Tourist Destinations: Chitral Valley of Pakistan

Chitral Valley of Pakistan

Chitral valley of Pakistan is present on the western bank of River Kunhar at an altitude of 1,100 meters. This picturesque valley is present at the foot of Tirich Mir (7690m) that is highest peak of Hindukush range. Valley of Chitral is covering an area of 14,833 sq Km.

Picturesque Chitral valley is landlocked by the mountains covering it from all the sides. However, there are few passes that are connecting it with the rest of the world. Towards the south Lowari pass (3,200m), connects the valley Chitral with the Peshawar. Most of the local tourists use this pass to reach the Chitral valley. Whereas, towards the east, Shandur pass connects the Chitral with Gilgit. Towards the west Dorah pass link this chitral vlley of Pakistan with the the North, there is Baroghil pass, through this pass Chitral is connected with Wakhan Valley. All theses passes that are connecting Chitral with rest of the Pakistan are present at great height so for 6 months of a year they remain closed due to heavy snow. It means Chitral valley is accessible only for six months of a year. However, now this problem will be relieved after the completion of Lowari tunnel that is under construction. Through Lowari tunnel Chitral valley will be open throughout the year.

Local inhabitants speak language named as Khowar and has approximately 13 other dialects. Other languages of Chitral are Gujari, Damelli, Phalura, Gawar-Bati, Nuristani. Kalasha. Yidhga,Kirghiz and Wakhi. However, majority of people living in chitral can speak and understand Urdu and Pushto language as well.  Local inhabitants are famous due to their traditional hospitality.

There is a strong music tradition in Chitral. Shehnai and Dhol accompany all the polo matches. Chitrali like to sing and dance.

Winter season here is extremely cold and most of the time temperature remains velow 0 C. heavy snow falling is a common feature of the winter season, and due to this snow this Chitral valley remain disconnected from rest of the Pakistan.  Summers are moderate with maximum temperature of 35C.


Hotels of Pakistan

Serena-Hotel-contemporary Pakistan

Hotels in Pakistan are well equipped to cater to the needs of their guests. If you are planning to visit Pakistan or any city within Pakistan, you can choose from any of the 5, 4, 3 or even 2 star hotels available. In the leading hotels you can choose from a variety of packages and suites available depending on your budget.

Hotels offer all facilities such as fax, internet, cable T.V, laundry and many more. The staff is courteous and ready to help you.

The 5 and 4 star hotels also have spa, Jacuzzi and steam baths to help you relax after a long day. Gym, car rental, money exchange and 24/7 butler services are provided as well by these hotels.

You can eat from any of the elegant restaurants in the hotels. They are centrally located and provide easy accessibility to major landmarks of the city.

Booking can be made via internet and nearly all major credit cards are accepted. The hotels also provide pick and drop service from the airport.

List of hotels in the major cities is as follows;


1. Serena Hotel             5 star
2. Marriott Hotel           5 star
3. Hotel Crown Plaza    4 star


1. Karachi PC Hotel      5 star
2. Karachi Sheraton       5 star
3. Avari Hotel                5 star
4. Regent Plaza              4 star


1. Lahore PC Hotel        5 star
2. Avari Hotel                 5 star
3. Hotel Sunfort              4 star

Karachi – The city of lights

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Karachi - The city of lights

Karachi the city of lights is the backbone of Pakistan. It is the largest city in Pakistan and the 20th largest city in the world in terms of urban populace. In terms of population it is the 3rd largest city in the world. It is the hub of financial and economic activities and generates the most revenue for the country. Being a coastal city it also serves as the main port of Pakistan.

Karachi is a cosmopolitan city. Different communities live here. A lot of people from other parts of the country come here in search of jobs. Due to the different languages spoken here and diverse cultures, Karachi is called “mini Pakistan.”

Life in Karachi is fast paced. Everyone is busy either working or partying depending upon the age and income. Karachi is a city of contrasts; you will find ultra rich people living in huge mansions in one end of the city and 2 or 3 families crammed in a 2 room apartment in the other.

For tourists, beaches and shopping centers hold the most attraction. Quaid e Azam’s mausoleum is the hallmark of the city and is one of the most visited places in Pakistan. Karachi was actually founded by the British, it was originally a fishing village called Kolachi. Due its proximity to the sea it was preferred by the British. Unlike Lahore there are not many relics of Mughal era here, but a lot of specimens of British and Parsi architecture are found here.

The most famous ones are:

1. The Empress market.

2. The Frere Hall.

3. Jahangir Kotari Parade.

4. The Mere Weather Tower.

5. The Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

Travel Pakistan – Places to visit in Gilgit and Popular peaks of Hunza

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Gilgit city Pakistan

Places to visit in Gilgit:

You can reach the beautiful Gilgit city by air using the PIA’s ATR 42-500 which flies twice from the federal capital, Islamabad. Gilgit is the capital of Northern Areas of Pakistan. It attracts thousands of visitors every year due to its splendid scenery and magnificent mountains. The places that are worth a visit in Gilgit are numerous. Here are a few of the most fascinating placing that a visitor must visit.

1- You will have to move 10km away from the Gilgit city to reach the beautiful Buddha picture carved on the mountain. This Buddha has many traditions. The most famous tradition tells us that it was a monument of victory built by Taj Mughal.

2- The valley of Naltar is only 35 Km away from the city of Gilgit and it is the most beautiful valleys in the entire region. It is known for its beautiful lush green pastures and scenery. The pine village in the Naltar valley is a place that you should not miss in any case.

3- It takes three hours to reach another beautiful sight known as Hunza valley. Hunza valley is strikingly beautiful and it has the world’s most beautiful peaks like Rakaposhi and Ultar Sar.

3 most beautiful mountains in Hunza Valley:

The Hunza Valley is arguably the most beautiful place in Pakistan. It has beautiful mountain peaks, very hospitable people and a very rich culture. The Hunza Valley is also famous for its dry fruits. Apricot of Hunza is known all around the world.

This valley has the world’s most beautiful mountain peaks which include the magnificent Rakaposhi. Rakaposhi is 7,788 meters high and it is ranked 27th in the world and 12th in the Pakistan. But if you rank it for beauty, it will be among top three in the world. Its local name is DUmani which means ‘mother of mist’.

Ultar Sar is another beautiful peak in the Hunza valley. This mountain is 7,388 meters high and has a very steep rise. This mountain looks magnificent as the river bends around the mountain.

The Hunza Peak is arguably the 3rd most beautiful peak in Hunza valley. It is 6,270 meters high and it was climed in 1991 by a Swedish expedition which was followed by a British expedition. Both used different routes but same style (alpine style) to climb the peak.