Popular TV and Film Actresses of Pakistan

TV Actresses of Pakistan

Following is a list of TV and Film Actresses of Pakistan. If you follow Pakistani celebrities keenly then you must know few of these talented Pakistani celebrities. Read more..

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Popular Pakistani Poet Jaun Ailya

Jaun Elia

Jaun Ailya was born on the 14th of December 1931 and produced wonderful pieces of art until his demise in 2002 on the 8th of November. He was not only a distinguished Urdu poet but he was also a philosopher, biographer and scholar. He was not the only creative one in his family, his brother; Rais Amrohvi was a well-known journalist and philosopher. His other brother, Syed Muhammad Taqi was a very popular Psychoanalyst as well as a journalist. Jaun Ailya married Zahida Hina who was a very popular columnist. Jaun Ailya other than possessing all these abilities and such a rich background, he also had an exceptional ability to speak various languages, some which included Arabic, English, Persian, Sanskrit and Hebrew.

His Literary Work

Jaun Ailya had just the right environment at house to develop his abilities that he possessed. He was so inspired and motivated that he composed his first Urdu couplet just at the age of 8. His first poetry collection, titled as “Shayad” which is an Urdu word for “maybe”, published in 1991. At that time he was 60 years of age. The preface to his book can really prove to be a great insight in the culture and traditions of the sub-continent.  Just the preface to his book can be considered as a fine piece of literature.

Praise for Jaun Ailya

“Yani” was later published in 2003. One of his good friends, Khalid Ansari got the other three of his books published. They were titled as “Guman”, “Laikin” and “Goya”. Dr. Muhammad Ali Siddiqui referred to him as one of the three most prominent Urdu Ghazal poets of the twentieth century.

Popular Pakistani female director/actor: Madiha Gohar

Popular Pakistani actor and director madeeha Gauhar

Madiha Gohar is a very famous female Pakistani drama and movie director. Madiha Gohar has worked tirelessly on all her projects to bring her home land pride. She dreamt of getting Pakistan internationally recognized for its rich heritage and great films and serials. Madiha Gohar is also the elder sister of the famous actress/writer, Faryal Gohar.

Madiha Gohar has done efforts ever since she stepped into the media industry. As little as she was, she learnt all the fall backs of the industry and realized that something had to be done. She took up projects that showed her individual personality and her desires. Madiha played several roles to enhance social fields and cultural fields.

Due to Madiha’s efforts and her attachment to the field she was nominated for Prince Claus Award. This award was a token of appreciation for her efforts by the Danish government to her. The award distribution was held in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

The award ceremony was attended by many prominent and leading personalities of Pakistan and of other countries. The Danish ambassador to Pakistan was also present at the occasion along with the Federal Minister of Culture of Pakistan since Madiha herself promotes and represents the culture of Pakistan in all her projects. Madiha Gohar is a very well known director who has gained recognition throughout the media industry. She has also worked in collaboration with Ajoka Theatre group for several theatres. Her theater work too was adored by all her fans.

Popular Pakistani TV Actress Azra Sherwani

Azra Sherwani

Azra Sherwani  was an actor with natural acting talent. Her acting was so natural that it won’t be wrong to say that she was  The only  female actor in Pakistan Drama industry, with whom every family can resonate as she being , either the  Apa of the family or grandmother. Her presence used to bring such a natural effect in the drama that one used to think of the family, as if it was a real family on TV.

Career highlights of Pakistani TV Actress Azra Sherwani

Pakistani actress Azra Sherwani performed the role of  ‘Fazeelat’ in Dhoop kinaray, ‘Apa Begum’ in Tanhaiyan and Gazi Apa in Uncle Urfi. Her natural acting brought these characters to life and people resonated with the characters a lot.Madam Azra Sherwani also did commercials on TV, and had remained a part of many advertising agencies. She was great in the advertising department as well.

One cannot deny her versatility and talent. She did versatile roles and brought them to extreme perfection of naturalism. Her dramas are still watched even today. She was indeed an institute of knowledge , art and acting for  new comers in the media field.the Pakistani actress Azra Sherwani worked in many dramas depicting many roles.Late Madam Azra Sherwani started her career in 60’s from PTV. She was born in india in 1940, and died in USA on  December 19, 2005. She was the best female natural actor and a wonderful human being, she was an asset to drama industry of Pakistan.

Popular Pakistani TV Actress Robina Ashraf

Robina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf was born on November 9. She has four brothers. She is the eldest among all siblings. Rubina had no plans of joining showbiz line. She completed her Graduation in Graphic Designing in 1986. Her mother wanted her to be a doctor, but fate wanted something else.

She accompanied her friends Saba Pervaiz and Huma Pervaiz for an audition, but luckily, Rubina herself got selected as well, along with those two. Rubina’s first play was ‘Sawan  Rut’. It was written by Younus Javed. She received huge appreciation for her acting in that play. Her turning point to fame came through the drama serial Hazaron Raastay. It was a great hit.

Rubina Ashraf has always paid importance on doing versatile roles, ranging from serious to comic ones. She acted in Salam aur sitarya , which was a good comedy drama. Drama serial Seeriah was her first play when she acted from Karachi centre of PTV. The play was directed by Kazim Pasha. Her role in drama Pas e aina is still recalled  even today whenever acting is appreciated anywhere in Pakistani drama industry.

Mujhe Roothnay na Dena, Behkawa, Band Khirkio k peechay are some of her recent serials which went super hit. Rubina is a director herself now.  She has directed two play, Rehnay do and Teray  Siwa.

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