Truck Art in Pakistan

Truck art in Pakistan

In Pakistan you do not need to go to the art galleries to see master pieces of art. Nor are paintings restricted to canvases only. You can easily see brightly colored tastefully done (depends on your taste) paintings around you. Stop when the traffic light is red and look around you. You will find sceneries, portraits, calligraphy, birds, animals all painted on various vehicles. Buses, Trucks, Rickshaws and Mini Buses are the mobile art galleries which speak eloquently of their creators’ craftsmanship.

Truck art culture is common in Pakistan. It began in 1920 when a certain bus company asked a local painter to decorate the buses in order to attract passengers. Every region of Pakistan has its own specialty. In the N.W.F.P and the Baluchistan much emphasis is on the wood trimmings. Artists of Rawalpindi use plastic extensively in decorations. In Karachi reflective tape called “Chamk Pati” is commonly used to decorate the vehicles.

Sceneries from the Northern Valleys, portraits of film stars, birds, animals and some exotic creatures having the head of a lady and the body of a lion are some common themes. Even celebrities like Lady Diana have found a place at the back of trucks. Trucks are also a message board showing the owners poetic taste, emotions and at times public messages. Pakistani truck art is slowly being acknowledged as an art form the world over.

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