The third Governor General of Pakistan: Malik Ghulam Muhammad

Pakistan's governor general Malik Ghulam Muhammad


Birth: 20th April 1895

Tenure: 17th October 1951 – 7th August 1955

Death: 12th September 1956

Malik Ghulam Muhammad as Governor General:

Ghulam Muhammad was the Finance Minister of Pakistan in 1947. After Liaqat Ali Khan’s death he became the Governor General of Pakistan because Khawaja Nazimuddin was made the Prime Minister. As the governor general of Pakistan, Ghulam Muhammad’s first major duty was to represent Pakistan at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II held in 1953 in London. He was present in Westminster Abby along with Governor Generals of other nations such as New Zealand, Ceylon, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Challenges faced by Malik Ghulam Muhammad:

The Assembly of Pakistan made efforts to change the constitution in 1954 in order to maintain a check over the Governor General’s powers in response to this Malik Ghulam Muhammad dismissed the Assembly itself. The Supreme Court challenged this action. However, Malik Ghulam Muhammad was successful despite a rebellious letter written by the Chief Justice. In later years this action was seen as the start of the so called royal politics in Pakistan in which non-elected officials get to govern the country and have extensive influence over the society and the provinces.


Malik Ghulam Muhammad had to take a leave of absence in 1955 due to his deteriorating health. Iskander Mirza, the acting governor general dismissed Malik Ghulam Muhammad and he died a year later in 1956. 

Pakistan Tourist Destinations: Top Ten Forts of Pakistan


Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage and it is depicted in the form of marvelous structure built for the defense of a state or a country. There are many forts located all around the world that are of historical significance. The main purpose behind the construction of forts was to protect a country from invaders and enemies. However, they serve another purpose also which involves making a display of one’s architecture as depicted by its significance in a culture. Pakistan is proud to have enormous forts with beautiful architecture and rich cultural significance.Ranikot, the largest fort of the world is also situated in Pakistan. The reason behind the accumulation of forts in Pakistan lies in its history. As Pakistan initially was a part of Indo-Pak sub-continent, it had been ruled over by various monarchs including Mughals who were fond of art and architecture. Here a list of the famous forts of Pakistan has been presented naming only the top ten forts of Pakistan with their respective locations. These forts are a place of frequent local visits along with being famous tourist attractions

1)      Ranikot Fort located in the province of Sindh.

2)      Baltit Fort situated in Hunza Valley

3)      Royal Fort located in Lahore

4)      Rohtas Fort situated in Dina

5)      Multan Fort located in Multan

6)      Rawat Fort in Rawalpindi

7)      Phrasal Fort in Rawalpindi

8)      Red Fort of Muzaffarabad

9)      Attock Fort of Rawalpindi

10)  Giri Fort in Taxila

Why we love Pakistan? Because of its resilient and determined people!

Why we love Pakistan? Because of its resilient and determined people!

The more we dig in to know what Pakistan means to its people, the more we come to know of the passion and zeal Pakistanis have to do something for this country. One such heart touching and dignified proclamation has been made by Farheen Zaki who once was hardcore bank employee and now is playing a housewife role. Lets hear Farheen’s love for this beautiful country:

“It is quite natural to love your native country and I love Pakistan for the same reason.I t was a dream of Iqbal and fruit to the years long struggle and sacrifices of our ancestors under the dynamic leadership of our Quaid. Freedom is indeed a great blessing.Ask about it from the Muslims of Palestine and Kashmir.”

“Pakistan is not an ordinary country to love only for this common reason. It is the land of ancient civilization with rich cultural foundations.Its people are the proud inherent of Mohenjo Daro and Harrapa. It is blessed with all the natural resources and scenic beauty of Mother nature.It holds 4 out of 14 highest peaks in the world, 2nd largest salt mines,world s largest deep seaport and one of the largest deserts of the world. It also holds worlds 7th largest standing Arm force(pride of our nation) and is the 7th nuclear power of the world. The Karakorum highway it possess is considered to be the eighth wonder of the world.”

