Popular Pakistani TV and Film Actress Noor Bukhari

Noor Bukhari

There were extremely few young actresses who served as the last breaths of the dying Pakistani Cinema in the 90’s. Noor Bukhari is one of such young actresses. she was born on July 3rd , 1982 in Lahore. Noor started her career as a child actress in films in the 90’s. Her cute smile, fair complexion, long hair and big eyes were breath taking for her fans.

Noor is a pure Lahori and loves to eat Halwa poori. The top film actress Sana Nawaz is Noor’s cousin. While the model Faaria Bukhari, who also appeared in Nachlay season 3 , is Noor’s sister.

Noor did both Punjabi and Urdu films. Uroosa, Pyar krna tou nai darna, curfew, Jannat, Mujhe chand chahiye, Zill e Shah are some of her popular movies. She appeared firstly , as a childhood role of the leading heroines in the films Uroosa, Pyar krna tou nai darna, Jannat. As a lead actress herself, she debut in 1993, in Mujhe Chand  Chahiye, along with popular Pakistani film actor Shaan as her co-star. Noor was the Judge in musical dance show Nachley Season 3.

After the decline of film industry, Noor started working in dramas, did some modeling and commercials. She also hosted a morning show on Hum TV and PTV channels. Her first show , as a host was with Munaza Ibrahim, tv actress and model, in 2007. Currently, Noor is busy doing a big budget Urdu film Bhai log. The film is in her production phase at the moment.

With the revival of cinema now, talented actresses like Noor Bukhari are needed immensely.