Pride of Pakistan-Sadiq Mohammed

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Pakistani famous cricketer Sadiq Mohammad

Sadiq Mohammed the youngest of the five Mohammed brothers was born in 1945. Ever since Pakistan was recognized as a test playing nation, one of the Mohammed brothers had been a part of the Pakistan cricket team with Hanif Mohammed and Mushtaq Mohammed being the most successful.

Like his brothers, Sadiq Mohammed was a strong right handed batsman but on his brother Hanif Mohammed’s advice, Sadiq Mohammed switched over to left handed batting as Hanif thought that there were already too many right handed batsmen in the team. Initially Sadiq Mohammed played as a middle order batsman but later became a reliable opener. Sadiq Mohammed also played for the English County Gloucestershire.

Sadiq Mohammed made his test debut in 1969 at Karachi against New Zealand. He played 41 test matches with 2579 runs scored at an average of 35.81; his total includes five hundreds. He featured in 19 ODIs and made 383 runs at an average of 21.27 runs. Till date Sadiq Mohammad is considered as one of the best batsmen from Pakistan cricket. Pakistan cricket team who has been traditionally known for its weak and unreliable batting line up has surely produced some big names in the field of batting too. SAdiq Mohammed is among one of those batting legends from Pakistan.

Pride of Pakistan-Wasim Bari

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Famous Pakistani cricket player Wasim Bari

Wasim Bari is the former wicket keeper of the Pakistan cricket team. He long career of 17 years spans from 1967-1984.

The Karachi born wicket keeper was not that agile behind the wickets. One hardly saw him making fantastic dives but he was quite potent nonetheless. Bari made his debut against England and his safe and steady performance was soon acknowledged by the critics who called him the best glove man to come out of South Asia. Bari played 81 matches and has 228 victims behind the wickets including 27 stumping. He was an average batsman who tried to rise to the occasion when his country needed him.

Wasim Bari has made quite a few records behind the wickets. He holds the record of catching 7 of the first 8 batsmen against New Zealand in 1979; a world record of the most catches behind the wickets in a test innings. Wasim Bari also leveled the then world record of 8 catches in 1971 at Leeds. With 228 victims, Wasim Bari remains the most successful wicket keeper of Pakistan and of South Asia.

Another world record associated with Wasim Bari is his last wicket partnership with Wasim Raja which produced 133 runs; Bari scored 60 of these.

Wasim Bari is still actively involved in cricket as he heads Pakistan’s selection panel. To acknowledge his services, the PCB honored him with a Life Time Achievement Award in 1997.

Pride of Pakistan – Intikhab Alam

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Popular Pakistani cricketer Intikhab Alam

Intikhab Alam was a part of the Pakistan cricket team from 1959 to 1977. Intikhab Alam was an all rounder; he was a powerful hitter of the ball and a useful leg spinner.

Intikhab Alam was Pakistan’s first ODI captain. Under his leadership Pakistan played 3 matches winning two and losing one match. In the 47 tests Intikhab played, he scored 1493 runs. Intikhab though not a stylish leg spinner was very effective. He took 125 wickets which include a haul of 5 wickets in an innings 5 times and on two occasions he took 10 wickets in an innings. His ODI record shows 17 runs from 4 matches and 4 wickets. Intikhab also played county cricket for Surrey from 1969-1981 which had a positive effect on his playing abilities.

After retiring from cricket, Intikhab coached the national team. Intikhab was the coach when Pakistan won the 1992 World Cup. In 2009 again under his coaching Pakistan won the T20 World CUP. Intikhab was the first foreign coach of the Indian Punjab Cricket team in the Ranji Trophy. Intikhan Alam’s association with Pakistan Cricket Board has been a life long relationship. After finishing his career as a cricket player, he has been involved with Pakistan cricket in one way or the other. He has spent many years managing Pakistan Cricket Team on their tours abroad.

Pride of Pakistan – Azhar Mahmood

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Pride of Pakistan - Azhar Mahmood

Azhar Mahmood joined the Pakistan cricket team in 1996. His first ODI was against India; Azhar’s performance was average.  Azhar however was brilliant against South Africa the following year. In Azhar, Pakistan found a reliable and strong middle order batsman, a typical English style seam bowler and an agile fielder.

Azhar Mahmood was particularly known for his powerful strokes though he was a bit uncomfortable against leg spin. Azhar Mahmood is another cricketer who was a victim of the PCB politics. This talented cricketer found himself in and out of the team at several occasions. Azhar then joined the English county Surrey in 2002. He remained with Surrey till 2007 and then switched over to Kent. He still plays for Kent and at the time when Pakistan team is struggling against England, Azhar led his county Kent to victory by taking 5 wickets for 62 runs.

