Popular poet of Pakistan: Mashkoor Hussain Yad

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Famous poet of Pakistan: Mashkoor Hussain Yad

Mashkoor Hussain Yad was an eminent poet, writer and educational expert. He was not only recognized nationally, but he has been admired on the international front as well. Professor Mashkoor Hussain Yad has been awarded by the Mujahid Tehreek-e-Pakistan for his writings.

Mashkoor Hussain Yad and the Struggle for Pakistan

 Mashkoor Hussain Yad has seen with his own eyes the tragic phase of history when Pakistan was separated from the Sub-continental territory. Not only did he see the awful events with his own eyes but he also vigorously participated in the struggles with all his mind and soul. Thirty of his other family members were also part of the struggle for freedom. Those thirty members did not only fight and struggled but also lost their lives for the cause of Pakistan.

Literary work

Mashkoor Hussain Yad was not only the fighter for the Pakistan movement but he has been a great poet, author and education expert. Mashkoor Hussain Yad is not only counted among the first ever writers of Pakistan but he has blessed us with more than twenty five book. The book titled as “Azadi Ke Chiragh” is not just a book; it holds the value of a historical piece of document.

Mashkoor Hussain Yad- an Inspiration for us

Other than his involvement with literature, fighting for a great cause, working with educational development and poetry, he has also been working as the chairman for the censor board of Pakistan. His feelings, experience and ways are a valuable treasure for us. He is not only an example but a great source of inspiration for us. 

Provinces of Pakistan – Sindh

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Pakistani province Sindh's map

Sindh is an important province of Pakistan. Its significance can be judged from the fact that Sindh is known as Bab ul Islam (Gateway of Islam) as the Arab conqueror Mohammad Bin Qasim entered the Sub Continent through the shores of Sindh. Although devoid of any classically beautiful physical features, Sindh has its own charm. The upper Sindh has rich fertile soil and is covered with green fields. It is rich in mineral resources and deposits of coal, natural gas and crude oil are found here.

Some part of the great Thar Desert lies in the eastern Sindh. Thar has a beauty of its own. There are many lakes in Sindh with Manchar Lake, Karli Lake, Haleji Lake and Keenjhar Lake being most important. Manchar Lake has the distinction of being the largest fresh water lake in the Pakistan while Haleji Lake is the largest water fowl sanctuary of Asia.

Sindh can also boast of a rich history. The ruins of Moen Jo Daro dating back to 2600 BC and one of the earliest settlements are found here. Other historical buildings include the Pucca Qila, Rani Kot fort, Graveyards of Makli and Chaukhandi and the Shah Jehan Mosque.

Sindh is also famous for its handicrafts. The most famous being the Ralli (also called Rilli) quilts. Ralli is a hand made specimen of human intelligence, creativity and hard work. Multi coloured pieces of cloths are stitched together in different patterns to produce a ralli. It is an essential part of a girl’s dowry and she starts weaving it from an early age assisted by her mother. Ralli is much more than a quilt/ bed linen, it is a young girl’s dreams and hopes and her mother’s prayers for a happy future.

Ajrak a block printed cotton shawl is the trademark of Sindh. It is made from vegetable dyes with maroon as the predominant color. Ajrak is held in high esteem all over Sindh. Usually guests are presented with ajraks to show respect.

Skull caps, jackets, cushion covers, tunics, table mats all embroidered with delicate mirror work are also made in Sindh. Ethnic silver jewelry is another item very much in demand.

Sindhi people are intelligent, sensitive and liberal minded. Sindh has given many seasoned politicians to Pakistan.