An Interview with Famous Pakistani Actress Samiya Mumtaz

Samiya Mumtaz, Pakistani TV actress, Pakistani Film Actress, Moor the Film, Dukhtar Pakistani film

Samiya Mumtaz is well known all across Pakistan not only for her brilliant performance in her debut movie Dukhtar (2014)  but also for her role par excellence in TV serial Meri zaat Zarra-e-be-nishaan. Samiya Mumtaz started her career back in 1995, through a PTV venture named “Zard Dopeher”. Since then Samiya Mumtaz, the famous Pakistani actress, has worked in numerous stage and theater plays, TV dramas and a few films. Dukhtar (2014) was her first movie, and Jami’s Moor (2015) is her second performance for Pakistani silver screen.   Read more..

Pakistani TV Actress Badar Khalil

Badar Khalil

Badar Khalil is a famous Pakistani actress and she got married to Shahzad Khalil who was the director of the play that made her famous, named ‘Bi Jamalo’. She was known to be a very reliable performer and her nature was very polite off the screen and off stage as well. She moved with her husband to Karachi after working for a short time period at LTV. In Karachi her first main appearance was in ‘Unkahi’ which was a classic Haseena Moin special.

Career highlights of Pakistani TV Actress Badar Khalil

One of the most admiring and successful TV actress is Badar Khalil. She started her career with children’s shows on PTV channel in 1969. After some time her acting talent was readily accepted and she started working in plays as well. She was recognized after her great performance in the play called ‘Bi Jamalo’. She herself acted as Bi Jamalo in that play.

In 1988 Badar went through a very difficult stage when her husband passed away because of cardiac arrest. The news of her husband’s death at an early age was very shocking to whole country including her two sons Ibrahim and Umar. Badir Khalil has worked in many drama serials and she has effectively performed variety of roles. The actress Badar Khalil has been nominated in awards categories. The Pakistani actress Badar Khalil has a prolonged acting career and she still continues to show her acting skills in various drama serials on various TV channels.

Popular Pakistani TV Actress Azra Sherwani

Azra Sherwani

Azra Sherwani  was an actor with natural acting talent. Her acting was so natural that it won’t be wrong to say that she was  The only  female actor in Pakistan Drama industry, with whom every family can resonate as she being , either the  Apa of the family or grandmother. Her presence used to bring such a natural effect in the drama that one used to think of the family, as if it was a real family on TV.

Career highlights of Pakistani TV Actress Azra Sherwani

Pakistani actress Azra Sherwani performed the role of  ‘Fazeelat’ in Dhoop kinaray, ‘Apa Begum’ in Tanhaiyan and Gazi Apa in Uncle Urfi. Her natural acting brought these characters to life and people resonated with the characters a lot.Madam Azra Sherwani also did commercials on TV, and had remained a part of many advertising agencies. She was great in the advertising department as well.

One cannot deny her versatility and talent. She did versatile roles and brought them to extreme perfection of naturalism. Her dramas are still watched even today. She was indeed an institute of knowledge , art and acting for  new comers in the media field.the Pakistani actress Azra Sherwani worked in many dramas depicting many roles.Late Madam Azra Sherwani started her career in 60’s from PTV. She was born in india in 1940, and died in USA on  December 19, 2005. She was the best female natural actor and a wonderful human being, she was an asset to drama industry of Pakistan.

Pakistani TV actress Aamina Sheikh

Aamina Sheikh

Aamina Sheikh has earned fame as the best Pakistani actress as well as a model in a very short time span. Recently, she has portrayed the main leads in TV serials like Maat, Daam, Hum tum and Ishq Gumshuda. Born in New York, Pakistani actress Aamina Sheikh spent most of her childhood in Karachi and Riyadh. She did her A’ Levels from Karachi and then went to Boston for Higher studies. She is enjoying a joyous family life with her husband Mohib Mirza. Mohib is a known Pakistani actor too.

Career and Achievements of actress Aamina Sheikh:

One of the best Pakistani actresses; Aamina made her first debut on –screen in a telefilm: Gurmuch Singh ki Waseeyat. Before performing in this telefilm, she was employed by Geo TV. There, she worked as a producer and director. In that era, one of the successful projects in which Aamins Sheikh worked on was for kids, named; Bachay munn kay sachay. In the coming years she worked in a lot of successful projects of TV serials. Aamina Sheikh has mostly performed the main lead roles in TV serials. Pakistani actress Aamina Sheikh won an award in the category of Best emerging Talent in Lux Style Awards 2009. She is also the official endorsing model for L’Oreal Paris Pakistan. The Pakistani actress Aamina Sheikh had worked in many drama serials. The prominent feature of Aminah Sheikh’s career is that she has worked in different types of roles and those dramas has been telecasted on notable Pakistani TV channels.


Pakistani TV Actress Shagufta Ejaz

Shagufta Ejaz

Born on May 15, 1971, Shagufta Ejaz is a pure Taurian. She belongs to Gujrat and completed her education from her home town.  Shagufta ejaz will always be remembered by her most famous role as a step mother in drama serial ‘Aanch’ in 1992. Although it was not her first drama, but this drama serial brought fame to Shagufta’s career and Shagufta never looked back.  Shagufta Ejaz came to showbiz world totally through a lucky incident. She went to PTV, just to introduce her friends for a TV job, but she was seen and selected there by Director Kazim Pasha for his drama serial Jangloos.

Shagufta believes that in order for a true actor to perform his character purely and perfectly, one must dig oneself completely into that character. And we can surely see this in her own acting. Shagufta Ejaz has performed in several dramas, ranging from serious roles to comedy. She has been able to bring versatility in every role, in any genre that she has done so far.

Shagufta Ejaz totally opposes western culture in Pakistani drama genre. She is of the belief that we should not follow western culture. Nowadays she is busy in her beauty salon in Karachi. We wish her all the best.


Popular Pakistani TV Actress Robina Ashraf

Robina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf was born on November 9. She has four brothers. She is the eldest among all siblings. Rubina had no plans of joining showbiz line. She completed her Graduation in Graphic Designing in 1986. Her mother wanted her to be a doctor, but fate wanted something else.

She accompanied her friends Saba Pervaiz and Huma Pervaiz for an audition, but luckily, Rubina herself got selected as well, along with those two. Rubina’s first play was ‘Sawan  Rut’. It was written by Younus Javed. She received huge appreciation for her acting in that play. Her turning point to fame came through the drama serial Hazaron Raastay. It was a great hit.

Rubina Ashraf has always paid importance on doing versatile roles, ranging from serious to comic ones. She acted in Salam aur sitarya , which was a good comedy drama. Drama serial Seeriah was her first play when she acted from Karachi centre of PTV. The play was directed by Kazim Pasha. Her role in drama Pas e aina is still recalled  even today whenever acting is appreciated anywhere in Pakistani drama industry.

Mujhe Roothnay na Dena, Behkawa, Band Khirkio k peechay are some of her recent serials which went super hit. Rubina is a director herself now.  She has directed two play, Rehnay do and Teray  Siwa.

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