Pride of Pakistan – Waqar Hassan

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Pakistani cricketer Waqar Hasan

Waqar Hassan was a stylish stroke maker of Pakistan and the backbone of the Pakistan cricket team during its early days. Cricket is a passion in South Asia, and Pakistan has produced some of the finest cricketers of all time. Waqar Hassan is one of the legends of this sport in Pakistan.

Waqar Hassan made his debut at the age of 17 against India in 1952-53. Though the rest of Pakistan’s batting line up failed miserably in the third test against India, Waqar Hassan stood out with 81 runs and 65 runs respectively. He again played a match saving innings at Calcutta.

His brilliant form continued and against the New Zealand, Waqar Hassan put up a 308 run partnership with Imtiaz Ahmed when Pakistan was 6 wickets down for 111 runs. Pakistan won the match in a close finish.

being a reliable batsman, Waqar Hassan was also an agile fielder at the cover area. Waqar Hassan played 21 test matches for Pakistan and scored 1071 runs including one century. In first class cricket, he played 99 matches with 4741 runs with 8 centuries.

Waqar Hassan made an early exit from the cricket scene to concentrate on his business. He however remained associated with cricket as a member of the advisory council, selector and manager of the national team to tournaments played in Sharjah.

Pride of Pakistan – Abdul Hafeez Kardar

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Famous cricket player of Pakistan Abdul Hafeez Kardar

Abdul Hafeez Kardar was the first captain of the Pakistan cricket team. Commonly referred to as the father figure of Pakistan cricket, Kardar’s contribution toward cricket in Pakistan are numerous.

Kardar was an experienced cricketer; he used to play for India before the creation of Pakistan. Under Kardar’s captaincy, Pakistan played 23 test matches against all the leading teams of that time and was victorious against all of them. Pakistan got its test status in 1952 and toured India; there they lost the series 2-1 but Pakistan managed to win the second test at Lucknow comprehensively. Pakistan’s greatest achievement under Kardar’s captaincy was the victory against England at Oval. Australia was also beaten by Pakistan in Karachi in 1957 by Kardar’s men.

Kardar was a dauntless left handed batsman known for cracking the ball right over the bowler’s head. As a left hand spin bowler, he was equally effective. Kardar was also associated with Warwickshire. In his career as a cricketer, Kardar score 6,832 runs and captured 344 wickets.

Kardar was a visionary who modernized Pakistan cricket and popularized the game. He was instrumental in putting Pakistan on the international cricket map. Kardar was also a strong advocate of promoting the game of cricket in Asia. Kardar retired in 1958. He later served Pakistan cricket as the President of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Passionate about cricket and sincere, he never compromised on his principles.

Kardar later became Pakistan’s ambassador to Switzerland. This great cricketer passed away in his hometown Lahore in 1996.

Pride of Pakistan – Cricket Greats

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Wazir Mohammad-Pakistani cricketer

Pakistan has produced some finest cricketers this sport has ever witnessed. Many records in Cricket are held by Pakistani cricketers. Some of the old cricketers are more famous than the others. Here I would like to mention two of our cricketing heroes.

Wazir Mohammad

Wazir Mohammad was the eldest of the four Mohammad brothers who have made numerous contributions to cricket in Pakistan.

Wazir Mohammad was one of the members of the first Pakistani cricket team. He played 20 test matches and scored 801 runs including 2 centuries; his top score being 189. The number of first class matches played by Wazir Mohammad is 105 with 4931 being the total score. He scored 11 first class centuries.


Alimuddin was an opener who played for Pakistan from 1954 till 1962. Alimuddin was an attacking opening batsman who formed a perfect opening pair with Hanif Mohammad. Alimuddin scored 103 runs in the 1954-55 series against India in Karachi. In 1962, he thrilled the audience with a 109 runs innings against England.

Alimuddin was a genius with the bat. He is the youngest person to make a debut in first class cricket. Alimuddin played his first test for Rajasthan at the age of 12 years and 73 days. Alimuddin was a powerful player but managed to make only 1091 runs in 25 test matches. His first class record shows a total of 140 matches played with 7275 runs scored.

Alimuddin later became the national coach.

Pride of Pakistan – Wasim Hasan Raja

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Famous cricket player of Pakistan Wasim Hasan Raja

Wasim Hasan Raja was a Pakistani cricketer known for his stylish batting and bowling.

