Leading brands of garments in Pakistan

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History of Pakistan- A Comprehensive Guide

History of Pakistan- A Comprehensive Guide

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Travel Pakistan: Excitement of Beautiful Yasin Valley

Yasin Valley

Yasin Valley


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Visiting Shimshal Valley

by on October 19, 2013
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Shimshal Valley

Shimshal Valley


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Major Mountain Base Camp Treks In Pakistan

Major Mountain Base Camp Treks In Pakistan

K2 Base Camp


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Chief Ministers of Balochistan

Chief Ministers of Balochistan

Abdul Malik, new chief minister of Baluchistan.

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Popular TV Show Host from Pakistan-Sahir Lodhi

Sahir Lodhi

Sahir Lodhi is not just a name. It is an addiction.He is loved and adored by millions of people. And this is not just in Pakistan. Sahir Lodhi is appreciatiated world wide. He is also known as the Shahrukh Khan of Pakistan. But Sahir disagrees with this. He believes in originality.

Sahir was born on May 21 in Karachi. He is a pure Karachite. He completed his early education from Karachi and then went to America for higher studies. He did his Masters in Petroleum Engineering from America.

His first love has always been Radio. He joined radio FM 103 and still does a show on it, which is loved by people. Sahir , the heart throb of millions of Pakistanis, soon stepped into Dramas. Some of his popular dramas are ‘Kuch tum Kaho Kuch hum Kahien’, ‘Bikharnay se Pehlay’, ‘Adhooray Khwab’, ‘Khado Khaal’, ‘Tum Meray Ho’ and ‘Saheli’ to name a few. He has also worked in Telefilms and commercials of famous brands.

Sahir is best known for his hosting.  His first Morning show, as a host was ‘ Chai Time’. After that,  Sahir Online, The Sahir Lodhi Show and 10 tak K baad  are some of the names of his shows that he hosted. His show 10 tak k Baad is a new show of 2012.

Sahir has also been awarded  for :

  1. Pakistan Media Awards for Best Tv show Host 2010
  2. Pakistan Media Awards for Best Radio Show 2010
  3. Pakistan Media Awards for Best Radio Jockey 2010
  4. Pakistan Media Awards for Best Morning Show 2010

Sahir is a multitalented artist. He is an Actor, writer, Producer, RJ, Host and Producer.

Sahir has also launched Sahir Lodhi Foundation which provides Legal aid, Opportunities, Primary health care and education.


Most Popular Pop Singer from Pakistan-Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed was born on 3rd September, 1964 in Karachi. He belongs to an Air Force family and like his father Junaid Jamshed was greatly inclined towards Air Force himself but due to his weak eye sight soon shifted to Aeronautical Engineering from UET, Lahore.

Junaid Jamshed entered the music industry by becoming the lead singer of the band Vital Signs. The band Vital Signs rose to fame as soon as they entered the market in 1986. Junaid was still a fresh graduate of Aeronautical Engineering. Junaid Jamshed initially started it out as a hobby but later made a huge career out of it.

“Dil Dil Pakistan” was the debut song of the band which made it rise to fame. In 1994 the band split up after a long list of chart topping albums and many hit songs. Junaid then started his solo career as a singer. “Us Rah Par” and “Na Tu Aayegi” were two of his famous solo songs that still are being hummed by millions on several occasions. In 2001, “Dil Ki Baat” was released, it was the last album released by Junaid Jamshed, the pop singer.

After 2001, Junaid Jamshed distanced himself from the music industry and in 2004 renounced music and declared to devote his life to Islam. He also opened a clothing store so to earn and support his family. After this major change on his personality, he has created and presented several “Naats” which are very soothing for the ears and heart. He has launched 7 albums of Nasheed altogether and intends to produce many more.

Popular Artist from Pakistan-Jamal Shah

Jamal Shah

Jamal Shah is a very creative person who has worked with all his heart to bring forth sector of performing arts. Jamal was born in 1956 in Baluchistan. Jamal Shah is an actor, director, painter and a social worker. He has a heart of gold and goes out of way to help people around him.

Jamal Shah has made great contributions to the media industry. He has played different characters in several different dramas. He later turned into a director to make dramas according to his taste. Jamal Shah with his efforts laid foundation to the fine arts department in Baluchistan University. Since the department was his brainchild, he was also appointed as its head. Jamal headed this department successfully for three years after which he passed it on to fellow colleagues.

Jamal Shah also created Artists Association in Pakistan. It was one of its kind  for the artists, it was founded in 1985 and benefited many artists around the country. Jamal Shah is one of the few artists in Pakistan who have achieved their education in the very same field.

Jamal Shah also laid foundation for Hunerkada – the stepping stone for many future artists. He polishes them with the greatest of teachers and the best of environment. Jamal Shah envisions Pakistan to be in the top country lists for performing arts. His contributions can never be forgotten. Jamal was made the Executive Director in PNCA (Pakistan National Council of Arts) in 2007. Jamal has won the hearts of many  people due to his generosity and the affection he has given to all his students.

Popular Comedian of Pakistan- Ismail Tara

Ismail Tara

Ismail Tara is one of the best comedy actors of Pakistani media. He is undeniably funny and unpredictable. Ismail Tara is no doubt the Comedy Guru of Pakistan’s comedy Genre. Comedy is undoubtedly the most difficult genre of media and he knows it very well.
To bring a smile on someone’s face is the most difficult task, and surely no one does it better than Ismail tara.

Ismail Tara became most popular for his versatile comical acting in the PTV’s famous comedy show ‘Fifty-Fifty’.  Ismail used to mimic western actors, like Larry King and Micheal Jackson and sometimes his skits were a pure satirical comedy on the social issues and current affairs of 80’s.

Ismail Tara also proved his mettle in the genres of theatre, film and drama. He is a man with very keen observation and that was clearly shown in his satirical skits in 50-50. This serial won a special award of Appreciation in 2005 also. Ismail Tara has also worked in a number of movies and was featured as a comedian in them. His famous movies include ‘Haathi Meray Saathi’ (1993), ‘Munda Bigra Jaye’ (1995) and ‘Chief Sahab’ (1996). During the time when he was doing movies, he did not completely leave the small screen and appeared on T.V on and off.

Ismail Tara has recently worked with Hum TV, is ‘One way ticket’ (2012) in which he is acting as a retired army officer, and ‘Yeh Zindagi Ha’ on Geo TV.

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