Lila-Chanesar – Pakistani folklore

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Pakistani famous folklore Lila Chanesar

Raja Chanesar was the ruler of the Sindh from the Soomro dynasty. He was happily married to Lila. At the same time, Rana Kanghar and his wife Mirkhi ruled over Lakhpat in Kutchh. The couple had a beautiful but vain daughter Kaunru. Kaunru was engaged to her cousin who often noticing her proud attitude remarked that she behaved as if she was to be Chanesar’s queen. Kaunru stung by this sarcasm told her parents that she would only marry Chanesar or end her life. Alarmed her parents approached Jakhiro, a minister in Chanesar’s court begging him to convince the Raja to marry Kaunru. Chanesar was outraged when he heard this and refused the proposal.

Kaunru then disguised herself and sought employment in Queen Lila’s palace. She was given the duty of preparing the bed for the couple at night. Once while performing her duties, Kaunru started crying and on inquiry told the queen that she (Kaunru) too was a princess who had every luxury and that instead of lanterns and lamps, her room was lit by the glittering diamonds of her “Naulakha Har”. Now diamonds and fine jewelry were the queen’s weakness. When Queen Lila saw the necklace, she asked Kaunru to quote the price. Kaunru in return asked for a night with the king. The foolish queen agreed and asked her husband to sleep with Kaunru. Chanesar furious at the suggestion refused to comply with the queen’s wishes.

One night when Chanesar came to bed stone drunk, Lila asked Kaunru to sleep in her place. In the morning when Chanesar found Kaunru on his side, he was shocked and felt insulted. Seething with anger he turned Lila out of the castle and married Kaunru. Full of remorse, Lila went back to her parent’s house.

Jakhiro the minister was getting married to a girl from Lila’s family. When Lila heard that Chanesar would be at the wedding, she covered her face with a veil and danced and sang along with other girls. The king impressed by the veiled figure’s performance asked her to reveal her face. On seeing Lila’s face behind the veil, Chanesar fell on the floor dead. Lila followed after a few seconds.

Sassi Pannu – Pakistani folklore

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Famous Pakistani folklore Sassi Pannu

Sassi Pannu; this folk tale is from the province of Sindh. Sassi was the daughter of a washer man (some versions of the story say that she was actually a princess who was abandoned by her family at birth as she was prophesied to bring a bad name to the royal family). Sassi grew up to be a girl of exceptional beauty and soon word spread around and Sassi became famous for her beautiful looks. The word also reached Pannu the son of Ali Hoti Khan, ruler of Mekran who became curious to see her. He disguised as a merchant selling perfume and reached Sassi’s native town Bhambore.

When he finally saw her, he instantly fell head over heels in love with her; for Sassi too it was love at first sight. As Sassi’s father wanted a son in law from the same trade, now Pannu disguised as a washer man asked for her hand in marriage. Sassi’ father asked him to wash some clothes as a test. Obviously Pannu who knew nothing a bout washing clothes damaged them but that crafty fellow hid gold coins in the clothes so that the customers won’t complain. Sassi’s father agreed to the match and marriage preparations began.

Pannu’s family was not happy with the match and decided to trick Pannu in coming back. Pannu’s brothers reached in time for the wedding and during celebrations got him drunk. Later they carried him away to Mekran as the night fell.

In the morning, Sassi realized that she had been tricked, ran barefoot after her husband. The poor soul died while trying to cross a desert and was buried by a shepherd. In the meanwhile Pannu regained his senses and ran back to his wife; while crossing the desert, he met a shepherd sitting by a freshly dug grave. On being told that it was his beloved Sassi’s grave, the grief struck Pannu died there and then to join his soul mate in heaven.

Pride of Pakistan – Rizwan Beyg: Pakistani Designer

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Popular dress designer of Pakistan Rizwan_Beyg

Rizwan Beyg is termed as the “fashion guru” of Pakistan. Though there are many other names in the fashion and design industry in Pakistan, Rizwan has his special place. Beyg’s entry in the fashion world was accidental rather than intentional. He was challenged by his friends and being the adventurous type he accepted it. Beyg organized a charity show in which his designs were displayed. People were overawed by what they saw and so Rizwan Beyg the designer was born.

Rizwan Beyg’s designs are quite different. He mostly uses pastel shades and is known for his masterful use of black and white. His bridal wears is not drowned in heavy embroidery, zardozi and resham work. The use of embellishment is also restricted but the dresses are elegant and beautiful. His designs are basic like his palette but very chic. Rizwan has done countless shows both in Pakistan and abroad and has received appreciation. He never ceases to stun the foreign media and people with his designs. His designs though traditional border more towards the west.

Rizwan Beyg holds the distinction of being the first designer to introduce designer printed cotton and voile fabrics at affordable prices. His designs are versatile and artistic. Rizwan Beyg also designed dresses for the late Princess Diana.

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