Famous actor of Pakistan TV industry: Nauman Ijaz

Popular Pakistani drama actor nauman-ijaz

In 1992 Pakistan television, Lahore center, introduce a new chapter of talent and perfection. Yes, I am talking about Nouman Ijaz. He is talented, gorgeous and classy. The celebrity earned fame in a very short time span. Today, he is renowned for his acting talent, and humble nature. He is mainly known for his acting in TV serials but he did modeling too. He also worked as anchor person for some TV shows. Some of his super hit TV serials were, Aansoo, dasht, Mann-o-salewa, Nur pur ki Rani and yeh zindagi. Mann-o-salwa went very well. Written by Umaira Ahmed, the TV serial earned a lot of popularity and business.  He mainly did the main leads. His most recent play was Meera Saain a private production by ARY. In this TV serial he was portrayed as a lusty and cruel politician. He also played in a Pakistani movie: Ramchand Pakistani.

Personal Life:

Born in Lahore, the talented celebrity spent his childhood in Ichra, Lahore. His father was employed as a manager by a theater company. He was raised in a very simple and humble environment. His early schooling was from Cathedral High school Lahore. Later he went to Punjab University. He earned a degree in Law. But he didn’t practice. He knew his hidden talent well. So, he joined showbiz. Today he is a married man, enjoying a joyous family life with his wife Rabia and 3 kids.

Awards and Achievements:

The celebrity won Lux style award 2009 in the category of Best actor. We wish him even more success and achievements in his life. 

Popular Pakistani TV Actors: Rizwan Wasti, Tahira Wasti, Laila Wasti and Maria Wasti

Tahira Wasti

Tahira Wasti and Rizwan Wasti were married to each other and Laila Wasti is their daughter. Laila, following her mother’s footsteps became an actress. Tahira Wasti other than being amazing in front of the camera also worked hard as a writer bringing new characters and stories to life. Rizwan Wasti was a famous actor working in both, films and dramas. He also was a highly adored television presenter, more commonly known for news casting in English.

Tahira Wasti was born in British India in the year 1944. She migrated along with her family to Pakistan after the partition in 1947. Tahira has been a part of some legendary plays in which her performance has been amazing which made her gain fame throughout Pakistan. Some of the best plays she did were Kashkol, Daldal and Jangloos.

Maria Wasti was born in 1980 sharing her birthday with Pakistan’s Independence Day.  Her birth place happens to be Tanzania. Here, she spent around 7 years and also received her early education. Maria Wasti’s parents always wanted their daughter to grow up to be a doctor but Maria aspired differently.

She was somewhat inspired by her uncle and aunt, Tahira and Rizwan so she decided to join media instead. Maria saw young talented people acting on NTM (National Television Marketing), Pakistan’s first private channel. It was not until mid of 1990 that Maria finally got a call for a play along with Resham. This play was highly welcomed in the society and was given good remarks by the critics too. Maria Wasti’s performance was greatly admired and ever since then, she has just been driving up the ladder of fame and success.

Famous actor and anchor of Pakistan: Noor-ul-Hassan

Popular Actor and anchor of Pakistan- Noor ul hassan

Noor-ul-Hassan is a famous actor and anchor on the state owned Pakistan Television (PTV). He became popular with a sitcom “Wrong Numbers” directed by Jawad Bashir. After establishing himself as an actor, Noor switched over to hosting. Noor –ul-Hassan hosted a game show Fungama on PTV; it was an informative show and was well-liked by the audience. After hosting that program for a considerable time, Noor went back to acting but this time he chose to do dramas on the private channels.

Noor proved himself as an actor by doing diverse roles. Some dramas in which famous TV actor of Pakistan Noor performed are Anokhi on A Plus, Naina on Indus Vision, Thodi Si Khushiyan on Hum TV and Dassi on ATV. After trying his hands on serious acting, Noor started acting in sitcoms on the private channels. Among his sitcoms, Couples and Half Set were quite a success especially Half Set in which his co-workers were veteran actress Samina Ahmed and comedy king Ismail Tara.

Noor-ul-Hassan is an excellent host too; he is confident and intelligent and easily draws people into conversation. His comparing in the PTV awards show was applauded by all and although he was not given a script but still he managed to entertain people with his intelligence and wit.

