Pride of Pakistan – Nadia Hussain

by on July 31, 2010
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Famous Pakistani model and actress Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain is a stylish and highly successful model of Pakistan. Although modeling assignments keep her busy, she regards modeling as her second profession; Nadia is actually a dentist by profession.

Nadia is not camera shy the reason being that she was exposed to media at a very early age. She did a toothpaste commercial as a child and also a video for her maternal aunt’s song. Tina Sani the famous singer is her aunt. Luck and hard work are two factors behind her success; an enviable height (5 ft 10 inch) and gorgeous looks being the other ones.

All the top designers love to work with Nadia because of her professionalism. Nadia has also acted in TV plays and hosted talk shows. She is an icon in her own field.

Married with two kids, she manages her house and two careers beautifully. But she confesses that she could not have done so without her husband and her family’s help. Nadia is elegance personified. She has done fashion shows in Pakistan and abroad as well. She walks gracefully on the ramp and looks stunning in print too. Nadia has also done TV commercials. Al Karam a leading textile company of Pakistan chose her as the brand ambassador.

Pride of Pakistan – Tina Sani: The Prolific Ghazal Singer

Popular ghazal singer of Pakistan Tina Sani

Ghazal is a genre of music very popular in South Asia especially Pakistan and India. The poets usually expressed their undying love and the cold response from the beloved in beautiful words. Later poets also made social issues a topic of their poetry. The beauty of ghazal is further enhanced if sung well.

Pakistan is lucky to have many talented ghazal singers; Tina Sani is one of them. Tina was born in Dhaka and lived in Kabul before settling in Karachi. Tina’s forte is rendition of ghazal in both classical and semi classic music. She was trained in classical music by Ustad Nizamuddin Khan and then by Ustad Amrohvi. Tina started her singing career by recording a jingle for an advertisement little did she know that she would become a celebrated ghazal singer later on.

Tina Sani was influenced by the great ghazal singers of like Malika Pukhraj, Akhtar Begum, Mukhtar Begum and Farida Khanum but has created her own style of singing. Over the years she has emerged as a mature artist who is constantly working on improving herself. Every new song is a step towards perfection. She dazzles the listeners with every word and every note she delivers. She renders the ghazals of contemporary poets with ease and is equally comfortable singing the poetry of Zauq, Ghalib and Mir; the immortals of Urdu poetry.

Tina Sani received the Pride of Performance Award from the government of Pakistan. Tina continues to enthrall the audience with her melodious voice.