Born in Multan on 3rd July 1952, Raja had a Master’s Degree in political science. Cricket was a family affair as his father and his brother Zaeem Raja were first class cricketers. His younger brother Rameez Raja now a commentator was also a part of the Pakistan cricket team.

Wasim Raja captained the Pakistan under-19side during his college days. Raja was a fearless left handed middle order batsman and was never intimidated by any bowler. If a bouncer was thrown at him, it was hit for a boundary. Runs came freely to this stylish stroke player. He was also leg spinner and some of his victims were great names of his time.

Though Raja has delivered match winning performance both with the bat and the ball, his career best innings came against the West Indies. West Indies at that time (1976-77) totally dominated the cricket scene and often made a quick job of their opponents. Raja scored a century in both innings of the first test which ended in a draw. Raja was the top scorer for Pakistan with 517 runs at an average of 57.4. He also took 7 wickets and hit 14 sixes; a record though equaled but not broken to date. Wasim’s record against West Indies is one of the best in the world.

Wasim Raja was unfortunately the victim of dressing room politics and was often left out of the team. After retiring from cricket, Wasim Raja obtained a certificate in education from Durham University and pursued a career in teaching at the Caterham School. He settled in England after marrying an English lady. Wasim Raja remained involved with cricket one way or the other. He coached the Pakistan’s Under 19 team, served as ICC match referee from 2002 to 2004 and played for the English county Surrey. It was during a match over-50 side that he suffered a fatal heart attack and died in 2006. Overall Raja played 57 tests and 54 ODIs for Pakistan.

Pride of Pakistan – Mudassar Nazar

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Famous cricketer of Pakistan Mudassar Nazar

Mudassar Nazar was the opening batsman of the Pakistani cricket team. Mudassar is the son of Nazar Mohammad also an opener who also has the honor of being the first centurion of Pakistan. Following his father’s footsteps, Mudassar also carried the bat against India.

Being the son of a first class cricketer, cricket was in Mudassar’s veins. Since childhood he was interested in cricket. His interest turned into obsession fueled by the company of cricket greats like Fazal Mahmood, Hanif Mohammad, and A. H Kardar; all ex colleagues of his father. At the age of 10 he was sure that he would someday be a test player.

Mudassar Nazar made his cricket debut against Australia at Adelaide in 1976-77. Mudassar along with his partner gave a solid start to the Pakistani team. He was also a useful bowler and took crucial wickets when the main bowlers failed. Mudassar has a number of records to his credit; he scored the slowest century ever in Test and First Class cricket. He took 557 minutes to reach the triple score against England at Lahore. He along with Javed Miandad scored a 451 third wicket partnership against India in Hyderabad. His career best performance with the bat and the ball came against England in 1982. He made a record by scoring 4 centuries in that series and his brilliant bowling earned him the nickname of “Man with Golden Arm”. The English press also dubbed him as the secret weapon of Pakistan. Like his father, Mudassar also carried the bat; another record in cricket history.

Mudassar retired from test cricket in 1989. Since then he has served as a coach to Pakistani, Kenyan and other teams. The government of Pakistan honored the brilliant player with Pride of Performance award in 1989.

Pride of Pakistan – Javed Miandad

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Famous Pakistani cricket player Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad is the most prolific batsman Pakistan has produced. Miandad was born in 1957 in Karachi where he received his early education. Miandad’s cricketing career began in 1975 from an ODI match against West Indies. The following year, he made his test debut from a series against New Zealand. Miandad scored a century in his very first test match and later scored a double century in the same series. Honor and a world record (youngest player ever to achieve a 100 and a test double) cemented his position in the team. From then onwards Miandad has entertained the cricket lovers all over the world with his classy shots. He played all over the field with reverse sweep and square cuts being his favorite shots.

Miandad was a genius; he knew how to score runs under any circumstances and on every type of pitch. He has won many matches for Pakistan. As long as he was on the pitch, Pakistan had a chance of victory even though circumstances suggested otherwise. He kept his cool and analyzed the areas where runs could be scored. The six he hit at Sharjah against India immortalized him. Miandad was also a fast runner and stole cheeky singles. He also saved a lot of boundaries and was often called “a panther in the field”.

Miandad has many records to his credit. He scored six double centuries and has the highest number of fifties in ODI. He scored 23 centuries and 43 half centuries in his test career spanning over 17 years. He is the only player to have made 6 appearances in 6 consecutive World Cup Tournament.

Miandad also served as the coach of Pakistan cricket team a three times after retiring as a player. Miandad was one of the Wisden Cricketers of the year in 1982. He is ranked 44th among the best cricketers of all times by the ESPN Legend of Cricket. Miandad’s name is also in the Hall of Fame at Lords.

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