Top 5 Airlines of Pakistan

airblue-air-craft of Pakistan

The aviation industry of Pakistan got its initiation when the Orient Airways got into a merger with the Pakistan International Airlines Corporation. The new entity which became the national airlines and the flag-bearer was named the Pakistan International Airlines. This was the only airline company of Pakistan for a long time because of the unstable conditions in the nation, but, soon, there was an impetus of many private airlines entering the market. The 1990s was a major period in the history of airlines in Pakistan as four private airline companies joined the industry during this time. Unfortunately, the sanctions which were placed on the aviation industry of India and Pakistan caused two of the four airlines to file for bankruptcy. There was a revival once again in the beginning of the 21st century when many new airlines started operations. There are many top-end airline carriers in the nation today. However, the best of the lot include the following:

1. Aero Asia International
2. Airblue
3. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)
4. Safe Air
5. Shaheen Air International

The current status of the aviation industry promises that things can only improve for Pakistan with a new airport being built at Fateh Jang for the capital which is in the plans now.

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