Popular Pakistani Singer Naseem Begum

Naseem Begum

Naseem Begum was born in 1936 in Amritsar, British occupied India. Like all musicians of her time, she also received training to enhance her vocal skills. Naseem Begum got her training from Mukhtar, who was the elder sister of Farida Khanum. Farida is a very famous ghazal singer. Naseem started off as a playback singer in the film industry. She gained fame by the middle of fifties and by 1964 she had bagged several Nigar awards on multiple occasions.

In the year 1956, Naseem did her first song as a playback singer in the film Guddi Gudda. Shehriyar was a very famous music composer of that time. When he heard Naseems voice in the film he was greatly impressed by her abilities and without a second thought approached Naseem to do a song for his movie Begunaah. Naseem did a wonderful job at the song and soon became the voice and most favorite singer in the fifties. She also got the chance to sing multiple duets with the legend Ahmed Rushdi after which she reached the pinnacle of her career.

Classical and semi classical songs are one of the most difficult genres to carry; Naseem had a caliber great enough to sing them flawlessly with much appreciation from great classical legends too. She has sung several heart throbbing songs for the film industry. She also was given an opportunity to sing in Punjabi films such as Chan Puttar, Mukhra Chan Warga and Langotiya along with many others in her career. She has also sung several patriotic songs to praise her country and to promote feeling of patriotism amongst all civilians. She died a sudden death while giving birth due to complications, leaving her fans shocked.

Popular Pakistani Singer Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali comes from a classical background and has received proper training for classical singing too. He was born in Karachi in the year 1966 on 24t August. Sajjad Ali is not only a successful singer but also has gained great fame as a songwriter and an accomplished producer, director along with being an actor. These are few of the many qualities and skills that Sajjad has attained over time, polishing them and making them better.

Sajjad Ali is the son of Shafqat Hussain and the cousin of the famous singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan. Sajjad Ali has always been interested in arts and has been very creative. He did his F.A from Lahore, National College of Arts. Sajjad Ali’s father was a cricketer turned actor who was casted in a film “Badal aur Bijli” before the birth of his son. Shafqat taught his son himself the chords of classical singing once he saw Sajjad’s interest in music. Shafqat Hussain himself has played music with several legends of Patiala Gharana.

Sajjad Ali’s first album was released in the year 1973 by the name of “Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics”. This album was highly anticipated since there were many big names involved in this Album such as Mehdi Hassan, Amanat Ali Khan and Ghulam Ali Khan.

There are many Indian artists who have greatly admired Sajjad Ali’s work and his work ethic. Sajjad Ali also had the honour to be a part of Coke Studio. He also sang for the famous Lollywood film, Bol by Shoaib Mansoor.

Popular Pakistani Singer Shazia Manzoor

Shazia Manzoor

Shazia Manzoor is a famous Pakistani singer. She has been in the music industry since many years yet it has been only six years since she came into the musical limelight.

Shazia belongs from Rawalpindi. She focuses mainly on Punjabi songs and it took one of her very own Punjabi songs “Chan Mere Makhna” to gain recognitions all over the country. She has gained popularity basically amongst the Urdu and Punjabi speaking people of Pakistan and India. Her songs have also been used in numerous Punjabi films. She has captivated the hearts of millions of people and has eve reached out to multiple people abroad due to her style and songs.

Shazia Manzoor has also collaborated with several Indian artists and a few artists from abroad. These songs gained little recognition in some discos too. She sang multiple folk songs which and some sufiana kalaams and poem. These were appreciated by many Pakistanis. Shazia also sings Urdu songs along with Punjabi songs. Her last album with the name of “Jatt London” came in 2011. After this her fans still are waiting for her next album. She has released in total almost 10 albums out of with Chan Makhna, Raatan Kaaliyan and Tu Badal Gaya were hot favorites of the Pakistani and other Punjabi and Urdu speaking people in different countries.

Shazia Manzoor has a very lovable voice and gained popularity in a short time. She currently resides in Heera Mandi, Lahore, the place from where many musical artists and performers have sprout out from.