Popular Pakistani Writer Bano Qudsia

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Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia is a very famous writer and play writer from Pakistan. Bano Qudsia was born on 28th of November, 1928. She was not only fluent in writing novels and short stories but she was also popular as a play writer. The popular characteristics of Bano Qudsia include her intelligence and spiritualism. She is a popular Urdu writer but has also written in Punjabi for theater and television.

Her most popular novel was “Raja Gidh”. Bano Qudsia was born in Ferozpur, Punjab but as the partition crisis was going on she came to Lahore along with her family. Her father was a bachelor’s degree holder in the field of agriculture and beside that he was a landlord.

In her school days, she was studying in Eastern India, at Dharamsala before her family shifted to Lahore during the partition. Her mother was involved with the education industry. Qudsia Bano married Ashfaq Ahmed, a very popular and renowned Pakistani writer. Qusia Bano has many writings under her belt for college journals and issues. She passed her graduation degree from the Kinnaird College in Lahore and was done with her Master in Urdu in 1951 from the Government College Lahore.

Some of her popular short stories are; “Bazgasht”, “Amar Bail”, “DoosraDarwaza” and “TwajjukiTalib” and some of her popular plays are; Tamasil, Hawa key Naam, Seharay and Khaleej. She has been tackling feminist topics other than the societal and economy ones.

Popular Pakistani Writer Anwar Maqsood

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Anwar Maqsood

In Pakistani media, the name Anwar Maqsood is synonymous with entertainment. Displaying a gentle yet serious and wise face, his immense intelligence is perhaps portrayed in his witty remarks and answers. One of Pakistan’s best loved compares writers, satirists and playwrights, he depicts numerous other talent which make him a multi talented personality like no other.

For more than 35 years he has been entertaining his viewers, readers and fans. Born in British India and getting his education from Gulbarga Trust School Aurangabad, he began his career by hosting shows for PTV. Noticed for his humor and in depth grasp of various subjects he was presented with many opportunities. ‘Studio Dhai’, ‘Studio Ponayteen’ and ‘Sho Sha’ are among his earlier works. He has also written popular songs for the internationally recognized band named ‘Strings’ whose lead singer, Bilal Masood is his son. Anwar Maqsood  has being painting for more than 30 years!

Loose Talk is one of his most famous shows. Starring alongside another of Pakistan’s best humorist Moin Khan, Anwar Maqsood took the show to unparalleled heights in term of comedy shows. Moin Akhtar dresses up as influential personalities or just common people while Anwar quizzes him. The exchange between these two giants of humor is sure to crack everyone up. Fifty Fifty is also another of his shows to receive wide spread recognition. ‘Hum Pai Jo Guzarti Hai’, ‘Majoo Mian’ and “Half Plate” are also his enjoyable creations.