Pakistan through the decades: Army rulers of Pakistan

Army rulers of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country full of natural resources, beautiful landscapes and hardworking intelligent people; it is also a country which is unfortunate to be ruled by insincere and incompetent rulers. The army chiefs of Pakistan have on four occasions overthrown the elected governments on charges of corruption and have ruled the country. However these army chiefs have proved to be equally power hungry and greedy. Driven by narcissism they thought that they were a gift of God to the nation and instead of doing any good they did more damage.

The first army ruler of Pakistan was General Ayub Khan. Ayub Khan had a good military record and was the Commander in Chief of the Pak Army in 1951. He also served as a defence minister during the tenure of Mohammed Ali Bogra the 2nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. President Iskander Mirza appointed him as the first Chief Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan. Within two weeks of his appointment as CMLA, he ousted Iskander Mirza and appointed himself as the Field Marshal. Though Pakistan progressed economically under his rule, Ayub Khan made the serious mistake of allowing their ally US open a secret base in Pakistan to spy on USSR which led to embarrassing diplomatic incidents. Ayub Khan infamously rigged the general elections against Fatima Jinnah; however he too was forced to step down by the public.

Yahya Khan’s rule was perhaps one of the darkest phases Pakistan has gone through. A heavy drinker and a womanizer, he was also an incompetent rule. The relations between East Pakistan and West Pakistan were already quite sour when he took over and his oppressive strategies served as a catalyst thereby resulting in the creation of Bangladesh.

Zia-ul-Haq was another CMLA who overthrew the Bhutto government and later became the President. During his regime the Afghan-Russian was took place and through Pakistan, America helped the Afghans to resist the strong and advanced Russian attack. Taliban who have wrecked havoc in our country are a product of this alliance.  He allowed millions of Afghan refugees to seek shelter in Pakistan and thus introduced a culture of Kalashnikov and heroine in the country. He introduced Islamic practices in the judiciary and the running of the government and although his intentions were noble, his implementation was weak and instead of becoming an ideal Islamic State, Pakistan ended up tarnishing the image of Islam.

General Pervez Musharaf  came into power after removing Nawaz Sharrif. He too promised to restore democracy soon and the soon turned out to be a decade. The challenge faced by Musharaf was the impact of the 9/11 incident on Pakistan. America waged a war on Afghanistan on the pretext of finding Osama bin Laden and Musharraf allowed America to use its three airbases. His policies too proved to be disastrous for the country.

Why we love Pakistan? Because it is a novelty in itself

Independence day of Pakistan

Pakistan is a novelty by its existence. Pakistan is a land that has survived in every calamity and disaster. The people of Pakistan have generous hearts. Hearts that is rich in emotions, courtesy, passion and courage to help bring Pakistan out of trouble every time. Allah has always protected this country with His special blessings. The patriotism in the times of boom and gloom never vanished and the love for this country grew strong with every passing day within us.

There are think tanks that spend their days and nights all awake to understand the situation of Pakistan and figure out the ways to help survive this country. One such concerned and patriotic Pakistani is Syed Ali Raza Abidi who is a CEO of Akhlaq Enterprises (PVT) Ltd. (Export Processors of Fresh & Frozen Seafoods) in Karachi. As the recent flood has caused much of devastation in Pakistan, but the love for Pakistan has been shown by Abidi with his excessive relief efforts in the form of cash and goods. While expressing his emotions, Mr. Ali strongly objected on the idea of Pakistan being a failed state. To his belief, Pakistan would have not existed and survived if it really was a failed state. Abidi believes that this country was meant to exist and would survive in every situation as the people of Pakistan have big and pure hearts.

He believes that it is easier to criticize Pakistan while sitting behind the computers but when you live here being a patriot, then you feel like doing something practical for this country instead of criticizing. Seeing the future of Pakistan, Mr. Ali believes that we as the people of Pakistan must play our individual and sincere role to bring this country out of troubles. He suggested that we need to develop Pakistanization by bringing and promoting pro-Pakistan forces while eliminating anti-Pakistan groups. Abidi believes that Pakistani people have all the potential to protect their country and do everything they could to touch new milestones.

Why we love Pakistan? Because it is our motivation


Dil Dil Pakistan….!

A passionate expression by Rai Azlan, the call center executive of Ufone and the founder of goes like this:

“For many it might be just a song, good song, or very good song but for me it is like a real meaning of my life. When this question comes to me that do you love Pakistan, or why do you love Pakistan, I usually find no one liner to answer. It is not because that I don’t love it. It is just because of the fact that I run out of words when it comes to express my love for this land. Pakistan is my country and it has accepted me as its citizen. I might not even be worth of being called a Pakistani in a true sense as Pakistan means land of Purity, but Pakistan never disowned me. I got admission in one of the best universities of this country without being certified in a certain language because my country is generous enough to me. I can roam in the streets of this county without the fear of being deported. What other reasons should one has to love this country!”

“This country has given me a shelter and I feel protected within its arm. Many people might be of the opinion that Pakistan is unsafe. But to me, living in Pakistan and to die here is a biggest desire as I would love to have a small portion of Pakistan’s pure land. I love this country because it is my ultimate source of motivation. I see the problems of Pakistan as mud in which by only putting my hands, I would be able to come up with a good structure. When I look at the journey of Pakistan, I feel proud because it is the same country that did not even have office stationery at the time of birth and now Pakistan has become a nuclear state. I love my country because it has four seasons. I love my country because it has all kinds of geographical features.
I love my country because it has so many places that are worth visiting.”

“What is the future of Pakistan in my views? One word and that would be “Bright”. We might be having some problems and issues and they might seem to be huge and hard to tackle but they are not impossible to be corrected. If Pakistan can gain green revolution in almost 18 years of independence then it can surely achieve any level of progress. The need is to put the potential and determination in the right place and in the right direction.”