Top 10 Models of Pakistan

by on January 2, 2010
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Top 10 Models of Pakistan

Fields of modeling and fashion designing are relatively new in Pakistan. Earlier ramp and still modeling were done on very small scale. The models were mostly T.V and film actresses. This trend changed drastically in the late 80’s when smart boys and girls from educated families took up modeling as a serious profession. Since then there has been no turning back and every month year rather every month new faces emerge on the fashion scene. Pakistani models are well groomed. They are bold and confident. They have both pose and poise. The models gracefully carry themselves on the ramp and in still modeling are at par with the international models. They have represented Pakistan in many international fashion shows.

Although difficult to compile, here is a list of Top Ten Models of Pakistan:

1. Vaneeza Ahmed
2. Iraj Manzoor
3. Nadia Hussain
4. Cybil Chaudry
5. Sunita Marshall
6. Iman Ali
7. Amna Haq
8. Meekal
9. Alix
10. Imran Abbas

To be honest, since this post was first written in 2010 this list has changed a lot. Many new faces have made their mark in the field of modelling in Pakistan in last 2 years. With the increase in the number of private TV channels and specific modelling oriented platforms, the interest of young generation in this field has increased manifold. We have seen a lot of sheer talent in modelling in Pakistan recently.  Stay tuned for a longer and more recent list of models from Pakistan.

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