Pride of Pakistan – Hasan Sardar

by on December 11, 2010
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Pride of Pakistan - Hasan Sardar

Hasan Sardar; known as the best Centre Forward Pakistan has ever produced was born in Karachi in 1957. He started his International Career in 1980 and within a few months became an integral part of the national Hockey team. Hasan Sardar was adept at body dodges and dribbling. He along with his other team members Samiullah, Kalimullah, Hanif Khan and Shehnaz Sheikh formed an impenetrable forward line. The brilliance, dedication and team work of these players saw Pakistan at the victory stand on many occasions.

Hasan Sardar was superb in his first ever World Cup Hockey Tournament in 1982. He scored 11 goals in the tournament which earned him the title of “Man of the Match” and Pakistan the coveted World Cup Trophy. In the same year he made a hat trick against India in the finals of the Asian Game once again bagging the gold medal for Pakistan and the “Man of the Match” honor for himself.

Later in the 1984 Olympics, he once again played a crucial role in winning the gold medal for Pakistan. Hasan Sardar was the “Man of the Match”. Although he played hockey for only six years but with 180 goals to his credit, in that short time he proved to the world that he indeed was the “Sardar” (meaning Leader in Urdu language).

The government of Pakistan bestowed the Pride of Performance Award to this prolific player in 1984. After his retirement, Hasan Sardar served as the manager of the national team. He was also the chief selector of Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF).

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