The Lal Sohanra National Park


The Lal Sohanra National Park lies 36 km east of Bahawalpur in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The park is spread over an area of 87,426 hectares and includes a forest and a natural lake. The area was declared a National Park in October 1972 as some animals of that region namely the black buck, Nilgai were facing extinction.

In the Lal Sohanra Park, the number of endangered species has increased. Other endangered species in this park are Chinar Gazelle, Big Lake Hog Deer, Indian Rhino, and Cat Carcal etc.

Besides animals, 160 species of birds reside here. The Houbara Bustard, Griffin Vulture, Laggar Falcon, Egyptian Vulture and coots have sought refuge here. The big lake is a home to numerous ducks. There are also some reptiles like wolf snake, John’s Sand Boa and monitor lizard.

To encourage tourism, the government has developed The Lal Sohanra National Park as a tourist spot. Rest houses and huts have been built for their comfortable stay and camping grounds have also been provided. This park is among the first few ones of its type which was developed as a tourist spot in Pakistan. Among other regions in Pakistan south Punjab is a culturally rich area. It already attract the attention of local and foreign tourists. Tourist spots like  Lal Sohnra National Park attracts the attention of visitors even more, thus supporting the local tourism industry. 

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