Famous TV actor of Pakistan: Mehboob Alam

Popular actor of Pakistani TV: Mehbob Alam

Some actors leave their mark on the minds of the viewers. Those who watched the greatest and popular Pakistani drama serial Waris in the late  70s or early 80s cannot forget the character of Chaudry Hashmat played by famous TV actor of Pakistan Mehboob Alam. The character was that of a feudal lord and itself was quite strong in fact it was the central character around which the whole play revolved and Mehboob Alam’s powerful performance etched it deep into the minds of the viewers. Although he was quite young but he carried the character of a sixty year old man with ease and looked pretty intimidating on the screen.

Mehboob Alam was a versatile actor, he belonged to that creed of naturally gifted actors who had not received any training in acting and learnt through observation. Experience honed his talents and he later on he gave outstanding performances but none of them could be compared to Chaudry Hashmat. He played all the characters young and old with ease; his other memorable Pakistani TV plays are Fishaar, Piyas and Samandar. He also acted in Andhera Ujala. Mehboob Alam tried his luck in films as well but could not adjust due to the vast difference in the work style and environment.

Mehboob Alam was in his early fifties when he  passed away on 18th March 1994

Famous TV actress of Pakistan: Laila Zuberi

Famous Pakistani TV actress Laila Zuberi

Famous TV actress of Pakistan Laila  Zuberi is one of the prettiest faces to grace the TV screen. Born and bred in Karachi, the world of  sound and lights was not new to her as she had earlier participated in radio programs as a child star.  Although she had previously worked in a play named Omar Marvi,  Laila shot to fame with her performance as “Aabroo” in the drama serial “Chaoon” by Kazim Pasha. The drama was aired by Karachi center in 1985.   People were literally mesmerized by her beauty, grace and poise. Since then Laila has worked in many plays and her work has been appreciated by all especially her role as Khak Jah; a beggar girl who picks garbage. Incidentally this role is also Laila’s favorite.

The green eyed beauty also received many offers from the film industry but she turned them down as in her opinion Pakistani film industry lacks professionalism.  Laila enjoys working in Karachi and Lahore as she finds people here more professional and committed to work. In Laila’s opinion  the youth of Pakistan are very talented and full of potential and their zeal and the experience of seniors  has led to the success of the private channels. Entering showbiz was not easy for her as she faced a lot of opposition especially from her in-laws. Her husband however fully supported her; the couple has two daughters and currently resides in Islamabad.

Laila started her production house in 1999 and has been fairly successful at production. She is also an active social worker and even through her plays tries to give message to the youth. Her play “Zindagi” from PTV was an effort to create awareness about drugs and narcotics among the youth.  Laila is also the chairperson of Pakistan Red Crescent and is currently  the First Aid Ambassador.  Laila is a committed social worker and has brought many women related issues such as dowry issue, reproductive health issue etc to the attention of the authorities and the people.

The Nawaz Baloch Family: Famous TV actors of Pakistan: Farid Nawaz Baloch, Yasir Nawaz and Danish Nawaz

Famous TV actor of Pakistan: Farid Nawaz Baloch

The first member of the Nawaz Baloch family to appear on TV was Farid Nawaz Baloch. Popular TV actor of Pakistan Farid Nawaz Baloch was born in Hyderabad in 1945. He joined the Karachi Center in the early 1970s and appeared in various Sindhi dramas. With sheer determination, hard work and talent, he managed to make a name for himself.. Farid Nawaz did his first play in Urdu language in 1976 and since then he became a regular part of both Sindhi and Urdu plays. He was a versatile actor who studied his roles, grasped them and then delivered an excellent performance. His roles in the drama serials Dewarain and Jungle were highly appreciated. Although he mostly got supporting roles but he made them larger than life with his powerful acting.  Farid Nawaz is with us no more  but left behind more than a hundred memorable characters he had portrayed. Farid Nawaz was survived by talented sons two of whom Yasir Nawaz and Danish Nawaz have joined the show business.

popular TV actor of Pakistan Yasir Nawaz

Famous TV actor of Pakistan Yasir Nawaz got his first play on his father’s recommendation but being the talented son of a talented father, he soon carved niche for himself. He did a number of plays but they were just a stepping stone to something he always wanted to do; direction. Yasir also met his wife Nida on the sets. Popular TV actress of Pakistan Nida Yasir is the daughter of producer Kazim Pasha and is a talented lady herself. After marriage to Yasir she switched over from acting to hosting shows on TV. She is popular among her viewers because of her bubbly chirpy personality.

