Mosque of Pakistan-The Badshahi Mosque

by on December 18, 2010
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Badshahi Mosque at Lahore

The Badshahi Masjid (The Royal Mosque) was built on the orders of Aurangzeb Alamgir the Moghul Emperor. Though the passage of four centuries has left its mark on this grand structure; it has withstood the test of time gracefully. It has borne the abuse during the Sikh regime patiently and has tolerated the British maltreatment with dignity.

This mosque remained the largest mosque of the world for more than three centuries. It still remains the largest piece of Moghul architecture and was completed in only two and a half years. Its outdoor courtyard measures 161.5 x 160.6 meters and still is the largest courtyard of any mosque in the world; structure wise, the mosque itself stands fifth in world ranking.

Redstone and marble have been used in the construction of this mosque. The Redstone used was especially brought from Jaipur, Rajhastan (India). Variegated marble was used in the construction of steps and floor. The interior of the mosque is adorned with tiles and beautiful frescoes. The grandeur and elegance of the mosque simply mesmerizes the viewer.

Badshahi Mosque also features a museum where relics belonging to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), his son-in-law Hazrat Ali and his daughter Bibi Fatima are displayed.

The Badshahi mosque stands proudly symbolizing the lost glory of its era and is one of the major tourist attractions of Lahore.

Top 20 General Colleges of Pakistan

Popular women college of Lahore: Kinnaird

The importance of higher education cannot be denied by anyone. The Government of Pakistan established the Higher Education Commission in 2002 to evaluate, improve and promote higher education in the country. The traditional bachelor’s degree of 2-yr program has been replaced by the Honor’s Bachelor’s degree awarded after 3 yrs of full time study in arts, humanities, sciences, business and commerce.

In Pakistan, there are about 1882 colleges, out of which 1025 in the public and 857 in the private sector. These institutions are providing under graduate and post graduate courses and some also offer professional courses like MS and MBA.

Though the list of colleges available in the country is quite large but here are the top 20 general colleges of Pakistan with no particular order:

1. Government College (Lahore)
2. Kinnaird College for women(Lahore)
3. Forman Christian College (Lahore)
4. Saint Joseph College (Karachi)
5. Lahore College for women (Lahore)
6. Home Economics Colleges for women
7. PECHS College (Karachi)
8. DHA College (Karachi)
9. Punjab Group of Colleges-University of Central Punjab
10. Aitchison College(Lahore)
11. Adamjee Science College for Boys(Karachi)
12. Islamabad Model College
13. OPF Boys College (Islamabad)
14. Dehli Science College for Boys (Karachi)
15. DJ Science College (Karachi)
16. FG College (Islamabad)
17. Islamabad College of Boys
18. Islamabad College of Arts & Sciences
19. Governement College (Quetta)
20. Peshawar Model Degree College

Top 25 schools in Pakistan


It is well said that ‘Education is the third eye of a man’. And school is the first step towards the world of education for a child after home. No country can make significant economic progress if majority of its citizens cannot get primary education. The Government of Pakistan aims to provide free of cost elementary education to all children. It has established hundreds of schools, which have been imparting education throughout the country. But the percentage of children going to private schools has increased rapidly, not only in urban but also in rural areas. The main reason being the quality of education and environment of private schools are much better than the public schools.

The list of top 25 private schools in Pakistan is given below in no particular order:

1. Aitchison college (Lahore)
2.Convent schools
3. Karachi grammar
4. The Mama Parsi International school (Karachi)
5. Lahore Grammar (Lahore & Islamabad)
6. Sadiq Public School (Bahawalpur)
7. Habib Public School (Karachi)
8. Beaconhouse school system
9. The City school
10. Burnhall school (Abottabad)
11. Hassan Abdal
12. Foundation Public school (Karachi)
13. International school of choueifat (Lahore)
14. Chand bagh school (Muridke)
15. Abottabad Public school
16. St.Michael’s school(Karachi)
17. Crescent Model school (Lahore)
18. CAS (Karachi)
19. Karachi International school
20. Islamabad International school
21. Lahore American school
22. Pak-Turk International school
23. Scarsdale school (Lahore)
24. PECHS (Karachi)
25. Escena Foundation (Lahore)