Tourists Destinations near Chitral Valley: Pakistan

Shandur Lake in Pakistan

Chitral Valley is famed due to its Shandur Festival. This festival is held every year; it is famous and unique because in this festival polo is played at the polo ground that is highest in the world (3,719m). Due to this reason a large number of local and foreign tourist visit chitral valley to enjoy this festival. Shandur top is equally distant from chitral as well as from gilgit. So if you are going to visit chitral valley then you can visit Gilgit valley as well

Garam Chashma is located at a distance of 45 Km in the North West of Chitral valley at an altitude of 1,859 metres. Here hot sulphur springs are present which this fame that they have healing effect for skin diseases, chronic headaches and gout. Recently, for the convenience of visitors Hamams have been developed here near the springs.

Another beautiful place liked by the tourists is Chitral Gol National Park located in the North West of the Chitral valley. It covers an area of 7,750 hectares and was established in this park you can found Himalayan monal, Demosille Crane, Peregrine Falcon, Golden Eagle, Snow Partridge, Snow Cock etc. many other rare animals like Snow leopard, Siberian ibex, Red Fox, Tibetan Wolf, Black Bear, Himalayan Otter also present here.

Shandur Lake, Chiyan Lake, Karbaza Lake and chatti Bai Lake are also beautiful point to be visited by tourists visiting Chitral valley.

Chitral fort is an mportant historical point and is very famous among tourists due to its unique architecture. This fort has built for administration as well as for defence purpose. It is situated along the bank of river Chitral. Prince of Katoor dynasty famously known as Mehtars have built this fort.


Tourists Destinations near Skardu Valley: Pakistan

 View Ahead From Skardu, Loading The Jeep For Ride From Skardu Towards Shigar Valley

Skardu Valley of Pakistan is also famous due to its beautiful lakes. Satpara is one of those lakes, present at a distance of 8 Km from Vale of Skardu. Now days a multipurpose dam is under construction on this lake that will generate 13 MW hydroelectricity and will provide irrigation water to an area of 61 sq Km and 13 cusecs water for drinking as well. Water coming down from Deosai Plain as a result of melting of snow in summer is the main source of water for lake. Lower Kachura is another lake located at a distance of 35 Km from Skardu Valley and upper Kachura lake is located at a distance of 40 Km. On the bank of Lower Kachura, world’s famous resort Shangrilla is located that is the main attraction for many tourists.

Deosai Plateau (3,500 meters) is the highest plateau in Pakistan and world’s second highest plateau. It is at the distance of 70 Km from Skardu Valley. It is covering an area of 3,000 sq Km and is extending till Laddakh. Deosai plain is famous as it provide habitat to bears, snow leopards and ibex.

Shigar Valley is an awe-inspiring valley present at the distance of 32 Km from Vale of skardu. This valley is drained by River Shigar. This  Shigar valley is a gateway to famous peaks like K2. Local inhabitants have very simple lifestyle and they grow walnuts, peaches, apricots and grapes. This small valley has picturesque landscape and attracts many tourists every year.

Khaplu Valley is 134 Km away from Skardu valley and is known as valley of River Shyok. It’s a small village that is a gateway to many peaks such as K7, K6, Sia Kangri, Saltoro Kangri Masherbrum etc.

Skardu Fort named as Kharfocho Fort (King of forts) is also a main attraction in Skardu Valley. This fort dates from 8th century CE. From this fort we can have a panoramic view of Skardu and River Indus. This fort was built by the rulers of Baltistan and is a seven storey building.


Tourists Destinations: Skardu Valley of Pakistan

Gasherbrum Pakistan Sakardu

Skardu Valley

Skardu (star stone) valley of Pakistan is an important town of Baltistan at the altitude of 2’500 meters. It is covering an area of 26,000 sq Km. It is approximately 10 Km wide and 40 Km long. This Skardu valley is present at the confluence of River Shigar and River Indus. It surrounded by immense Karakoram Range.

Skardu valley attracts the trekkers, mountaineers and tourists from the whole world. Every year large number of local and foreign expeditions used to visit Skardu. Askole and Hushe are two small valleys present near Vale of Skardu and these two valleys are the gateways to the most important peaks in the Northern areas of Pakistan i.e. K2, Gashebrums, Trango Towers and Broad Peak as well as of great glaciers i.e. Baltoro, Biafo. So due to this  Skardu valley is extremely important from tourism point of view and for this reason infrastructural facilities have greatly developed here to provide required facilities to local and foreign expeditions reached here. From tourism point of view April to October time period is best as for rest of the months this Skardu valley remain inaccessible due to snowy and freezing winter season.

Skardu Valley can be visited by the air as well by road transportation. An airport is present in Skardu and there are usually one or two daily flights between Islamabad and Vale of Skardu. While road route is through Karakoram Highway which then through a link road goes to the Skardu.

Inhabitants of SkarduValley belong to different ethnic groups i.e. Shins, Punjabis, Hunzakuts, Pashtuns and Uyghur. Shia Muslims are present in majority here.

