Popular Pakistani TV Actor Qazi Wajid

Qazi Wajid

Pakistan Media Industry should be thankful to Radio for giving it such talented actor as Qazi Wajid. A superbly versatile actor.

Qazi Wajid started his career in 1965, from a childrens’ Programme in Radio. He states Radio his first love. Qazi Wajid has dedicated 47 years of his life to Pakistani Media. Be is Radio, Stage, Theatre, Drama or Film. He has proved his character in every genre.

Qazi Wajid is a versatile actor. From the sweet loving Father in Tanhaiyan to  selfish greedy father in Hawwa ki Beti, Qazi wajid  has tried his best to bring the character to life.

Qazi Wajid began working in PTV from 1967 and had acted in more than 100 plays. Dramas like Khuda ki Basti , Tanhaiyan , Dhoop Kinaray made Qazi Wajid a Real star and  his acting stole the hearts of millions of people.

He was also awarded Pride of Performance for  Hawwa Ki Beti in 1988. And  Best Actor award in the 12th PTV Awards.

As a human being, Qazi Wajid is extremely humble and decent . He is very down to earth and a sophisticated person.

Qazi Wajid is  great supporter of  bringing creative talent in the industry. He encourages the fresh actors and advises them to learn from the old actors, which, he consider as the becon of knowledge.

Nowadays, he travels around the world for doing cross country theatres. He has a passion for collecting antique furniture. He has  one married daughter and is a grandfather of a cute little granddaughter.

Popular Pakistani TV Actor Sajid Hassan

Sajid Hassan

When I was a kid, I used to go to hospital, on getting sick, with great excitement, in the hope of meeting Dr. Irfan of Dhoop Kinare. But as I grew up, I came to know the bitter reality, that it was all in the drama. Today, when I am writing about Sajid Hassan, the former memory, mentioned above, came into my mind. Dr. Irfan  became the identity of Sajid Hassan. And may be, many other people might have visited hospital after watching dhoop kinare.

Well jokes apart, Sajid Hassan is the most versatile and talented actor, blessed to Pakistan TV industry. He is indeed a blessing. Sajid Hassan has worked in more than 100 Tv plays  in Pakistan. But that is not all. He is a multi talented artist who knows to put life in every genre he has worked in. He has proved his acting skills in not only dramas , but also in stage play, theatre and films.

Sajid Hassan started his career from stage theatre. He, then switched to acting career and became famous. Sajid Hassan also appeared in movies as well. But , as I mentioned earlier, that is not all. Sajid Hassan has not only worked in Pakistan, but also in India and Hollywood.

Sajid Hasan did a number of dramas in Pakistan, like ‘Dhoop kinare’, ‘Sitara aur Mehrunisa’, ‘Taan Sen’, ‘Masuri’, ‘Nijaat’ and nowadays, ‘Dil Jali’ etc. He also did an Indian Drama ‘Tanha’, which went on air from Star Plus, in 1997.

He appeared in Hollywood Movie, alongwith Angelina Jolie, in ‘Mighty Heart’.

Well, this is still not enough about this super creative and talented actor. Sajid Hassan is also a writer and director. He wrote a play’ Kachwa aur Khagos’ and ‘Qasr-e-Darvesh’. Sajid Hassan’s Dream is to write a movie. Well, we wish him all the best.


Famous Pakistani TV actor Jamshed Ansari

Jamshed Ansari

Popular TV actor from Pakistan, Jamshed Ansari knew his job well. Perfection was his biggest tool. His sweet smile and peculiar dialogue delivery were a source of pleasure to watch in classic dramas of 70’s and 80’s. Jamshed Ansari was indeed an unforgettable talent of Pakistan.

Jamshed Ansari was born in India on December 31, 1940. He was very young when he, along with his family migrated to Pakistan in 1948. Mr. Ansari did his Bachelors in Arts, in 1964 and then went to London for higher studies. There he did some TV production courses and Computer Engineering. Jamshed Ansari, while he was studying in London, also did stage shows and worked for BBC.

He started his career from Radio and then Theatre in Pakistan. ‘Hamid Mian Kay Haan’ was one of his very early radio plays that became popular among people for a very long time before going to London. When he came back from London in 1968, his first project was a TV play named ‘Jharokay’ which went very successful. Then Jamshed Ansari never looked back. One after another, many dramas went on adding more fame in his fate.  Jamshed did a great role in Agha Nasir’s written play ‘Ghora Ghaas Khata hai’. That play was appreciated a lot. One of his most memorable roles was of ‘Hasnaat Bhai’, in Uncle Urfi. One of his dialogues ‘Chakku hai meray pass’ became most famous.

Jamshed Ansari did numerous Radio programs and plays as well. He also appeared in three movies. His very first film was ‘Saughat’. He also did an Urdu film ‘Pakeeza’ and a Punjabi film ‘Aj Dian Kurian’. Jamshed was awarded by various awards. Jamshed Ansari left us on August 24, 2005. He died because of Brain tumor. He will always be missed.