Famous play writer of Pakistan Television: Muneer Ahmed Qureshi (Munnu Bhai)

by on December 17, 2012
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popular columnist and drama writer Munnu Bhai

His name is mostly associated with column writing but Muneer Ahmed Qureshi or ‘Munnu Bhai’, as he is better known as, has put on paper a few of the most remembered and revered drama serials in Pakistani television history. He has been one of the most outstanding and consistent writers in Pakistan. Born in the British Indian subcontinent in Wazirabad, Punjab, he finished his schooling from the Government College Attock. Initially he worked as a translator for an Urdu newspaper but eventually developed into a playwright and dramatist with exceptional capacity and skills. He devoted most of his pen and ink to PTV.

‘Sona Chandi’ is his most famous drama serial up to date and has won him much praise for his talented writing. A story about a village couple who moves to the city to earn money and attain a better standard of life, it is still etched into the minds of its viewers for its well-built and well executed plot as well as its humorous story line. He also ventured into long plays, producing immensely entertaining plays such as ‘Gumshuda’ and ‘Khubsurat’ which were well received by the audience and drew favorable comments from the critics. He also inked down another renowned drama serial ‘Ashiyaana’ which was characterized by its buoyant and optimistic plot as well as for highlighting family values. His drama serial ‘Dasht’ was another one of his brilliant works and portrayed the life style, cultural traditions as well as the backwardness of the Balochi tribes based in Gwadar. 


Munnu Bhai is an immensely multi-talented man. As well as being a playwright and dramatist, his Punjabi poetry is considered as one of the best works in recent Punjabi literature and poetry. A regular columnist for the Daily Jang, Munnu Bhai is considered to be among the elite of Pakistan’s best and brightest columnists. He is loyal to the Pakistan’s People Party and his columns  speaks volumes for the poor and suffering of the country. He is also of the chaperon of the Sundas Foundation.

The Nawaz Baloch Family: Famous TV actors of Pakistan: Farid Nawaz Baloch, Yasir Nawaz and Danish Nawaz

Famous TV actor of Pakistan: Farid Nawaz Baloch

The first member of the Nawaz Baloch family to appear on TV was Farid Nawaz Baloch. Popular TV actor of Pakistan Farid Nawaz Baloch was born in Hyderabad in 1945. He joined the Karachi Center in the early 1970s and appeared in various Sindhi dramas. With sheer determination, hard work and talent, he managed to make a name for himself.. Farid Nawaz did his first play in Urdu language in 1976 and since then he became a regular part of both Sindhi and Urdu plays. He was a versatile actor who studied his roles, grasped them and then delivered an excellent performance. His roles in the drama serials Dewarain and Jungle were highly appreciated. Although he mostly got supporting roles but he made them larger than life with his powerful acting.  Farid Nawaz is with us no more  but left behind more than a hundred memorable characters he had portrayed. Farid Nawaz was survived by talented sons two of whom Yasir Nawaz and Danish Nawaz have joined the show business.

popular TV actor of Pakistan Yasir Nawaz

Famous TV actor of Pakistan Yasir Nawaz got his first play on his father’s recommendation but being the talented son of a talented father, he soon carved niche for himself. He did a number of plays but they were just a stepping stone to something he always wanted to do; direction. Yasir also met his wife Nida on the sets. Popular TV actress of Pakistan Nida Yasir is the daughter of producer Kazim Pasha and is a talented lady herself. After marriage to Yasir she switched over from acting to hosting shows on TV. She is popular among her viewers because of her bubbly chirpy personality.

Danish Nawaz the younger son of Farid Nawaz Baloch chose comedy as his field of expertise. Comedy comes naturally to Danish as his witty remarks and spontaneous comments bring smiles on people’s faces. The contribution of the Nawaz family towards show business is invaluable.

Famous TV actor of Pakistan: Wasim Abbas

Popular TV actor of Pakistan Wasim Abbas

Show business owes a lot to popular TV actor of Pakistan Wasim Abbas and his family as they have made invaluable contributions. Wasim’s father, the legendary Pakistani TV artist Innayat Hussain Bhatti was an actor,singer and director par excellence. Kaifee an uncle of Wasim is also a renowned actor and director. Wasim’s wife Saba Hammed is a popular and busy TV actress and Wasim has himself made a deep impact in the field of acting and direction.

Waseem began his career in the early 1980s as a TV actor from Lahore TV. His expressive eyes made him popular among the masses. Wasim did justice to every role he performed whether it was of a young man hopelessly in love or a jealous lover, a cruel feudal lord or an obedient son. After having a successful period at the television, Wasim moved on to movies. Although he did quite a few movies but did not click in them; maybe because he could not shake off the polite image he had acquired as everybody knows that in our film industry the louder the better. Some films featuring Wasim Abbas worth mentioning are Manzil, Tina, Badalte Mausam, Zara Si Baat and Ishq Rog. Another reason for his lukewarm success at the silver screen could be that he was quite young and was cast opposite older heroines. Wasim returned to television where he was welcomed with open arms. His acting in Pakistani popular dramas Aashiyana, Family Front, Landa Bazar, Hazaron Rastey, Who Ishq and Samundar was very much applauded. He played the role of a heartless and greedy politician in the sequel of Mera Saeen to such perfection that viewers loved to hate him.

Wasim now acts occasionally and has turned his attention more towards direction. Family Front the comedy drama directed by Wasim Abbas was a huge commercial success; he also acted in it. Reshmi and Butterflies are other sitcoms he has penned and directed. Comedy is not his only forte, the drama serial Natak Mandi was also directed by him.

Famous TV actor of Pakistan: Qurban Jilani/ Adnan Jilani

Qurban Jilani

When the television industry in Pakistan was new and struggling, there were actors and actresses whose devotion, hard work and commitment transformed it into a great institution. Popular TV actor of Pakistan Qurban Jilani is one of such actors of yesteryears whose contribution towards the growth of television industry is enormous .

Popular Pakistani TV actor Qurban Jilani started his acting career in early 1970s and did a number of plays both in Sindhi language and Urdu. Qurban Jilani’s most memorable role is that of a hen pecked husband Shaheed Bhai in the drama serial Uncle Urfi. Jilani had to change the tone of his voice and it is said that had the drama serial continued further he could have damaged his vocal cords. Such was the commitment of this fine actor that he bore immense pain to entertain the audience. Qurban Jilani was a versatile actor and was quite at ease in every kind of role. If he was in the cast, the audience knew that the drama would be a super hit. Qurban Jilani did a brief stint with Pakistani film industry but found the world of glitz and glamour too artificial.  Qurban Jilani died quite unexpectedly; incidentally he was doing a drama serial Uljhan in which he played the aged husband of a young wife.

Qurban Jilani’s sons Adnan Jilani and Kamran Jilani also joined the showbiz. Adnan the older one made his debut along with his then wife Sadia Jilani. The young couple attracted a lot of attention. Adnan is a remarkable actor who has performed in a number of plays and is best known for his role in Riyasat.  Even when he is acting with seasoned artists, he manages to stand out with his performance wether he is playing the villain or the hero. Other successful serials of Adnan Jilani are Chubhan and Anhoni.