Popular Pakistani TV Actress Naveen Waqar

Naveen Waqar

Naveen Waqar was born on January 9, 1985, in Karachi Pakistan. Naveen is full of life and fun and happens to be among popular TV actresses of Pakistan in recent times.

Her vivacious and youthful nature helped her a lot when she joined media career. Naveen started off as a Video jockey (VJ) on an interactive music show in AAG TV channel as VJ Fuse. She earned huge fan following through this show and pseudo name. Later, she joined Radio One FM 91, as RJ Naveen Waqar, on Morning Music Chaska show, and became popular as Bohot alaa Girl, due to her excessive use of the phrase ‘Bohot Alaa’.

Naveen’s current radio show on Radio one FM 91, Drive On with Naveen Waqar, is highly popular among youth.

To surprise you more,Naveen is also a singer. And has recently sung a track , ‘Andher’, in collaboration with her singer brother Faraz Waqar Haider.Naveen is also a model.

Her acting career started off with a short telefilm, ‘Absaet ha’. Later, she got a vamp role in Hum TV drama  serial Humsafar as Sara Ajmal. Her acting was highly appreciated in the drama. Nowadays we are enjoying another drama of hers on Geo Tv, Ainee ki ayegy Baraat.

Naveen Waqar is indeed a vibrant girl, full of life. She feels content when she paints or travel.  Naveen is  a total movie freak. She loves to go for movies and have fun with friends.






Popular Pakistani TV Actress Ghazala Kaifi

Ghazala Kaifi

Ghazala Kaifi is a Pakistani actress from Karachi. Ghazala Kaifi is a veteran Pakistani actress known for her influential representation of innumerable characters. Her persona is very sturdy. Ghazala Kaifi is extremely earnest with her work.

Ghazala Kaifi started acting when she was doing her Bachelors. She was introduced by Fatima Suriyaha Bajia and she frequently worked with her. She has appeared in several Pakistani Television Serials.  One of her super hit drama was “Shama” and it had left a most cordial and ineffaceable influence on the audience. Javed Sheikh played the lead role with Ghazala Kaifi. “Shama” is one of the most unswervingly famous drama series in Pakistani Television history. Her other dramas includes Uroosa, Anna, Brahim Ki Talaash and Yeh Bi Kisi Ki Beti Hai. She worked with famous directors that included Qasim Jalili, Haider Imam Rizvi, and Ayub Khawar. Ghazala Kaifi has also worked in different commercials as well.

Ghazala is not only a brilliant performer on the small screen but also works as human rights activist. Ghazala Kaifi does a lot of charity work so she can help those people who are penurious and needy. She had made an organization known as “Fountain of Youth”. The main purpose of this organization is to help the deprived individuals and it assist them in times of agony.

Although Ghazala Kaifi have worked a little but she has a great impact on audiences. She had earned herself a great reputation in the industry as an experienced actress over the years.



Popular Pakistani TV Actress Sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch

Pakistani multi talented TV artist Sanam Baloch has stolen the hearts of millions of people. She is adored by all for her innocent beauty. She is not only beautiful, but also a gifted versatile actress. Sanam is one of those lucky young actors who taste the sweetness of fame very early in their lives.

Sanam Baloch was born on July 14, 1986, in Karachi. She completed her education from Karachi too. Sanam’s nick name is Sam. She has one sister Sabreen Hashmi, who is also an actress. Sanam has two brothers.

Sanam Baloch started her media career by hosting Sindhi shows ‘Sanamji Pasand’ and ‘Diyoo’, from KTN. Later on, Sanam shifted to Urdu dramas. Her debut drama was Kalak, which was Fahad Mustafa’s play. The play received huge appreciation and opened success gates for Sanam Baloch. ‘Doraha’, ‘Daastaan’, ‘Durr e Shehwaar’, ‘Daam’, ‘Zeenat bint e Sakina Hazir ho’,’Noor Poor ki Rani’, ‘Akbari Asghari’ are some of the popular plays of Sanam.

Sanam also hosted Urdu morning show Morning With HUM and Subha Saweray Samaa K Saath. Sanam has also done Tele Films which are ‘Kacha Ghara hai dil’, ‘Alam’, ‘Mannat’ and ‘Mehru ki Kahani’. Sanam has also done Music videos which include Amanat Ali’s Thumri, Shahila Ali’s  Joggi and Najaf Ali Choodiyan.

Due to her versatile and powerful acting, Sanam has been awarded

  1. Pakistan Media Awards for Best Actor Female 2011 in Dastaan
  2. Nominated for Best actress in 9th Annual Lux style awards and
  3. Nominated for Best actress in 10th  Annual  Lux style awards

Popular Pakistani TV Actress- Seemi Raheel

Seemi Raheel

Seemi Raheel is a gifted actress. There are very few female actors here in Pakistan who do complete justice with their acting in this media field. Seemi Raheel is one of them. She is no doubt a brilliant actor.

There is not much information found about her, as she does not like to give interviews. Seemi is a Medical Graduate from Harvard University. She has been a social activist as well.

Seemi Raheel has done numerous TV dramas and has also appeared in Films. Her Debut appearance in films was ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ which was directed by Shoaib Mansoor.  Seemi usually appears now in secondary roles. Her performance and acting skills in these roles are incredible. She has represented the persona of a woman, as a mother, so nicely and so beautifully that has brought more strength and beauty to the woman gender.

Seemi has also done many music videos and theatre plays. Some of her best music video appearances were ‘Kash’ by Faakhir and ‘Na re Na’ by Ali Azmat. She has done the role of mother in these music videos as well. Seemi has done various commercials of known brands as well. She is a proud mother of the famous Model and actress Mehreen Raheel.

Popular Pakistani TV Actress Shehnaz Sheikh

Shehnaz Sheikh

The only actress, who had the talent to be natural while acting, and to embody Hasina Moin’s female lead or heroine, was none other than Shehnaz Sheikh.

Those, who had seen Tanhaiyan and Ankahi , and are reading  my article at the moment, will truly agree to this. Shehnaz Shiekh, as Zara, in Tanhaiyan is still not forgotten by people.  A simple girl, with her hair tied in a pony or braid, but from inside, a strong girl with high aims, passion and dreams. Shehnaz Sheikh truly portrayed of the Girl next door image.

Shehnaz sheikh was one of the best fresh talents of the 80’s TV plays of Pakistani Media industry. She was extremely versatile, flawless and natural. She had the skill of giving LIFE to the character. Be it through her expressions, dialogue delivery or acting skills. Her acting was pure, sincere and honest. Shehnaz sheikh was indeed a committed actor of Pakistani Media.

Shehnaz sheikh was an actor who knew the art of making people laugh and cry with her. Pakistani TV Actress Shehnaz Sheikh did not just stick to the genre of Dramas. She later on did shows with the famous Uncle Sargam, YES SIR NO SIR   and also hosted some Talk shows. But Shehnaz quit the Media industry before time. She was also asked to work as ‘Henna’  in Raj Kapoor’s Indian movie, instead of Zeba Bakhtiar, but she refused.