Umer Marvi-Pakistani folklore

Umer Marvi-Pakistani folklore

Umer Marvi is another folktale from Sindh. It is a bit different from the rest as it focuses more on a woman’s loyalty and dedication to her beloved.

Marvi a beautiful girl from the Tharparkar district was engaged to her cousin Khet. Marvi was deeply in love with him and Khet reciprocated her feelings. Marvi was once drawing water from a well when Umer Soomro the prince of Umer Kot saw her. Spellbound by her beauty he tried to win her over with his wealth but Marvi remained unmoved. Her love for her fiancé was so strong that all the riches of the world could not make her change her mind. Out of frustration on her constant refusals, Umer kidnapped her and took her to his palace in Umer Kot. He kept her in captivity for a whole year thinking that the luxuries of the palace would impress her but he was wrong. Marvi still pined for her home and her love.

Finally Umer gave up and set her free. Umer Marvi’s tale is a story of a woman’s strong character, unwavering love and faithfulness. This love story is the base of many movies and dramas produced in Pakistan. Most famous drama was produced by PTV in 1994.

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