The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

by on April 1, 2009
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The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission has a long history dating back to 1956 when the first Atomic Energy Research Council was established. Further changes took place and the Atomic Energy Commission was incorporated under an Act. The Commission realized other modifications when it was transferred from the Science and Technology Research Division of Pakistan to the President’s Secretariat. This happened in 1972.

Over the years, the Atomic Energy Commission has developed into the biggest source of S & T in the nation. It employs the largest number of people with the largest scope of activities in the country. In the early years, the emphasis was on building a nuclear power reactor in Karachi and an experimental research reactor in Islamabad. Gradually, with the development of the commission, issues concerning the general security of Pakistan carried more emphasis. A host of famous scientists have done their research over here, helping the country develop an excellent protective structure. The PAEC has grandiose plans of setting up plants of 8800 MW by the year 2030. There are also ongoing studies for scouring new areas for setting up nuclear plants in the country.

Although many nations have nuclear capability, Pakistanis take a lot of pride in being a nuclear power of this world. This institute has earned huge respect in the eyes of ordinary Pakistanis.

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