“Pakistan is a land of fertile soil, diverse wild life, fresh water lakes, serene beauty and a long coastal line. From the snow capped peaks of Himalayas in the north to the mangroves of the Indus delta on the other end, Pakistan is a true picture of Allah’s glory. I recently took a road trip from Lahore to Karachi and witnessed how the rich fertile land of Punjab turns into the mystic desert of Sindh. Within hours the whole scene changed even the color of the soil, cattle, atmosphere, language, dresses and crops changed. The diversity of our country is unique.”

“But the real power of this country is its people. People with strong determination, people who have lived in hard times and emerged as united nation after every calamity. It has been very unlucky as far as leadership is concerned. But it does not belong to the few elites who have been ruling it since the independence. It belongs to the farmers and workers and every citizen of this country. Pakistanis have been resilient enough to withstand injustice, corruption and terrorism year after year. We as a nation have always stood united and helped each other in times of need.”

“Who says Pakistan has not grown in these 63 years. It is the same country which didn’t have office stationery at the time of its birth and today it’s a nuclear power and thus a threat to the so called super powers of the world.”

“Pakistan is ‘The Land of the Pure’. Each day the sun rises with new hope. I am quite sure that this nation who has survived famines, threats, blood sheds, natural calamities, injustice, exploitation, corrupt leaders and heavy criticism from the West can literally survive anything. We as a nation if stand united, rely on our own resources and put all our belief in Allah Almighty can defeat all enemies. This country has seen the worst now only good will happen and if my Allah stays with us we shall sooner or later see this country win for itself a place of great honor and pride. This is the only country taken in the name of Islam. If we all stand united under the umbrella of this ideology no one can degrade or defame us any longer. It is the time to strengthen our bond and stand upright in front of our enemies and win back our pride. And for the people who think this country is a shame and it will soon banish from the map of the world I have only one sentence.”

“Pakistan – Love it or Leave it.”

Why we love Pakistan? Because it’s a land of Peace, Harmony and Beauty

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The love for Pakistan is a phenomenon which tends to dwell and increase with every passing day. Such beautiful expression was shared by Sumbul Khan who is S.S.T. (IT) and has worked as Asst. Manager Planning and Web Development at ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan.

“Ever since I started thinking and recognizing things around me of my own, I know Pakistan. I am not an icon; not a celebrity or a politician. I am a minor entity but my love for Pakistan is incalculable. I found myself wordless if anyone asks me to express my love for my own Jan Jan Pakistan! It’s not only my homeland but everything of mine starts and ends on it!”

“The Land of Beauty as truly Pakistan is called, I fell in love with it when I celebrated my first ever Independence Day at the age of 4. I can’t explain the colors, celebrations and happiness I saw on the faces of the people. It was something that can never be explained in words. It was a festival like EID and then I remember asking my father about what Pakistan is? And He told me that “it’s the land of peace and harmony. It’s our home and its entire people are our friends. And whatever you say or do ever in your life, always remember that you are the daughter of Pakistan same as you are mine. You’ll be in-debt with your home Pakistan for it has given you so much that you are not able to return even if you live a hundred years!!””

“As the years went by, the love of Pakistan grew with me. And my love went crazy about Pakistan when I visited its places. You name it and I’ll tell you about it. From where should I start explaining my marvel Homeland? From my home town Multan, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi to Murree, Nathia Gali and the Northern areas including Swat, Kalam, Malam Jabba, Kaghan, Naran, etc. And then comes Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukhur in Sindh, Quetta, Ziarat in Baluchistan. I am just speechless about what to describe and what to leave! Why I love Pakistan? I love Pakistan because it’s the land of peace and beauty. It has given me shelter; I got education from its best institutes and now serving my country in my capacity both in government and private sectors.”

“I see a bright future ahead for Pakistan. We built Pakistan in the name of Allah, our Beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H.) and Islam that is the reason that the protection, help and blessings of Allah Almighty remains with us.”

“Pakistan was made to live forever and it will live inshallah! May Allah bless my home, Amen!!”

Why we love Pakistan? Because it is our home


“The first of earthly blessings, INDEPENDENCE!!”

“Independence and freedom is every human’s need. Every one of us needs a land where we could practice every aspect of life with freedom and independence. Not every nation has been able to enjoy the breath of freedom but we the Pakistani people have seen the struggle of Pakistan and further realized it. Taking Pakistan for granted is surely not in our blood and we thank Allah every second of our lives for blessing us with the land of pure.”

