Pride of Pakistan – Intikhab Alam

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Popular Pakistani cricketer Intikhab Alam

Intikhab Alam was a part of the Pakistan cricket team from 1959 to 1977. Intikhab Alam was an all rounder; he was a powerful hitter of the ball and a useful leg spinner.

Intikhab Alam was Pakistan’s first ODI captain. Under his leadership Pakistan played 3 matches winning two and losing one match. In the 47 tests Intikhab played, he scored 1493 runs. Intikhab though not a stylish leg spinner was very effective. He took 125 wickets which include a haul of 5 wickets in an innings 5 times and on two occasions he took 10 wickets in an innings. His ODI record shows 17 runs from 4 matches and 4 wickets. Intikhab also played county cricket for Surrey from 1969-1981 which had a positive effect on his playing abilities.

After retiring from cricket, Intikhab coached the national team. Intikhab was the coach when Pakistan won the 1992 World Cup. In 2009 again under his coaching Pakistan won the T20 World CUP. Intikhab was the first foreign coach of the Indian Punjab Cricket team in the Ranji Trophy. Intikhan Alam’s association with Pakistan Cricket Board has been a life long relationship. After finishing his career as a cricket player, he has been involved with Pakistan cricket in one way or the other. He has spent many years managing Pakistan Cricket Team on their tours abroad.

Pride of Pakistan – Islahuddin Siddiqui

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Popular hockey player Islahuddin Siddiqui

Islahuddin Siddiqui, the former hockey star and the most successful captain of the Pakistan Hockey Team was born in Meerut, India. His parents later migrated to Pakistan. Islahuddin’s glorious hockey career spans over 13 years from 1967 till 1979.  Islahuddin scored more than 100 goals and also contributed in the scoring of many goals. Islahuddin played at the position of right out and is known for his brilliant super quick dashes during penalty corners which distracted the opponents. His impressive medal list includes 10 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals. He won many series and tournaments for Pakistan and his biggest achievement as a captain was completing the grand slam in 1978 when Pakistan won all three prestigious titles of World Cup, Asian Games and Champions Trophy.

Islahuddin also led Pakistan to victory over arch rivals India in the first ever series between the two nations. Pakistan also won the silver medal in the 1972 Olympic Games and the Bronze in 1976 Olympic Games with Islahuddin as a part of the team. Islahuddin was respected as a worthy opponent and was known for his humility. After retirement from hockey, Islahuddin remained active as a coach and manager of the national team as well as a hockey commentator. He is also a member of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and is on the FIH Rules Board; the only member from the Sub Continent so far.

This brilliant achiever was awarded Pride of Performance Award in 1982 by the Government of Pakistan for his outstanding contributions in the field of Hockey.


Top 10 Hockey and Cricket Players of Pakistan

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Top 10 Hockey and Cricket Players of Pakistan

Hockey is the national game of Pakistan. Hockey was played in the sub-continent before partition. Pakistan had many talented hockey players at the time of partition. The first tournament the Pakistan hockey team played was on 14th Olympic Games. Pakistan faced Belgium and defeated it 2-1 on 2nd August 1948.

With hard work and dedication, Pakistan hockey team made a name for itself as a strong team. It played many international tournaments and emerged as a winner. Till late 70’s, it held almost all the major titles. Olympics, World cup, Champions Trophy. The introduction of “Astroturf” caused the decline in Pakistan hockey. Pakistan’s Hockey’s standard deteriorated gradually and it has not been able to regain its former glory despite several attempts.


1. Islah-uddin
2. Sami-ullah
3. Kalim-ullah
4. Hassan Sardar
5. Qasim Zia
6. Athar Rasool
7. Hanif Khan
8. Sohail Abbas
9. Mohammad Saqlain
10. Waseem Ahmed

We are a cricket crazy nation. For most part of the year, we are gripped by cricket fever especially if Pakistan is playing. Even on streets you can see small children playing cricket.

Pakistan played its first international test match against India in October 1952. The tour of England in 1954 was its first international tour.

Pakistan team is a bunch of talented but emotional players. The Pakistani bowlers have introduced many new bowling strategies and have often been accused of ball tempering. These accusations have proved to be baseless. Like all other geniuses, Pakistani players are simply ahead of their time.

Pakistan team is unpredictable. In 1992 they were the underdogs who astounded the world by defeating England in the final of the world cup. In 1999 they were the strongest team but lost cheaply to Australia in the finals. Currently Pakistan team is the World T20 champion.


1. Hanif Mohammed
2. Zaheer Abbas
3. Saqlain Mushtaq
4. Waseem Akram
5. Saeed Anwar
6. Javaid Miandad
7. Waqar Younus
8. Waseem Bari
9. Imran Khan
10. Shahid Afridi

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