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Neelum river Pakistan

The Jehlum and the Neelam River-Facts

Jehlum River is one of the five rivers of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The name ‘Punjab’ comes from ‘punj’ and ‘aab’ meaning ‘five waters’ or the ‘land of five rivers’. Jehlum River is one of those five rivers and it is the largest among all those. This river flows in India and Pakistan and is the most western of these five rivers. The total length of this great river is 774 km or 480 miles. This river is a tributary to the Chenab River (another one of the five rivers in Punjab). It passes through the historical city of Jehlum in Punjab and that from where it takes its name.

Neelam River which is also known as Kishenganga is the river which takes its name from the sky color of water. There are also traditions that the name Neelam came from the stone/gem ruby which is found here. Ruby is called Neelam in the local language and hence this became the reason for its name. This river flows through the beautiful Neelam valley and it flows through the Pakistani and Indian held Kashmir and is considered as one of the most beautiful rivers in the country. It is also a tributary to the Jehlum River.

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