Cinema in Pakistan through decades

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in Pakistan through decades

Pakistani cinema

Bollywood is killing our Pakistani film industry says one of our actors; our film industry has been hijacked more appropriately. Many of the cinemas have been closed and Lahore only produces 20 films a year which are of extremely low budget where as Mumbai (Bollywood) produces about 1000 of the fraction with 1.3 billion dollar budget each year.

Our great and famous Pakistani actor Ghulam Mohiudin who has done about 400 hundred Lollywood films says that our films have been replaced by Indian high budget films because our public would not like to go for low budget when they have got a far better option to follow. The legendary Pakistani actors mark 1960’s as the golden era of lollyword when the streets of Lahore were filled with art deco cinemas and packed houses. In the 1980’s we were producing about hundred films each year which were reduced to 20 a few years ago. Although now I see the Pakistani cinema rising up with the release of one of the greatest Pakistani movie Khuda Key Liye directed by Shoaib Mansoor a story of a man who was imprisoned for being a suspect of the 9/11 incident and how his brother claims to be the right Muslim. Though some of our Pakistani directors like Syed Noor and Shoaib Mansoor have tried to build up something that can catch the attention of the public but more effort is required. Today the movie land is found dead with most of them have been made car parks and other shopping malls. In such circumstances no one in the producer’s group dares to bring up money to invest on a film which wouldn’t be watched.

Let’s just imagine if you are given a choice and you have to choose only one i.e. Hollywood greatest movie Avatar and Pakistani film Mein Eik Din Laut Key Ayoonga you will definitely like to go for Avatar just because it is more technical and doesn’t have typical movie idea at least different.

With the release of Pakistani movie Bol we have seen a lot of audience moving around in the cinemas, and the ideas that have been portrayed in the film are quite different far from being certain. With the upcoming cinestar cinemas all around Pakistan there is a vast range of audience seeing entering and spending money. Now with the advancing in the theatres our producers and directors are more likely to take notice on making movies that would captivate the audience. Pakistani movie Love Mein Ghum produced by Reema Khan, one of our finest Pakistani movie actress, this movie is considered to be of the highest budget this year or over the decade. The movie has been shot in Malaysia.

We have also seen our stars migrating to Bollywood and making films there rather then Lollywood just because they are not provided with the good casting team and good choice and budget. Ali Zafar has worked on a lot of projects abroad like Tere Bin Laden and Mere Brother ki Dulhan. However the Pakistani small screen cinema has made a worth applaud progress over the years by introducing many channels. These channels hav entertained the Pakistani audience here in Pakistan and abroad with extremely good dramas like Alpha Bravo Charlie, Waris, Meri zaat zara e benishan have got the highest audience.

Pakistani Cinema has surely got a lot of potential and talent and it can be taken somewhere else like on the top but in a long time like 2 to 3 decades. However we can see the all the progress with the release of good films this year.

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Maheen Ahmed

Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Khan Bhatti (Nishan e Haider)

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Raja Muhammad Sarwar Khan Bhatti of Pakistan

Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Khan Bhatti (1910 – July 27, 1948) is the first recipient of Nishan-e-Haider. Sarwar Khan was born in Singhori village, Tehsil Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi. Born in Rajput family, Captain Sarwar went to join Indian Military in 1942 and was commissioned in the Punjab Regiment of Indian Army in 1944. After independence of Pakistan in 1947, Captain Sarwar Khan was transferred to Pakistan Army.

Soon after the partition of sub-continent, tensions raised between India and Pakistan over the disputed area of Kashmir. Indian troops landed in Kashmir and took control of Kashmir. Flared by anger, patriotism and love for their Kashmiri brothers, Pakistan Army was ordered to intervene on the order of the then Governor-General Muhammad Ali Jinnah. During the early days of Kashmir war, Captain Sarwar Khan was busy in doing a course at a military school in Murre. He requested to be deployed with his parent unit which was fighting with Indians at the Uri sector but his requests were turn down. After repeated requests he was finally sent back to join his unit.

