The Story of Multan

Multan, city of Pakistan

Multan lies on the eastern bank of River Chenab in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. Multan is one of the oldest cities of South Asia. It is difficult to determine exactly how old the city is. Being on the route of South Asia to Central Asia, it has seen many invaders. Before being conquered by Mohammed Bin Qasim the Arab invader, it was under Hindu rule. Over the years it changed many masters and finally under the Mughal era witnessed its golden period. From Mughals it went to the Sikhs and then later to the British. Finally it became a part of Pakistan in 1947 and slowly crept towards its progress.

The Multan today is a city bustling with activity. The main occupation of the people is agriculture and livestock farming. Wheat, sugarcane and cotton are the main crops produced. Multan is especially known for its mangoes. Chaunsa, Anwar Raitol and Langra are some of the finest varieties produced.

Multan is also famous for its handicrafts. Embroidered clothes and shoes are very much in demand throughout the country. Hand knotted carpets and cloth woven on handlooms is Multan’s specialty. Ceramics and pottery especially blue glazed is appreciated in the country as well as abroad.

Another thing of Multan worth mentioning is the Sohan Halwa. It is a favorite of all those who have a sweet tooth.

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