Absolutely amazing and heartwarming love for Pakistan was expressed by Shamsa, who has been writing for various research institutes and newspapers. Ms. Syed expressed her love as:

“I believe if I could ever answer why I love my creator, why I love my mother or I could ever know why.”

“Allah loves us all 70 times more than our mothers do and why any mother is so selfless when it comes to her child, that day probably I would be able to exactly tell why I love Pakistan.”

“This post is just to express my gratitude to MY PAKISTAN for giving me an identity in this comity of nations. It’s this piece of land with which I so proudly relate myself. I love Pakistan because it is my pride. It gives me sense of security and protection, when I hear about so many “Shahzad Faisals” being arrested as suspects of terrorism in UK and USA. I love Pakistan because I can look up to it when so-called civilized world points its finger on me. Simply, I love Pakistan because it is My Pakistan. I know there are things we would like to change about Pakistan. But when it comes to loving your family, your home, you simply can’t be choosy. I love Pakistan for being my home.”

“Regarding future of Pakistan, I trust it’s very bright Insha Allah. Pakistan will survive through these bad patches by the grace of Allah and to dismay of many will rise and shine higher and higher.”

Pakistan Zindabad!

Why we love Pakistan? Because it is the center of Islam

Karachi Pakistan

No matter how much worse the situation is in Pakistan, still the people of Pakistan, located in any part of world would die for this country. The unending attachment and unconditional love of Pakistani people abroad is overwhelming. Why shouldn’t they love Pakistan? Pakistan has a big heart that has been accepting everyone with compassion in every difficult time. Pakistan has given us an identity to travel around the world without any restriction. Pakistan has given us reasons and seasons to cheer and celebrate. Pakistan has given us artists and legends which are appreciated around the world. And on top of it, Pakistan has given us a platform which allows us to freely practice and apply Islamic ideology in the best of our capacities.

We had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Ali Yaqoob who is a System Analyst and Information systems team leader in Intel Corporation in UK. Mr. Ali thoroughly believes in religion and its implication in every aspect of life. He beautifully expressed his love by mentioning that he loves Pakistan due to its unique culture, moral values and norms. Mr. Ali loves Pakistan for amazing and mesmerizing cliffs in Balochistan to the sea in Sindh. Similarly Ali loves Pakistan for its dry lands in Punjab and beautiful mountain tops in the northern areas. Ali believes that although Pakistan is in trouble, but the nation will come out of the gloomy period by distinguishing between the right and wrong. Ali suggests that people should get education, practice religion and use both of these traits with honesty in every affair of life.

Even being in UK, Ali tends to share strong values and love for Islam. His overwhelming and unconditional love for Pakistan tells us much about the Pakistanis living abroad and their agony for their country’s situation. The brighter side is that people abroad are also hopeful and optimistic about the future of Pakistan. This hope and optimism is going to bring Pakistan out of troubles Insha Allah!

Pakistan Zindabad!

Why we love Pakistan? Because it is our motivation


Dil Dil Pakistan….!

A passionate expression by Rai Azlan, the call center executive of Ufone and the founder of goes like this:

“For many it might be just a song, good song, or very good song but for me it is like a real meaning of my life. When this question comes to me that do you love Pakistan, or why do you love Pakistan, I usually find no one liner to answer. It is not because that I don’t love it. It is just because of the fact that I run out of words when it comes to express my love for this land. Pakistan is my country and it has accepted me as its citizen. I might not even be worth of being called a Pakistani in a true sense as Pakistan means land of Purity, but Pakistan never disowned me. I got admission in one of the best universities of this country without being certified in a certain language because my country is generous enough to me. I can roam in the streets of this county without the fear of being deported. What other reasons should one has to love this country!”

“This country has given me a shelter and I feel protected within its arm. Many people might be of the opinion that Pakistan is unsafe. But to me, living in Pakistan and to die here is a biggest desire as I would love to have a small portion of Pakistan’s pure land. I love this country because it is my ultimate source of motivation. I see the problems of Pakistan as mud in which by only putting my hands, I would be able to come up with a good structure. When I look at the journey of Pakistan, I feel proud because it is the same country that did not even have office stationery at the time of birth and now Pakistan has become a nuclear state. I love my country because it has four seasons. I love my country because it has all kinds of geographical features.
I love my country because it has so many places that are worth visiting.”