After joining his unit at Uri sector, Captain Sarwar Khan was appointed as the Company Commander of the 2nd battalion. He led successful attacks on Indian army inflicting heavy damages to the enemy. On the fateful night of July 28, 1948, Captain Sarwar Khan launched an attack on the strongly fortified position of enemy at the Uri sector. Enemy responded with heavy machine gun and mortar fire but he and his men made their way through barbed wire barrier which was hindering their movement. In this process, Captain Muhammad Sarwar Khan received a burst of heavy machine gun in his fire and lost his life.

Captain Muhammad Sarwar Khan was posthumously awarded Nishan e Haider for the bravery shown by him


Why We love Pakistan? It’s HOME!


Pakistan…’Zameen maa hoti hai’…Don’t exactly remember when my mother first explained to me this simplest yet most complex relationship of my life.  She told me not to allow the Green and White flag representing the honor of around 17 crore people to touch the floor. “Maa ka dopaata or Baap ki topi kbhi zameen pr nhi lgney dete, …or watan ka jhanda bhi”…I honestly don’t know since when these words of my mother became the center of my relationship with my country. I love Pakistan beyond logic, beyond reason, and beyond life.

Pakistan is my identity. As far as I can remember my childhood, loving Pakistan has always been a passion, a driving force for me. I have always believed that Pakistan is the best country in the world. Pakistan is like my mother to me. Others too have very loving mothers, but mine is the best one for me. Same goes for my country-the country I belong to. I have always felt that Pakistan loves me back, and Pakistan loves me more than I love her. Pakistan is the identity I carry with me, just like my father’s name. Pakistan is my pride, the absolute love of my life!

I have lived in Pakistan since my birth, and have visited almost all places, from Khyber to Mehran, from the Punjab Plains to Baluchistan. I love Pakistan because I belong here. Whenever I look back at my childhood, I find it marked with passionate national songs like ‘Watan ki Matti Gawah rehna’, ‘ye Watan Tumahara hai’ and ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’. Do I need any other reason to love my country? It is my pride, it is the place I belong to. It has the culture I so fully understand, and which has such deep roots in me. It has the feeling I so remember and love. I do not need any other reason to justify my love for my country…It’s HOME.

Pakistan means HOME to me. It’s not only about having the mighty Indus, or the richest plains in the world, the highest mountain pass, K-2 and other highest peaks, the highest plateau and the highest desert of the world in one country, its the culture, the feeling of being at home, the feeling of independence, the feeling of belonging to the place where I live, the feeling of having deep roots in the soil of this country which make me love this country more than ever.

You can’t stop loving your home, even if it lacks something. Isn’t it the case? It’s home…and I love it. 🙂

Pakistan is facing the worst floods of the century. My people are brave. We are fighting these worst floods with courage. ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan wishes all Pakistanis a peaceful and blessed Independence Day.

May Allah bless us all!

Khuda krey k meri arz e Pak pr utrey…
Wo fasl-e-gul jisey andaisha-e-zawal na ho (Ameen)

ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan.

Why we love Pakistan? Because it is our home


“The first of earthly blessings, INDEPENDENCE!!”

“Independence and freedom is every human’s need. Every one of us needs a land where we could practice every aspect of life with freedom and independence. Not every nation has been able to enjoy the breath of freedom but we the Pakistani people have seen the struggle of Pakistan and further realized it. Taking Pakistan for granted is surely not in our blood and we thank Allah every second of our lives for blessing us with the land of pure.”

Absolutely amazing and heartwarming love for Pakistan was expressed by Shamsa, who has been writing for various research institutes and newspapers. Ms. Syed expressed her love as:

“I believe if I could ever answer why I love my creator, why I love my mother or I could ever know why.”

“Allah loves us all 70 times more than our mothers do and why any mother is so selfless when it comes to her child, that day probably I would be able to exactly tell why I love Pakistan.”

