Popular poet of Pakistan: Mashkoor Hussain Yad

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Famous poet of Pakistan: Mashkoor Hussain Yad

Mashkoor Hussain Yad was an eminent poet, writer and educational expert. He was not only recognized nationally, but he has been admired on the international front as well. Professor Mashkoor Hussain Yad has been awarded by the Mujahid Tehreek-e-Pakistan for his writings.

Mashkoor Hussain Yad and the Struggle for Pakistan

 Mashkoor Hussain Yad has seen with his own eyes the tragic phase of history when Pakistan was separated from the Sub-continental territory. Not only did he see the awful events with his own eyes but he also vigorously participated in the struggles with all his mind and soul. Thirty of his other family members were also part of the struggle for freedom. Those thirty members did not only fight and struggled but also lost their lives for the cause of Pakistan.

Literary work

Mashkoor Hussain Yad was not only the fighter for the Pakistan movement but he has been a great poet, author and education expert. Mashkoor Hussain Yad is not only counted among the first ever writers of Pakistan but he has blessed us with more than twenty five book. The book titled as “Azadi Ke Chiragh” is not just a book; it holds the value of a historical piece of document.

Mashkoor Hussain Yad- an Inspiration for us

Other than his involvement with literature, fighting for a great cause, working with educational development and poetry, he has also been working as the chairman for the censor board of Pakistan. His feelings, experience and ways are a valuable treasure for us. He is not only an example but a great source of inspiration for us. 

Pakistani Writer, Poet, Activist -Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto, a woman who could have entered mainstream politics in Pakistan due to her family associations yet chose to channel her talents into journalism. Currently a writer and columnist, she has published three books and is an activist but has no links with any political parties.

Daughter of Mir Murtaza Bhutto and twice Prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto’s niece, Fatima Bhutto was born in Afghanistan. At the age of three her parents separated and she moved from country to country with her father. Her father eventually re-married Ghinwa Bhutto, and it is to her that Fatima credits her upbringing. After completing her secondary education she went abroad to Manhattan’s Barnard College and then to the SAOS at the University of London for her degrees in Middle Eastern Languages and South Asian studies respectively. 

Her book ‘8.50 a.m. 8 October 2005’ portrays the living memories and firsthand, terrible accounts of those who survived the devastating 2005 earthquake. She had already distinguished herself as a promising poet by her compilations of poem ‘Whispers in the Desert’ at the astounding age of 15. She wrote another book named ‘Songs of Blood and Sword’.

Fatima started off as a daily column writer in Pakistan’s famous newspaper Jang and its English twin ‘The News’. Currently she works for The Daily Beast and The new Statesmen, writing columns. She also reported live and on the spot, the Israeli invasion o fLebanon.

AlthoughFatima is ever active in the political arena she has repeatedly stated that she has no intentions of entering mainstream politics. This is particularly due to the fact that she disapproves of the effects of family politics on the country. In fact she plans to cause awareness and be vigorous in the political scene of the country, but only through her pen and not any sorts of political office.

Pakistani Writer and Poet Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi

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Ahmed Nadeem QasmiAhmad Nadeem Qasmi, famous Pakistani poet and author, was born in the year 1916 in November. He died in 2006 on the 10th of July. He was born in Anga, Khushab in the subcontinent. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi graduated from the University of Punjab in 1935. His family was a rather religious family. They were famous as the Peerzada, Qadri family. He played as the secretary for the “Progressive Writers Movement” for which he had been arrested several times. He was a diamond with multi facets. His work is not only based in the Urdu language but also English. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi had worked in various aspects. He was a wonderful poet, journalist, critic, dramatist and a brilliant short story writer.

Literary Work and Awards

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi has written a total of fifty books in the following genres; poetry, fiction, journalism, criticism and art. His Afsanas are equated to that of Prem Chand for their quality of rural culture depiction. The element of humanism is greatly depicted in his work. He was an outstanding poet of his time. Not only he received the prestigious Pride of Performance award but he also possessesd the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.

Work as an Editor

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi had been editing the magazine “Funoon” for about half the century. By doing this, he had been mentoring a whole new generation of writers.His other works as an editor includes; Phool, Tehzeeb-i-Niswaan, Adab-i-Lateef, Savera, Naqoosh and Daily Imroze. One of his poems, “The Feed” has been included as part of the syllabus for the intermediate students in Pakistan.

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