in Multan

6)      Rawat Fort in Rawalpindi

7)      Phrasal Fort in Rawalpindi

8)      Red Fort of Muzaffarabad

9)      Attock Fort of Rawalpindi

10)  Giri Fort in Taxila

Rivers of Muzaffarabad

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Rivers of Muzaffarabad-Pakistan

The Neelum River is named because of the bluish hue of the water. In local language, Neelum means sapphire. Originating from India, the river enters Pakistan at the Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir. It snakes through the valley until it meets River Jhelum at Domail near Muzaffarabad city.

River Jhelum is 772 km long and also originates from India. A major portion of the river around 177km lies in India. It enters Muzaffarabad Pakistan through a deep narrow gorge. River Jhelum is a tributary of the River Indus and irrigates the plains of Punjab. It merges with Chenab River and then finally with the mighty River Indus. The long journey finally ends with Indus falling into the Arabian Sea.

The Mangla Dam one of the largest earth filled dams in the world has been built over River Jhelum.

Muzzafarabad is the biggest and most important city of independent Kashmir. Accordingly, it is the most well developed city in the region too. However, being a part of the disputed Kashmir valley, primarily it attracts attention of the people due to the beauty it holds. Driving up from Murree and galiyaat up to Muzzafarabad, the road runs parallel to River Jehlum. This natural beauty of this region is the most captivating factor related to this city. 

7 Major Attractions of Muzaffarabad

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Leepa Valley in Muzaffarabad-Pakistan

Muzaffarabad the capital of Azad Kashmir is a place of breath taking beauty located at the junction of Neelum River and Jhelum River. Its stunning landscapes have earned it the title of “Paradise on Earth”. Some spots worth mentioning are:

1. Pir Chinassi

Pir Chinassi is a large mountain located at an elevation of 2900 meters. It offers an awesome view of Muzaffarabad city. Its claim to fame however is the tomb of a saint (pir) at the mountain peak. There is also a trekking route at the foot of Pir Chinassi.

2. Neelum Valley & Jhelum Valley

These river valleys with their mesmerizing beauty are an ideal tourist spot.

3. Leepa Valley

Known for its dry fruits and honey, Leepa is another place where you would like to go for a relaxation.

4. Sharda Valley

It is also famous for its picturesque scenery. Sharda has many cool water springs. Shardi and Nardi are two peaks overlooking the valley.

5. The Forts

The Muzaffarabad Fort or the Red Fort and the Black Fort are also major tourist attractions.

6. Ath’muqam

It is situated at a height of 1371m, it is the sub-divisional headquarters of the area and is an attractive place known for its variety of fruit. All necessary facilities like bazaar, post office, banks, hospital, and telephone exchange are present.

The awe-inspiring locus, with an altitude of 3110m, it is located 32 Km east of Muzaffarabad. The fascinating beauty of the place wins the admiration of nature lovers. The view of the summit at the neighboring mountain peaks spell bounds of tourists. The devotees of Saint Pir Chinassi come in large numbers to pay homage at the Shrine.

7. Shaheed Gali

The comely beauty of this place attracts a restive mind to prolong his stay. The picturesque Shaheed Gali, situated at the height of about 1640 meters above sea level is at a distance of about 16 kilometers westward from Muzaffarabad. From Shaheed Gali a trek of 4 Km leads towards a wholesome spot namely “Sri Kot”. A tourist is bound to be fascinated by the serenity for the backdrop of the area. A Tourist Rest House is available for accommodation at Shaheed Gali.

Being the capital city is not only the hub of political and cultural activities but it also serves as a base camp for the tourists. It has various spots of leisure. View point Sathra, a public place, unravels the panorama of the entire city before a beholder. The junction point of the river Neelum and Jhelum presents a magic beauty from here. Lohar Gali situated 9 kilometers from Muzaffarabad on Abottabad road. The Red fort is a witness to the ancient history of this great city. The local market in Muzaffarabad can be explored for walnut carvings, Kashmiri shawls and other traditional handicrafts. It is always possible to get a good bargain. It has besides official buildings; farms, parks and historic fort standing on the bank of the Neelum. Shopping is an exciting activity in Muzaffarabad and you can shop for Kashmiri shawls and walnut carvings.