“This post is just to express my gratitude to MY PAKISTAN for giving me an identity in this comity of nations. It’s this piece of land with which I so proudly relate myself. I love Pakistan because it is my pride. It gives me sense of security and protection, when I hear about so many “Shahzad Faisals” being arrested as suspects of terrorism in UK and USA. I love Pakistan because I can look up to it when so-called civilized world points its finger on me. Simply, I love Pakistan because it is My Pakistan. I know there are things we would like to change about Pakistan. But when it comes to loving your family, your home, you simply can’t be choosy. I love Pakistan for being my home.”

“Regarding future of Pakistan, I trust it’s very bright Insha Allah. Pakistan will survive through these bad patches by the grace of Allah and to dismay of many will rise and shine higher and higher.”

Pakistan Zindabad!

Pride of Pakistan – Styles from Sana Safinaz

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Graceful, sophisticated, chic, sexy, vibrant, colorful and the list goes on when you start describing outfits designed by the duo Sana Safinaz.

Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Munir together launched the label beginning with formal and bridal wear. Their designs caught attention of the people because of their colors and uniqueness. Sana Safinaz outfit were basically on the same pattern; an amalgamation of the contemporary and the conventional but were different in the sense that while most designers concentrated on heavy intricate embroidery and embellishments; Sana Safinaz were more focused on cuts.

Sana Safinaz still emphasizes on cuts and with time the cuts have become bolder. The palette is also colorful and the embellishments are used subtly. Sana Safinaz went forward to produce casual wear and later designed lawn prints. The Sana Safinaz lawn is very popular with cool prints and eye catching colors.

The Sana Safinaz line of clothes includes bridal wear; elegant and classy with delicate embellishments. Diffusion a collection of bold and glamorous outfits, export; it is the line of casual wear in lively patterns and colors. Sana Safinaz Lawn soft prints are available in soft prints with equally soft shades to beat the summer heat and prêt collection is a fusion of the exotic east and the bold west. Sana Safinaz has also dabbled in furniture designing successfully.

Pride of Pakistan – Emmad Irfani

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Emmad Irfani is a stylish male model from Pakistan. On a family member’s insistence, Emmad submitted his portfolio to the fashion photographer duo Ather and Shehzad. Emmad exceptional looks were noticed by the famous fashion designer Hassan Sheharyar Yaseen (HSY). Emmad modeled for HSY on the ramp and in the print. Looks, talent and a big break opened the doors for Emmad and he was soon seen modeling for leading designers and big labels in Pakistan.

Even lady luck favors a hunk maybe that’s why he got a chance to work with International fashion houses like Dior, Versace, DKNY, Levis and Prada when he was modeling for Nilofar Shahid in the Paris Couture Week. Emmad has also done shows for Armani in London, Milan and Pakistan. Emmad has also done TV commercials.

Emmad bagged the Best Male Model Award at the Lux Style Awards in 2005 and the MTV Most Stylish Personality Award. Emmad has been an icon for the new models who have joined the industry in recent years. Emmad’s success in the field of modeling has proved that hard work can bear fruit for the ones who have keen interest in modeling. Pakistan’s fashion world has expanded hugely in last couple of decades. People like Emmad Irfani have some credit to take for that. 

Why we love Pakistan? A treasure with a priceless value


With incredibly revolutionary poetry by Allah Iqbal, the compassionate lead by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the unending urge and effort of the Muslims of subcontinent led to the formation of a green land, my land, its Pakistan land. This is a land which gave us an opportunity to be what we are and what we are to be. No wonder Pakistan is a treasure land with four seasons, four provinces, four diverse cultures, four rituals and different religions and Islam being the base of its existence. Such a rich country no wonder could survive till eternity. The magnanimous hearts of this nation are brave and ready to defend their country.

”  Pakistan is a country whose value has been used, but never realized..!!””

A beautiful statement was added by Assistant professor Munawar of Geography department in Punjab University. His ancestors participated in the struggle for establishing Pakistan so the conversation had more of emotions and personal experiences. Professor Munawar showed gratitude to not only the Muslims who migrated but to Sikhs and Hindus who actually cried on the separation as they were to lose their dear friends. Professor Munawar mentioned the immense pain and difficulties which the Muslims went through during migration. He paid respect and gratitude to the ancestors who sacrificed their lives to achieve the freedom for this generation. Mr. Munawar highlighted the strategic importance of Pakistan in the South Asian region and considered Pakistan as a vulnerable baby in ICU which fights for its existence every moment.

