Pride of Pakistan-Wasim Bari

by on December 18, 2010
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Famous Pakistani cricket player Wasim Bari

Wasim Bari is the former wicket keeper of the Pakistan cricket team. He long career of 17 years spans from 1967-1984.

The Karachi born wicket keeper was not that agile behind the wickets. One hardly saw him making fantastic dives but he was quite potent nonetheless. Bari made his debut against England and his safe and steady performance was soon acknowledged by the critics who called him the best glove man to come out of South Asia. Bari played 81 matches and has 228 victims behind the wickets including 27 stumping. He was an average batsman who tried to rise to the occasion when his country needed him.

Wasim Bari has made quite a few records behind the wickets. He holds the record of catching 7 of the first 8 batsmen against New Zealand in 1979; a world record of the most catches behind the wickets in a test innings. Wasim Bari also leveled the then world record of 8 catches in 1971 at Leeds. With 228 victims, Wasim Bari remains the most successful wicket keeper of Pakistan and of South Asia.

Another world record associated with Wasim Bari is his last wicket partnership with Wasim Raja which produced 133 runs; Bari scored 60 of these.

Wasim Bari is still actively involved in cricket as he heads Pakistan’s selection panel. To acknowledge his services, the PCB honored him with a Life Time Achievement Award in 1997.