The marvels of Mianwali

Namal Lake , Mianwali, Pakistan

Mianwali district lies in the northwest of Punjab province of Pakistan. It is situated along the banks of River Indus. Its historic significance can be judged from the fact that it is an important archaeological site of many Hindu ruins. Some of these sites are the conical hills of Mari City where you can find the signs of old Hindu Ruins. The Sikrapp Fort located on top of a ridge is another historic site. Sadly the fort is a picture of neglect and only the outer wall of the fort remains.

Kalabagh is a place of prominence. You can get a fantastic view of the River Indus and the red hills of the salt range. The main attraction of Mianwali remains the Namal Lake.

Namal Lake is located in the Namal Valley 36 km away from Mianwali. It is an artificial lake created when the British built the Namal Dam to irrigate the nearby areas. The lake is a home to migratory birds like Russian Ducks and Siberian Cranes.

Mianwali is also known for minerals like gypsum and silica. Other important places in Mianwali are Chashma Barrage and the Khanqa Sirajjia Nuclear Power Plant in Kundian. It is a nice place to visit.

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