During summers the climate of Skardu Valley remained moderate. With reference to Monsoon rainfall it is a rainshadow area as huge mountains of Karakoram block the monsoon winds from reaching here. Winter season is extremely cold here. In winter’s temperature of -25C can be observed.

Tourists Destinations: Kalash Valley of Pakistan

Kalaash-valley of Pakistan

Kalash Valley

Kalash valley of Pakistan is major attraction in the Chitral District, surrounded by Hindukush Mountains. Native people of Kalash Valley are residing n three valleys of name Bamuburet, Birir and Rumbur. Bamburet is the largest valley and a large number of Kalashi people wearing black robes lives here. These valleys are present near the river Kunar. Bamburet valley of Kalash is present at a distance of 40 Kms from the Vale of  Chitral and is connected by a jeep able road.

Kalashi people are considered as the natives of Chitrali people, and their forefathers have migrated from Afghanistan in 2nd Century BC. Kalashi people claimed that they are the descendants of army of the Alexander the great or even of Alexander himself. Alexander along with his army passed through this area in 327 B.C.

Kalashi women are famous due to their colourful hand woven dress. They wear black robes and cover their heads beautiful headgear made up of wooden black material decorate with buttons , shells and large coloured feathers. People of Kalash valley attract the tourists due to their way of dressing, religious beliefs, traditions and festivals.  These people have their old unique belief system which they even follow now days. They worship their religious God named as KHOWAR.


Tourists Destinations: Hunza Valley of Pakistan

Hunza Valley Pakistan

Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley of Pakistan is a breath-taking mountainous valley present at an elevation of 2400 meters. This valley is present in great Karakoram Range in the north of river hunza. Vale of Hunza is famous globally due to the longevity of its people. It’s a splendid valley with river Hunza passing thorugh the centre. It is surrounded by overwhelming peaks of Rakaposhi, Ultar, Lady Finger, Diran, hunza, golden and Passu peak.

Karimabad is the main town of Vale of Hunza. Historical Baltit fort of Hunza is present here that is unique due to its wooden out look.

After the construction of Karakoram highway (KKH), now this Hunza valley is easily accessible, as a result a large number of local as well as foreign tourists use to visit this astounding valley. Through this highway Hunza valley is connecting to China through breath-taking Khunjerab Pass and through out this journey river Hunza keep on flowing on the eastern side of KKH.

Hunza Valley of Pakistan is famous due to mouth-watering apricots, almonds. Dry fruits are also growing in large quantity.  Cultivation is practised on terraced fields extending from high pastures down to the rivers. Local people of Hunza valley have developed an extensive system of canals and through these canals melt water is bringing down from glaciers to the fields and to the residential areas. Through small open canals melt water of glaciers is also supplying to the homes for drinking and other purposes. This water is considered to be the reason of longevity of local people.

When you are in Hunza valley, you can visit stunning valley of Nagar, Passu, Khunjerab Pass. Eagle’s nest is a point near hunza valley; from here you can have a fabulous view of whole hunza valley. From here we can hike up to famous Altit fort as well. Hunza is considered as an ideal place for hhiking, trekking and mountaineering.

Ismaili shia Muslims are present in very large numbers in Hunza, who are the followers of prince Karim Agha Khan IV. Burushaski, Shina and Wakhi are the local languages howver, many people can understand Urdu and English as well. Unique feature of the Hunzai people is their 90% literacy rate. Ideal time period to visit Hunza is from May to October.


Tourists Destinations: Gilgit Valley of Pakistan

Gilgit Valley Pakistan

Gilgit valley of Pakistan situated at an altitude of 1,454 meters is the capital city of Gilgit- Baltistan. It is one the main cities of Northern mountains. It has an early name of Sargin, but now it is known as Gilgit valley.

At a distance of 2 miles out of Gilgit valley there are a pair of Budhha’s carved on high rock. Tourist loved to hike at this point. Naltar valley at the south West of Gilgit is a picturesque valley. Lush green pastures of this Naltar Valley attract the tourists.

Bagrot valley, undamaged by modern civilization is located at a distance of 43 Km from the vale of Gilgit. This valley provides you a stunning view of splendid mountains. Local inhabitants of this valley have very simple traditional way of living.

Tourists visiting Gilgit valley can enjoy fishing. As the lakes and streams of Gilgit, are full of trout fish. Fishing can enjoy at Kargah Nala (10 Kms from gilgit), Gakuch (73 Km), Singal (56) and Phandar (117 Km). But to enjoy fishing first you have to take permit issued by the Governtment of Pakistan, Gilgit.

We can reach vale of Gilgit either by Karakoram Highway (KKH) or by Air. There is an airport present here. Gilgit is present at 10 Km distance from KKH. Through air, Gilgit is connected with the Islamabad. Gilgit valley is located in Karakoram Range. Ideal time to visit this valley is fro May to Mid Oct.

Summer season is short and warm. Amount rainfall from Monsoon is very low because these winds get blocked by the Huge Karakoram Range and was unable to reach Gilgit valley. Winter season is long and extremely cold and it spread over a period of seven to eight months. People of Gilgit are mainly Shia. Growing of crops is their main economic activity.