Top ten popular folk singers of Pakistan

Famous folk singer of Pakistan Alan Faqir

Music is one of the most important elements that have existed in the world. Different people have different tastes and even the music styles of different areas of a country are so diverse that you may get confuse. Pakistan has always produced good music whether it’s folk, classical, pop or any other genre. Folk music is one of the most important music that belongs to our country and many singers who are worth mentioning, they made it worth listening with the beautiful and meaningful lyrics that give people a good leisure time and people actually get emotionally attached to them. This term has its history that shows that it was originated in 19th century. Popular Folk singers of Pakistan that have been on the top includes Atta Ullah Khan Esa Khelvi, Arif Lohar, Saien Zahoor and many more like them who have changed the dimensions of this genre of music in Pakistan.

There is no denying this fact that Pakistan has produced some amazing folk singers who have won the hearts of millions across the globe through their singing.

Following is the list of famous Folk singers of Pakistan:

  • Allan Faqir
  • Sohrab Faqir
  • Reshma
  • Alam Lohar
  • Arif Lohar
  • Sher Mian Dad
  • Shazia Manzoor
  • Attaullah Khan Essa Khailwi
  • Kamal Mahsud
  • Zarina Baloch


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