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Pakistan-Olympics-Parade in London 2012

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Pride of Pakistan – Anoushka Kachelo

Anoushka Kachelo- Youngest woman to reach north pole

On Sunday 24th April 2004, Anoushka Kachelo a London based Pakistani woman made history when she became the first Pakistani and perhaps the youngest female to reach the Geographic North Pole. The 24 year old is a lawyer with an adventurous spirit and a heart of gold. Anoushka braved the hostile bone chilling conditions (at times the temperature plunged to -22) walking 12 hours a day dragging a heavy sledge behind her. It took her 8 days to cross 50 miles of snow covered expanse.

Anoushka underwent a grueling and taxing training routine to build her stamina which included dragging heavy burdens behind her. Besides abundant stamina, mental toughness is also needed for such exhausting stressful expeditions.

Fundraising for three charitable organizations was the driving force behind this expedition. Anoushka raised £19,000 for CHART (Children Art Foundation) an organization for providing education for the under privileged, La Strada, a Ukraine based organization which works with the unfortunate victims of drug trafficking and for the Pakistani Special Olympics.

This expedition was just the beginning for Anoushka who intends to trek to the South Pole next. Anoushka Kachelo is one proof to this world that women in Pakistan are equally or may be more talented than their counterparts in Pakistan, or in other parts of the world. 

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