Treks of Pakistan

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Treks in Pakistan

Pakistan has some extremely wonderful trekking sites. Starting right from valleys of the NWFP province, up till the mighty ranges of Himalayas, Hindu Kush and Karakoram there are a number of awesome treks. Trekking can aptly be described as the most thrilling adventure Pakistan offers. The serenity and breath taking beauty of the place along with the warm hospitality accorded by the locals makes your visit a memorable one. The areas are not commercialized hence the natural beauty is unspoiled.

Pakistan is a known destination to all those who are interested in trekking. Being home to the youngest and fiercest mountain range in the world, Pakistan enjoys this unique position.

For beginners there are simple treks in the Naran, Kaghan and Kalam valleys to name a few. Here you will come across tall pine covered mountains, glistening glaciers, sparkling lakes and water falls and a variety of flora and fauna.

The more adventurous daredevils can have their fun trekking on the rugged mountains of the Northern areas (Gilgit-Baltistan) where they will come across snow capped peaks, glaciers and occasionally the protected wildlife species. Some famous treks are:

1. Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek
2. Fairy Meadows Trek
3. Baura Trek
4. Nanga Parbat Trek
5. Batura TREK
6. Biafo HISPAR Trek/ Snow Lake Trek
7. Shimsal Pamir Trek

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