“What is the future of Pakistan in my views? One word and that would be “Bright”. We might be having some problems and issues and they might seem to be huge and hard to tackle but they are not impossible to be corrected. If Pakistan can gain green revolution in almost 18 years of independence then it can surely achieve any level of progress. The need is to put the potential and determination in the right place and in the right direction.”

Why do we love Pakistan? Because of the energy its People have!

Pakistani city

Pakistan along with being a nation is a strange phenomenon in itself. There was a time when entire world was against its formation and now is the time when Pakistan has attained a very important strategic position. Pakistan surely is facing multiple problems, but the young generation of this decade is a hopeful sign for Pakistan. The young generation is enthusiastic, innovative, and optimistic and has big plans for this country. Many institutions and associations are being developed by the young students which are thoroughly working day and night for the development of Pakistan.

One such young Marketing Manager Fahad in UMT shared his immense confidence in the young generation. He showed his desperate desire to do something for this country on a bigger platform. Fahad said that he feels extremely lucky to be a part of Pakistani student community which is full of zeal and energy to do something for Pakistan. Fahad believes that with the increase in problems of Pakistan, an evident increase in optimism among the youth is being seen which ultimately will lead to revolution in Pakistan. He believes that the energy among the educated class to fight for this country in every aspect is worth appreciating as it is definitely going to bring a major change in Pakistan.

The immense optimism and rational approach of the youth is surely going to give Pakistan a right track to follow. One right step or a policy could change the entire structure of this nation.

Why we love Pakistan? Because of its norms, values and morals

Pakistan and its culture

Pakistan, a green land with immense potential and resources is no wonder a reason to live for Pakistanis. We as a nation love and loved this country with all the odds. The over whelming emotion and passion for Pakistan is a result of sheer unconditional love for this amazingly beautiful and rich country. Pakistan is not only blessed with different seasons and resources, but it has been blessed with values, norms, culture and religion in the most coherent way. And on top of everything, Pakistan has given us an identity and a sense of belonging which no worldly phenomenon could do. What more could we ask for!

Such are the cumulative sentiments for this amazing country and such are sentiments of Dr. Syed Mubashir Ali, the associate professor of finance at the finest institutes of Pakistan, LUMS. Dr. Mubashir loves Pakistan for its people, values, morals and norms. He believes that the idea of Pakistan itself depicts strong optimism and no wonder what happens, the nation is going to standby its country in all the odds. Talking about the future of Pakistan, Dr. Mubashir expressed much optimistic approach as he thoroughly believes in the energy and passion of the young generation. He believes that Pakistan has the most energetic and revolutionary youth who are ready to reach the new heights of innovation and success. Dr. Mubashir during his conversation stressed upon the agricultural significance of Pakistan and considered it as the major tool for the development of Pakistan.

No wonder that with the passion of youth and educationists like Dr. Mubashir with optimism, Pakistan will survive with all its dignity and face the worst with brave heart!

Administrative Divisions of Pakistan

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Administrative Divisions of Pakistan

Pakistan is located in South Asia. It is located at a very important place from geographic and strategic point of view. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan comprises of 4 provinces Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan and NWFP, one capital territory Islamabad, a federal territory FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) and two autonomous states Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit and Baltistan.

In 2000 the Pervez Musharraf government adopted a system of administration named “Local government system”, in which each province was sub-divided into districts, known as “zilas” locally). The districts form the topmost tier of the three tier local government and are further sub divided into tehsils (counties). Villages and municipalities come under tehsils. The City Districts are big metropolitan areas which comprise of towns and union councils. The tehsils and union councils are the 2 lower tiers of the local government.

The districts have the authority of carrying out certain functions independently. Each district is headed by a Nazim (Mayor). There are 105 provincial districts with 400 tehsils and over 6 thousand union councils. Over all there are five thousand local governments.

There are seven tribal agencies and six small frontier regions in FATA. Azad Kashmir has seven districts and Gilgit Baltistan comprises of six districts.

Federal capital Islamabad has been given the status of a district.

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