Pride of Pakistan: Pakistan Navy: Lieutenant Syed Yaser Abbas Shaheed

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Syed Yaser Abbas Shaheed of Pakistan

Lieutenant Syed Yaser Abbas Shaheed (July 22, 1987 – May 22, 2011) was an aeronautical engineer of Pakistan Navy. He completed his basic education from famous Pakistani school,  Army Public School & Colleges System. He joined Pakistan Navy in 2005 and embraced martyrdom on May 24, 2011 during attack on PNS Mehran. His name has been recommended for Nishan-e-Haider (Pakistan’s highest award for valor). He will be the first person from Pakistan Navy to receive this award.

Yaser was born in a Pakistani army family; his maternal grandfather and father was Colonel in the Medical branch of Pakistan Army. Yaser had three sisters. After doing intermediate from famous Pakistani college Garrison Degree College, Lahore Cantt Yaser appeared for Pakistan Air Force but he was rejected citing eye problem. He was offered education abroad by his father but he refused and appeared for entry in Pakistan Navy. He was selected for 67th CAE/EC course of Aeronautical engineering at College of Aeronautical Engineering, Pakistan Airforce Academy. After graduating from PAF academy, Lt. Yaser was posted at PNS Mehran of Pakistan Navy.

Lt. Yaser was the duty officer and incharge of Quick Reaction Force on the night of May 22, 2011 when terrorists attacked PNS Mehran. On hearing sounds of blasts he rushed to check it but was stopped by Navy guards from going their but without caring for his life and he endangered his life and went to check. He was attacked by terrorists attacking the base but Lt. Yaser kept his ground and engaged terrorists for almost half an hour. During this he received 3 bullets (1 in heart and 2 in abdomen). He was taken to PNS Rahat but embraced martyrdom in operation theatre. He was buried in his native city Lahore on May 23, 2011. Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gilani has recommend Nishan-e-Haider for the gallantry shown by the young officer of Pakistan Navy.


Pride of Pakistan – Women Pilots

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Women pilots of Pakistan

The Pride of Pakistan is a humble attempt to pay tributes to the prodigal sons and daughters of Pakistan who brought honor to the country. Here we also aim at introducing these long forgotten heroes to our new generation. We are open to suggestions and your ideas, advice and comments are most welcome.

Shukriya Khanum: First Woman Pilot

In the West and thanks to some religious bigots, Pakistan is thought to be a country of extremists where the caveman mentality prevails. The rightful place of women is thought to be the kitchen – where they spend a large part of their lives -, barefoot and pregnant. Contrary to this belief, women are quite liberated now and enjoyed freedom back in 1947 when Pakistan was born. Women have played an active role in the creation of Pakistan as well.

On the 12th of July 1959, Shukriya Khanum wrote history when she was awarded the commercial pilot license (CPL) and thus became the first woman pilot of Pakistan. Although she did not serve the PIA as a pilot, she was a ground instructor in the national carrier’s Flying Academy where she taught the future pilots the CPL ground subjects. It is not clear whether Ms. Shukriya Khanum actually flew a plane or not or maneuvered a plane as a part of the training.

Women Pilots of PIA

In 1990, two female pilots joined PIA; they were Ms. Ayesha Rabia and Ms. Maliha Sami. Ms. Sami recorded her name in history when she became the first female ever to fly a Fokker plane from Karachi to Gawadar via Panjgur and Turbat.

On 25th January 2006, Pakistani women pilots made history when a full female crew flew a Fokker plane from Islamabad to Multan via Lahore. Ms. Ayesha Rabia was the pilot and she was assisted by co-pilot Sadia Aziz.

Besides flying in the capacity of commercial pilots, women have also made inroads in the all men field when four women pilots joined the Pakistan Air Force as trainee fighter pilots. Saba Khan, Marium Hilal, Nadia Gul and Saira Batool graduated as fighter pilots after rigorous training.