Uch Sharif


Situated 75 km away from Bahawalpur City is the old town of Uch Sharif. It has seen many rulers witnessed different cultures and has been centre of mysticism for centuries. The small town of Uch Sharif has many tombs, mausoleums and shrines mostly of the reverend people like Hazrat Bahawal Haleem, Hazrat Jalauddin Surkh Bukhari, Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht, Shaikh Saifuddin Ghazhnooni and Bibi Jawandi.

Uch Sharif is divided into three sections named after three important personalities and rulers. These sections are:

1. Uch Bukhari named after Hazrat Jalauddin Surkh Bukhari.
2. Uch Jilani named after Sheikh Mohammed Ghaus Qadri Jilani.
3. Uch Mughlian named after the Mughal Rulers.

The tombs are the real sights of Uch Sharif. These tombs are either square shaped or domed. The tomb of Bibi Jawandi is octagonal in shape and is a magnificent piece of architecture. It is adorned with tiny blue glazed tiles. The shrine of Hazrat Jalauddin Surkh Bukhari is equally magnificent with a wooden roof painted in lacquer mostly red and blue.

A few kilometers away from Uch Sharif is Punjnad (the point of meeting of five rivers), which is the point where the rivers meet. It is a beautiful picnic spot. A lot of people visit Uch Sharif and also have picnic at Punjnad.

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