Terrorism – Destruction of PEACE

by on December 12, 2009
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Terrorism in Pakistan

All over the world, a new day begins with hopes and aspirations. Students head for their educational institutes and people leave for work; they share a common goal; a better tomorrow. Sadly this is not the case in Pakistan. Bomb blasts in major cities has become a daily affair. Initially the terrorists targeted military sensitive areas only but now they have started to target innocent civilians especially women and children. These terrorist attacks are well planned and take place at peak hours when the casualties would be a maximum.

The terrorist attacks have crippled the already dwindling Pakistani economy. Whereas other countries have started to recover from recession, Pakistani economy has taken a nose dive.

First of all the terrorist attacks in the beautiful and picturesque NWFP have ruined our tourism industry. The breathtakingly beautiful valleys of NWFP which were the hub of summer tourism once have been merciless destroyed by the Taliban. They burnt Malam Jabba the only ski resort of Pakistan to ashes. Tourist both local and foreign no more visit the Northern areas as they are safe no more. The launch of the Operation Cleanup in Waziristan and other adjoining valleys saw the biggest internal displacement in the history. The historic cities of Lahore, Peshawar and Rawalpindi have been badly affected by the bomb blasts as well. The loss of life and property has been great and as mostly shopping centers were targeted, businesses have suffered. The stock markets plunge further with every single blast. Foreign investors are no more interested in investing in Pakistan and even Pakistani businessmen have started to set up their businesses abroad. Joblessness is at its height and people are “selling their children” as they cannot feed them. The government faces the additional task of looking after the internally displaced people as well. With so many problems at hand, do you seriously think Pakistan is capable of terrorism internationally?

The motive behind these systematic bomb blasts is to destroy the economy of the country so that it becomes totally dependent on aid from other countries and like other things in this world, aid does not come free. The aid is offered but at the cost of compromising our nuclear program. There are many countries which stand to benefit if Pakistan loses its nuclear capability.

Why did these so called civilized nations keep mum when America’s love child Israel brutally butchered Palestinians last year? Did any one condemn Israel? Were any sanctions imposed on it? Was it labeled a “terrorist state”? Are any of the Israeli citizens humiliated at International airports? Are their students denied visas? The answer to all of the above questions is “no”. This only shows that the so called civilized nations of the world are two faced hypocrites.

Every country has its fair share of black sheep. Unfortunately the biased International Media gives more coverage to our black sheep than to those working selflessly to alleviate poverty and suffering from our society.

The only reason Pakistan a victim of terrorism itself is called a terrorist state is that it is an Islamic country. Well for your kind information, true Islam is nowhere to be found in Pakistan. As a matter of fact true Islam does not exist in any Islamic country of the world. We have adopted some Islamic values and grotesquely distorted the rest to suit our needs.

All those who label Pakistan as a terrorist state must realize that Pakistan is a nation which has been robbed, gang raped, stabbed and then left in a corner to perish not only by its friends and neighbors but also by its leaders.

We dare you to label other countries where human rights are being violated on a gross scale daily as “terrorist states” as well.

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4 Responses to “Terrorism – Destruction of PEACE”
  1. Fatima says:

    There is no denying the fact that Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism and fully loaded with serious problems at home is practically unable to abet terrorism across its boundaries. I agree that true islam is not found in any islamic country but it is probably the best form of islam that is seen in Pakistan. This is the need of hour that we rise to the occassion to save this motherland of ours from scavangers within and outside.

  2. Marghoob Sibtain says:

    Who is actually doing this nefariouse act of “Target Killings” and “Genocide” ? Is is Taliban or Black Water ? For this I would like to quote a You tube clip uploaded under the title “Black Water In Pakistan (a must watch” in which an investigative journalist Mr.Webster Taepley has clearly said “The entire thrust of the US policy in the region of Aghanistan and Pakistan is to provoc a civil war in Pakistan, to break up Pakistan and to prevent Pakistan of becoming an energy corridor between Iran and China” . According him it was Black Water who involved in women market killings in Islamabad, killing 108 women and children and 100 more were wounded. His interview with the the RT Studio, Washington DC is an eyeopner for every Paksitani. It is not mere a co incidence that Pakistan is a vitim of terrorism it is a well planned directed activity being under taken by the “Zionist” to dismantle Pakistan. I think this is high time for every Pakistani to confront it at all levels and disclose the facts, our inept leadership is equally responsible for allowing them visa and entry to these anti Pakistan group. Wake up Mr.President, wake up Mr.Prime Minister wake up all those who love Pakistan and really care for their Sweeet Homeland. Pakistan Zindabad.

  3. Marghoob Sibtain says:

    If we can’t call spade , a spade then we can do nothing to prevent growing terrorrism in our country. We are not allowed to express or reproduce the genuine thoughts which all other forums are doing, then there is no nearer solution to the impasse. The video clip of Mr.Webster Tarpley on is an open secret and every Tom Dick and Harry is watching it. I just wanted to share the nefarious designs and future plans of the terrorists who are working against the solidarity of Pakistan , just wanted to show the real face of terrorism to my fellow citzens of which we all are badly victims.

  4. Today, Islam is judged based on the actions of extremists and terrorists. The most common phrases used to describe terrorism are ‘Islamic terrorism’ and ‘Islamic fundamentalism’. Let us consider the first phrase. To understand the phrase, we need to first understand the term ‘terrorism’. Terrorism is defined as “violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians)”.
    Using the word ‘Islamic’ in the phrase points to the misguided belief that Islam encourages terrorism. In all the 6236 verses in the Quran, there is not a single verse which espouses the murder of an innocent human being. In fact, the Quran says that the murder of a single innocent human is equivalent to the murder of the entire humanity. This makes the phrase ‘Islamic terrorism’ an oxymoron.
    Coming to the second phrase, today’s media makes it synonymous with the former. In fact, both terms are used interchangeably. Using the word fundamentalism synonymously with terrorism also points to the misguided belief that Islam is a proponent of terrorism. This belief is fuelled by the actions of a few misguided idealists. How can you take Al-Qaeda to be Islam in practice when you cannot take Ku Klux Klan to be Christianity in practice? The analogy makes complete sense. If you take the former as true, the latter should also be true by all means. Phrases like these promote Islamophobia, hatred and Islam-bashing.

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