Popular Pakistani Comedian and TV Actress Zeba Shehnaz

Zeba Shehnaz

Zeba Shehnaz is listed with the most popular actors of Pakistan. She is a well-known comedian who first gained popularity with her drama “fifty fifty”.

Fifty Fifty

Zeba Shehnaz is counted among Pakistan’s popular most actresses. Her most popular work has been “fifty fifty” where she was a regular actor among other popular actors of Pakistan. Zeba Shehnaz has become a very regular part of Pakistan’s silver screen. But as popular as she is, it is very surprising to know that not many aspects of her personal life are known. She is relatively a private person, who would like to keep her personal life to herself. For the same reason we don’t get to see many personal interviews of her, whether in magazines or on T.V. But no matter what, she still is loved and adored by many of her fans.

Her Impersonation Skills

She was among the handful of female actresses in the popular T.V show named “fifty fifty” from there she gained popularity and came to the limelight. She is admired for her preppy personality that delivers each role in a neat and sophisticated manner. She is also well known for her impersonation abilities. She was appreciated most notably for her impersonation of Madam Noor Jehan. She can enact almost everyone in a way that would leave the viewer amazed, entertained and excited.  Zeba Shehnaz is counted among one of the top funny actresses. She possesses the ability to lighten the hearts of even the serious most grownups.

Other Achievements

Zeba Shehnaz has set an example for the upcoming comedians of her gender. Other than the silver screen, Zeba Shehnaz has also worked in a few movies namely, “Hathi mera sathi”, “Munda bigra jaye” and “Chief Sahab”. She has also been interviewing many celebrities in herself titled show named as “weekend with Zeba Shehnaz”. In 2012 her drama “Haryalay Bannay” is playing on TV. She has also been part of a few stage shows.


Pride of Pakistan – Tooba Siddiqui

by on July 30, 2010
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Tooba-Siddiqui-Hot model and actress of Pakistan

The gorgeous Tooba Siddiqui is a delight to watch whether on the ramp or in print. Her first modeling stint was for a charity show which she did just for fun. But the sassy girl got noticed and was officially introduced to the fashion world by the Athar-Shehzad duo. The extremely photogenic Tooba made waves in the fashion circle and soon joined the ranks of busy models. If her face was not looking at you from the cover of some magazine, you could see her smiling down from a billboard. She was chosen by Unilever to promote their beauty product and so Tooba became the fair and lovely girl. In Gul Ahmed lawn commercial, she was seen dancing to the tunes of Nazia Hasan’s Boom Boom. Tooba calls her shoot with Deevees and Diva her all time favorite.

Confidence, style and the correct amount of oomph have made Tooba a sought after model. She has worked with almost all big designers of Pakistan. She takes her profession seriously and her positive attitude and enthusiasm have helped her climb the ladder of success.

Tooba is also known for her candid remarks and witty humor. Tooba is also a successful TV actress. Comic, tragic or romantic, Tooba has played all roles with panache. This truly gifted girl made her presence felt among seasoned artists.

On international level, Tooba has modeled for big brands like Armani and Prada.

Pride of Pakistan – Mehreen Raheel

Mehreen-Raheel-Pakistani model and actress

Mehreen Raheel can be seen in every second commercial when you switch on the TV. If she is not promoting any shampoo, she is endorsing tea or doing a funny Ufone commercial. Daughter of the famous TV actress Seemi Raheel, Mehreen always found the showbiz world appealing. She did her first commercial when she was 8 years old. She did some commercials in her early teens as well. Today she is endorsing major products like Head and Shoulders Shampoo, Pantene shampoo, Telenor, Sooper Biscuits, Lipton Tea, Ufone, Telenor and many more.

Like her mother, Mehreen has also acted in some plays. Her latest project is a feature film Virsa. Virsa is a joint venture of Pakistan and India and Mehreen has high hopes from it. She also traveled to India as an Ambassador for the Standard Chartered Bank for raising funds for the Tsunami victims. Besides TV commercials, Mehreen has also tried her luck on the ramp and photo shoots. She left ramp modeling because she did not feel comfortable but has been extremely successful in print. She has mostly modeled for clothes and jewelry and has been highly appreciated.

Mehreen aspires to work behind the camera as a producer or a director.