The Charitable Hospitals of Pakistan


When it comes to philanthropy, Pakistan has outdone most countries of the world. There are many charitable organizations in the country which are funded by the people. These organizations are usually the brainchild of one person who is later joined by many like minded people who strive to alleviate the suffering of the poor people.

The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation provides free of cost treatment to patients suffering from (renal) kidney diseases. It was set up by Dr. Adeeb Rizvi an urologist. Over the years SIUT has treated a number of people who are incapable of bearing the cost of the expensive medical diagnostics.

It is a charitable organization which treats cancer patient. The hospital bears the total cost of the expensive medical treatment. It was founded by the former cricketer Imran Khan.

The Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust has treated over 16 million patients suffering from various eye diseases. The trust was established 24 years ago and has branches in almost all areas of the country specially the rural areas. The prompt treatment provided by the trust has saved many people from blindness.

The government of Pakistan gives grants to these organizations but they are mostly run by people’s generosity.

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