Danish Nawaz the younger son of Farid Nawaz Baloch chose comedy as his field of expertise. Comedy comes naturally to Danish as his witty remarks and spontaneous comments bring smiles on people’s faces. The contribution of the Nawaz family towards show business is invaluable.

Famous TV actor of Pakistan: Wasim Abbas

Popular TV actor of Pakistan Wasim Abbas

Show business owes a lot to popular TV actor of Pakistan Wasim Abbas and his family as they have made invaluable contributions. Wasim’s father, the legendary Pakistani TV artist Innayat Hussain Bhatti was an actor,singer and director par excellence. Kaifee an uncle of Wasim is also a renowned actor and director. Wasim’s wife Saba Hammed is a popular and busy TV actress and Wasim has himself made a deep impact in the field of acting and direction.

Waseem began his career in the early 1980s as a TV actor from Lahore TV. His expressive eyes made him popular among the masses. Wasim did justice to every role he performed whether it was of a young man hopelessly in love or a jealous lover, a cruel feudal lord or an obedient son. After having a successful period at the television, Wasim moved on to movies. Although he did quite a few movies but did not click in them; maybe because he could not shake off the polite image he had acquired as everybody knows that in our film industry the louder the better. Some films featuring Wasim Abbas worth mentioning are Manzil, Tina, Badalte Mausam, Zara Si Baat and Ishq Rog. Another reason for his lukewarm success at the silver screen could be that he was quite young and was cast opposite older heroines. Wasim returned to television where he was welcomed with open arms. His acting in Pakistani popular dramas Aashiyana, Family Front, Landa Bazar, Hazaron Rastey, Who Ishq and Samundar was very much applauded. He played the role of a heartless and greedy politician in the sequel of Mera Saeen to such perfection that viewers loved to hate him.

Wasim now acts occasionally and has turned his attention more towards direction. Family Front the comedy drama directed by Wasim Abbas was a huge commercial success; he also acted in it. Reshmi and Butterflies are other sitcoms he has penned and directed. Comedy is not his only forte, the drama serial Natak Mandi was also directed by him.

The Hashmi Clan: Famous actor and actress of Pakistan Television: Shoaib and Salima Hashmi

popular Pakistani TV actor Shoaib Hashmi

The association of Hashmis’ with Pakistan Television (PTV) goes back to the days when PTV was still in its teething stages. The dedication and devotion of artists, directors and producers has made PTV what it is today. One greatest Pakistani TV couple which contributed immensely towards PTV’s journey in its early days is Shoaib and Salima Hashmi. A highly educated man, Shoaib taught Economics at the famous Government College Lahore. He along with his wife and actor friends did comedy plays Such Gup, Taal Matol and Akar Bakar. Another play Balila went on air but was banned. Shoaib also translated the famous children’s series Sesame Street as Gali Gali Sim Sim. His wife Salima is also a renowned personality of Pakistan.

Popular TV actress of Pakistan Salima Hashmi

The daughter of famous Pakistani revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Alys Faiz, Salima Hashmi is one of the most influential women in Pakistan.  She is a teacher, writer, painter, actress and a peace activist. Salima witnessed her father’s imprisonment and repression and that’s why repression is the main theme of her paintings. A highly qualified lady with impressive degrees to her credit Salima has traveled all over the world organized exhibitions and lectured on the fine details of arts. Salima taught at the famous arts college of Pakistan NCA for thirty years and later became its principal; a post she held for fours years. At present Salima is serving as the Dean of “School of Visual Arts”. Salima’s sister Moneeza Hashmi is associated with PTV.

