Lakes of Pakistan – Satpara Lake

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Lakes in Pakistan- Satpara Lake - Skardu Valley

Location Elevation Water type Area
Skardu Valley, 



8,650 ft above sea level

Fresh 2.5 sq. km

This is a very important lake of Skardu Valley. First of all because, it is a major resource of water to the town and secondly it is one of the most heavenly beatiful lake of Pakistan. It is also one of the largest fresh water lake in the country. Lake is home to large number of fish which encourages fishing in the lake.  Activities like Boating and Rowing are also part of it s attractions for the tourists. A nice motel is also built on the lake by PTDC giving a captivating scenery for its guests.  It is around 9 km from Skardu and takes around 20 minutes on a jeep. If you want to visit world’s 2nd largest plateau i.e. Deosai Plain, it is only an hours drive from here.

The Pakistani Government announced in 2002 that a dam will be made on Satpara Lake. An amount of Rs. 600 million were allocated in 2004 for the project, but due to changes in the governments the project didn’t gain much pace.

Locals of this area think that in the bottom of this lake there is a gold mine because of which the water shines brightly in the day time.

5 reasons to visit Skardu

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Shigar velley-skardu Pakistan

Skardu is the capital of Baltistan region of Pakistan. Located along the wide banks of River Indus at an altitude of 2438 meters, it has the Karakoram Range in its background.

1. Mountaineering & Trekking

Skardu serves as a base camp for all those who try to tame the tall K2 peaks. Some big glaciers Baltoro, Biafo and Siachen are also found here. It is equally popular with high altitude trekkers, who trek to Baltoro Glacier, K2 Base Camp and Concordia.

2. Shigar Valley

This beautiful valley with its terraced farms is the entrance to the K2 peaks. It is abound with orchards. There are many historic places worth visiting and of course a visit to the colorful bazaar is a must. Through the Shigar Valley flows the Shigar River a tributary of Indus.

3. Shangrila Resort

This resort with its pagoda style cottages is popular among tourist. It encircles the heart shaped Kachura Lake and is surrounded by the exotic gardens.

4. Lakes of Skardu

The Satpara Lake and the two Kachura Lakes with their bewitching scenery captivate a lot of visitors. Boating and fishing can be done here.

5. Buddhist Rock

An image of meditating Buddha carved in 900 AD is worth seeing. It is located on the Satpara road.

Travel Pakistan – Indus River and Deosai

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River Indus of Pakistan

The gigantic Indus River

The mighty river of Indus passes through China, India and Pakistan and it discharges at the Arabian Sea. The Indus River has a mighty annual flow and it ranks 21st in the world and 1st in the Pakistan. This river is considered the life line of Pakistan as it waters many fields of Pakistan. Many dams are built on it and Pakistani economy heavily depends on the Indus River.

The river is 3180 km long and it finally discharges into Arabian Sea near Karachi, Pakistan. The Indus River forms a delta in the Pakistani province of Sindh.

The glaciers of Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindu-kush are the main sources of the Indus River. The river itself originated from Tibet. The flow of the river keeps changing around the year and it flow its banks. In Monsoon while the flow almost diminishes in the winter.

The main tributaries of the Indus River are Astor River, Balram River, Gomel River, Gilgit River, Kabul River, Gar River and Khizar River.

Deosai National Park

Deosai National Park is located in Northern Area of Pakistan. It is in the town of Skardu and the park is situated on the plateaus that are among the highest plateaus in the world. These plateaus are around 4114 meters above the sea level. Deosai is covered with snow for half of the year that is between the month of November and May.

In the spring season, Deosai is covered with a million flowers that are surrounded by beautiful butterflies. This scenery attracts many visitors in the spring.

Shausar Lake is another tourists’ attraction in the Deosai National Park. This lake is 4142 meters from the sea level and is 2.3 km in length.

Deosai is the natural habitat of the Himalayan brown bear. The Deosai National Park was made to secure this endangered species of bear. This bear is the largest omnivore in Pakistan. When the park was established, there were only 14 brown bears which have grown to around 43 now.

Travel Pakistan – Reasons to visit Skardu and the Lakes in and near Skardu

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Skardu valley of Pakistan

Reasons to visit Skardu

Skardu is located along the bank of mighty Indus River. It is the main town of Baltistan. Skardu is famous for the mountain peaks and the K2 base camp. The mountaineers come from all around the world to climb the peaks every year. This has made this town very popular with the foreigners and Pakistani equally. To better facilitate these mountaineers arrangements were made by the Pakistani Government and a daily flight from Islamabad was arranged.

The Indus River is very pleasant to watch from here. It becomes very wide and it also becomes very calm. This gives great scenery.

Skardu is also famous for Shangrila resort and Sadpara Lake. Many visitors from all around the Pakistan come here to spend the summers. Other famous place near Skardu is Shigar village. This village was once a small kingdom and still the ruins of the fort can be seen there. Now this fort has been renovated and it offers a great residential place for the visitors.

The lakes of Skardu

Skardu is very famous among the mountaineers for the base camp of K2 and for other peeks. The modern facilities are provided to the visitors including a resort and daily flight from Islamabad in order to make it easily reachable.

Apart from these attractions, Skardu is famous for its lakes. There are 3 lakes in and around Skardu. All these lakes are naturally beautiful and they attract many visitors and tourists.

1. Kachura Lake (Upper): The upper Kachara Lake is not that well known and is not famous among visitors.

2. Kachura Lake (lower): The lower Kachara Lake also known as Shangrila Lake is very popular among the visitors. There is a Shangrila resort that is built in Chinese style and it is a famous place among the Pakistani tourists.

3. Satpara Lake: Satpara Lake is the third lake in Skardu and it is the most famous lake in Pakistan with the photographers. This lake is responsible for the drinking water that is supplied in Skardu. The Lake has an abundance of Trout fish and many people come here for fishing.

4. Sheosar Lake: This lake is located in the Deosai plains located at a 3 hours jeep drive from Skardu.