Professor Munawar believes that no matter how much Pakistan is being slow poisoned but this tiny piece of land with brave hearts and optimistic emotions will survive till the end and fight for its existence. God be willing!

Pride of Pakistan – Suneeta Marshall

Pakistani Hot Model Suneeta Marshall

Suneeta Marshall was introduced to the world of fashion by her aunt Angie Marshall. She began her career with TV commercials and maybe it was because of her long lovely tresses that she mostly appeared in hair care products such as Garnier Fruticis shampoo, Pantene and Head and Shoulders shampoos. Later people saw her as the Gul Ahmed girl. Suneeta then modeled for fashion gurus like Bunto Kazmi, HSY, Deepak Parwani and Nilofer Shahid.

Suneeta’s biggest break came when Bunto Kazmi selected her to model her designs in the Milan Fashion Show. That show did wonders for Suneeta and now confident of her self, she submitted her portfolios to Dior and Gucci; the big fashion houses. She was accepted by both and Suneeta became a Part of Dior’s shows in Karachi, Paris, Moscow, Dubai and London. Suneeta soon joined the ranks of “in demand” models, if she was not doing catwalk, she was busy with photo shoots.

Suneeta acted in a couple of song videos which led her towards TV plays. The immensely attractive girl really had acting talent and clicked on the small screen as well.

Suneeta has always taken her work seriously and that’s what has made her a top model of Pakistan.

Pride of Pakistan – Tooba Siddiqui

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Tooba-Siddiqui-Hot model and actress of Pakistan

The gorgeous Tooba Siddiqui is a delight to watch whether on the ramp or in print. Her first modeling stint was for a charity show which she did just for fun. But the sassy girl got noticed and was officially introduced to the fashion world by the Athar-Shehzad duo. The extremely photogenic Tooba made waves in the fashion circle and soon joined the ranks of busy models. If her face was not looking at you from the cover of some magazine, you could see her smiling down from a billboard. She was chosen by Unilever to promote their beauty product and so Tooba became the fair and lovely girl. In Gul Ahmed lawn commercial, she was seen dancing to the tunes of Nazia Hasan’s Boom Boom. Tooba calls her shoot with Deevees and Diva her all time favorite.

Confidence, style and the correct amount of oomph have made Tooba a sought after model. She has worked with almost all big designers of Pakistan. She takes her profession seriously and her positive attitude and enthusiasm have helped her climb the ladder of success.

Tooba is also known for her candid remarks and witty humor. Tooba is also a successful TV actress. Comic, tragic or romantic, Tooba has played all roles with panache. This truly gifted girl made her presence felt among seasoned artists.

On international level, Tooba has modeled for big brands like Armani and Prada.

Pride of Pakistan – Munni Begum

Popular singer of Pakistan Munni Begum

Munni Begum was born as Nadira in Murshidabad, West Bengal in India. She studied music under Ustad Khawaja Ghulam Mustafa Warsi and later joined a college of Music in Dhaka where her singing skills were further polished. Her family migrated to Pakistan after the war of 1971 which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. Munni Begum’s journey towards success was full of hardships but she never gave up. With her father’s blessings and encouragement, she inched forward towards success and today she is known all over the world where good music is heard and appreciated.

Initially she recorded songs for radio and television. Munni Begum adopted a very simple style from the very beginning. She simplified ghazal singing; and ghazal was no more a genre of music understood and enjoyed by the intellectuals but even common masses could now relate to it. Munni Begun also played the harmonium while singing and some of her famous songs are her own compositions. Her song “Ek bar muskurado” is still fresh in the listeners’ minds. Munni Begum was well liked by the people because of her clear voice vibrant voice and distinct style of singing but the ghazal “mareez e mohabat unhe ka fasana took her to new heights of glory. Munni Begum has produced 40 cassettes in her entire career. Munni Begum is now settled in Chicago USA.

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