First female manager of Pakistan Television: Moneeza Hashmi

Moneeza Hashmi enjoys the distinction of being the first female general manager of PTV. She has served PTV for forty years under different capacities. During her tenure the quality of plays aired from PTV improved and social issues like education and rights of women and children were raised. She is the recipient of many awards both local and international for portraying women issues on electronic media. Shoaib, Salima and Moneeza are the recipients of the Pride of Performance Award and are an asset for Pakistan. Moneeza’s son Adeel Hashmi continues the family legacy to bring meaningful entertainment to people.

Adeel is an immensely talented director and creative producer but people know him more as an actor. He has acted in sitcoms and produced and directed commercials and documentaries. He is also a playwright who has raised social issues in a funny yet thought provoking style.

Popular TV actor and actress of Pakistan: Samina Pirzada and Usman Pirzada

Pakistani TV couple of Pakistan: Samina Pirzada and Usman Pirzada

If asked to name a talented, handsome and unconventional Pakistani TV couple to grace the show business the first name that comes to mind is that of Samina and Usman Peerzada. Bold and beautiful with a mind of their own, this Pakistani TV couple consists of individuals with opposite personalities. Opposites attract each other that’s why when Samina proposed  Usman accepted and the two eloped to get married.  But that was 37 years ago, now though living in different cities due to work requirements, they share a strong bond and a deep understanding most couples living under the same roof lack.

Pakistani TV actress Samina Pirzada started her career with modeling and acting and has numerous television plays and films to her credit. She has won a number of awards for her memorable performances both on TV and films. At the prime of her career Samina turned to directing plays and proved her mantel by directing hit serials such as Karb and Sophia. Samina also directed a movie a famous Pakistani movie “Inteha”. Inteha was a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stagnant film industry; the film was appreciated by all and sundry. It is said that the typical Lollywood producers and directors became insecure with the runaway success of the film and made every possible effort to make Samina quit. Samina’s second venture “Shararat” did not go well. Samina was heartbroken by the attitude of the people and she decided to move back to her home town Karachi. In Karachi she immersed herself in acting and is doing quite well.

Usman’s work commitments did not allow him to move with his wife. Usman is an actor, writer, director and producer. Usman has written, produced and directed mega hit films such as Nazdikiyan and Gori Dyan Jhanjran. Usman has also directed a number of documentaries and has also served UNICEF in the capacity of film journalist. Usman has always been supportive of his wife’s career and vice versa; the key factor behind the  accomplishments and achievements of this graceful couple.

Famous TV actress of Pakistan: Sahira Kazmi

Popular TV actress of Pakistan Sahira Kazmi

Popular TV actress of Pakistan Sahira Kazmi is an actress, director and producer but for many women she is also a source of inspiration. She is one of the few ladies who dared to live their lives the way they wanted in an age when women meekly followed their husbands.

An authoritarian figure Sahira always wanted to be a director. She joined the television as a newscaster in 1968 and then switched over to acting. In the course of acting she came across women from all social backgrounds and being a sensitive soul she realized and understood their problems. She did a serial “Hawa Kay Naam” in which problems faced by women were highlighted. However the serial that gave her stardom was Teesra Kinara. Parchayian  is also one of her memorable plays. After making her mark as an actress, Sahira then moved over to her first love “direction”. Initially she directed the musical programs; the song “Huma Huma” featuring Mohammed Ali Shayki and Allan Faqir was a beautiful blend of pop and folk. She later progressed to directing plays and with intelligent direction gave Pakistan television message oriented plays which were also a commercial success.

Sahira was aware that TV was a powerful medium through which awareness among people could be created. Sahira raised many issues concerning women through her plays. Zaibun Nisa dealt with domestic violence, Aahat was about family planning and Tapish depicted how political parties used students to their selfish ends. Nijat and Hawa ki Beti are other dramas portraying struggles of women. The themes of her dramas have been bold and being a perfectionist she made sure that her plays were flawless as well. Sahira has done some light romantic serials as well such as Dhoop Kinaray starring husband and popular TV actor of Pakistan Rahat Kazmi and Marina Khan.

Sahira has  many long plays, drama serials and plays to her credit and has won the best director award several times. Recently in recognition to the services rendered, Sahira was presented with the Pride of Performance Award by the Government of Pakistan in 2012.

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