The Khunjerab Pass

by on December 12, 2009
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The Khunjerab Pass- Pakistan

Khunjerab Pass is situated at a height of 4,693 meters above sea level and connects Pakistan with its friendly neighbor China. It has the distinction of being the highest paved border crossing in the world as well as being the highest point on the Karakoram. The pass was completed in 1982.

Here you can view the contrasting scenery on both sides of the border. While the Chinese side is a green meadow with herds of yaks, sheep and mountain goats grazing around, the Pakistani side has tall forbidding mountains and rough rocky terrain with no signs of life.

The best time to visit the Khunjerab Pass is from March to September as it is snow bound for the rest of the year.

The Khunjerab National Park has been developed to save the threatened wild life. It is a sanctuary for snow leopards, blue sheep, Himalayan ibex, Marco Polo sheep, brown bear and a host of other animals and birds.

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2 Responses to “The Khunjerab Pass”
  1. Imdad Jafri says:

    I need to know about the extreme tempratures encountered along the Khunjraab pass.

    • MairaS says:

      Hi Imdad Jafri!
      Thanks for posting this comment. The extreme low temperatures at Khunjerab pass are below freezing point. In usual summer days, the temperatures are below freezing in the evenings. Even in bright sun, you need to be fully covered with warm clothes to bear it!If you need the exact figures, do let me know.
      Maira Sarfraz

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