Sports in Pakistan: Pakistan in Olympics

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Pakistan-Olympics-Parade in London 2012

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Sports in Pakistan: Pakistan Hockey in Olympics

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Sports in Pakistan: Pakistan Hockey in Olympics

Hockey is the national game of Pakistan and there was a time that Pakistan Hockey team held almost every major title. Hockey team had never disappointed the nation and they were treated and respected as heroes. Olympic Games are a big event and for years Pakistan Hockey team dominated the field hockey.

Pakistan did not win any medals in the first two Olympic events which took place in 1948 (London) and 1952 (Helsinki) but it was understandable as the nation was still young and struggling to get on its feet. In the 1956 Olympics held in Melbourne, Pakistan won its first Olympic honor; a silver medal for being the runners up in hockey while India clinched the gold medal. Pakistan got its first gold medal in the next event (1960) in Rome by defeating arch rivals India. Pakistan also got its bronze medal in wrestling in the same event.   

In the next Olympic events held in Tokyo in 1964, Pakistan managed to win the silver medal while India got the gold. However in the 1968 Mexico Olympics Pakistan clinched the gold medal by beating Australia. In 1972 Munich Olympics Pakistan clinched the silver medal  and  this time it was defeated by Germany. 

Pakistan lost mostly because of biased umpiring and a visibly upset and angry Pakistan team captain swung the medal on his shoe which resulted in the team being suspended and banned for four years .  However  the team was pardoned after an apology from the then President of Pakistan  Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

The performance of the hockey team in the Montreal Olympics held in 1976 was a bit disappointing as the team ended third and won a bronze medal. The next Olympics were held in Moscow in 1980 but the Pakistani team did not participate in it, Pakistan was among the 60 countries that boycotted the games because of Soviet Union’s military invasion in Afghanistan.

The Pakistani Hockey team made the nation proud in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics by winning the gold medal. The next Olympic games were held in 1988 in Seoul, South Korea. In this event Pakistan hockey team did not win any medal but boxer Syed Hussain Shah won the bronze medal in boxing thus saving the country’s blushes.   In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics Pakistani team got the bronze medal.  

Those who thought that a bronze in the 1992 Olympics was a disappointment did not know what lay ahead of them. From that events onwards,  Pakistani hockey team has not earned any medal in fact its performance has plunged from average to poor. Pakistan went without medal in Atlanta Olympics (1996), Sydney Olympics (2000), Athens Olympics (2004), Beijing Olympics (2008) and London Olympics (2012).   The team which once made the nation proud has now become an embarrassment.  

Sports in Pakistan: Table tennis in Pakistan

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Table tennis in pakistan

The Pakistan Table Tennis Federation (PTTF)

The national federation for Table Tennis PTTF was formed in 1951 in Lahore and since then it has been striving to promote the sport in the country. The Pakistan Table Tennis Federation is also a member of ITTF – International Table Tennis Federation Many provincial associations were formed with the help of PTTF which helped in spreading the sport in various areas of Pakistan. The Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi associations of Table Tennis are the oldest.

The National Championships

In 1954 the federation successfully held its first National championship in Burt Institute. Lahore and since then the event has been taken place every year in different cities of Pakistan including Dacca (now Dhaka), Karachi, Bahawalpur, Quetta and Rawalpindi. The nationals have been conducted twice in a year also. There are both men and women players of Table Tennis in Pakistan and they show their performances in different events both in the individual and team categories.


Event Year Category Medal
South Asian Games (Srilanka) 2006 Mens Bronze
Indian Junior Open (Gua) 2007 Boys  under 15 Bronze
Fajr International Cadet & Junior Table Tennis Championship 2007 Junior Boys team Bronze
South Asian Games (Bangladesh) 2010 Female team Bronze

In July, 2008 Pakistan Table Tennis Federation hosted the South Asian Table tennis Championship which took place in Karachi.

Sports in Pakistan: Football in Pakistan

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Football in Pakistan, Pakistani football team

Pakistan National Football Team

The Pakistani team of Football is striving hard to be successful in this very popular sport of the world. The brief profile and status of our team is as below:

Nickname of the team The Green shirts
Coach Zaviša Milosavljević
Captain Jaffar Khan
Association PFF-Pakistan Football Federation
Home Stadiums for Football Jinnah Stadium, Punjab Stadium
Confederation AFC ( Asian Football Cup)
Sub Confederation SAFF ( South Asian Football Federation)
FIFA Rank 181

Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)

This is the governing body of the National Football team of Pakistan and it is also a member of AFC Asian football Confederation. The Pakistani team has yet not been able to qualify for Asian Cup championship or the FIFA World cup but the Head coach Zaviša Milosavljević has positive expectations from the current Pakistan Football team members, which he conveyed to the press after the recent International tour of the team. The Government of Pakistan has invested more in 2000 s and improved the infrastructure and facilities which has boosted up the spirits. Jinnah Sports stadium has a huge capacity for football lovers. The team has taken third position in the South Asian Football Federation Cup twice and has been runners up in Merdeka Cup once. The team also finished second in the Quaid-e-Azam Tournament twice.

The biggest competition of Football in Pakistan is the National Football Challenge Cup for which great matches are played every year. 

Pride of Pakistan – Sports Women Appointed Sports Ambassadors

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Naseem Hamid- Sports Women Appointed Sports Ambassadors

President Asif Ali Zardari appointed the female gold medalists of the SAF Games as “Sports Ambassadors”.

Pakistan’s sprinter Nasim Hamid became the fastest woman of South Asia as she raced past the finish line. She covered the 100 meter distance in just 11.81 seconds beating the hot favorites on the way. Born in Karachi, the 22 year old sprinter comes from a humble background. She resides in Orangi Town; a slum area of the mega city Karachi. Nasim’s success shows that a person’s determination can take him/her to the top. And that nothing is unattainable if you believe in yourself and make an effort. Nasim is the first female athlete from Pakistan to win the gold in SAF Games’ 26 year old history.

The other lady to bag the gold was Sara Nasir. She got the top medal for karate. She is also the first lady to win gold for Pakistan in this category.

Both the gold medalists were awarded Rs 10 Million by the President in a simple ceremony in Islamabad. Appointing them as “sports’ ambassador” the President asked the concerned authorities to formulate a policy for better coaching and training of outstanding athletes abroad. The President showered lavish praise on the two achievers who brought good name to a country known more for terrorism, poverty and corruption. The ladies in return were grateful for the love and support the people of Pakistan showed.