Why We love Pakistan? It’s HOME!


Pakistan…’Zameen maa hoti hai’…Don’t exactly remember when my mother first explained to me this simplest yet most complex relationship of my life.  She told me not to allow the Green and White flag representing the honor of around 17 crore people to touch the floor. “Maa ka dopaata or Baap ki topi kbhi zameen pr nhi lgney dete, …or watan ka jhanda bhi”…I honestly don’t know since when these words of my mother became the center of my relationship with my country. I love Pakistan beyond logic, beyond reason, and beyond life.

Pakistan is my identity. As far as I can remember my childhood, loving Pakistan has always been a passion, a driving force for me. I have always believed that Pakistan is the best country in the world. Pakistan is like my mother to me. Others too have very loving mothers, but mine is the best one for me. Same goes for my country-the country I belong to. I have always felt that Pakistan loves me back, and Pakistan loves me more than I love her. Pakistan is the identity I carry with me, just like my father’s name. Pakistan is my pride, the absolute love of my life!

I have lived in Pakistan since my birth, and have visited almost all places, from Khyber to Mehran, from the Punjab Plains to Baluchistan. I love Pakistan because I belong here. Whenever I look back at my childhood, I find it marked with passionate national songs like ‘Watan ki Matti Gawah rehna’, ‘ye Watan Tumahara hai’ and ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’. Do I need any other reason to love my country? It is my pride, it is the place I belong to. It has the culture I so fully understand, and which has such deep roots in me. It has the feeling I so remember and love. I do not need any other reason to justify my love for my country…It’s HOME.

Pakistan means HOME to me. It’s not only about having the mighty Indus, or the richest plains in the world, the highest mountain pass, K-2 and other highest peaks, the highest plateau and the highest desert of the world in one country, its the culture, the feeling of being at home, the feeling of independence, the feeling of belonging to the place where I live, the feeling of having deep roots in the soil of this country which make me love this country more than ever.

You can’t stop loving your home, even if it lacks something. Isn’t it the case? It’s home…and I love it. 🙂

Pakistan is facing the worst floods of the century. My people are brave. We are fighting these worst floods with courage. ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan wishes all Pakistanis a peaceful and blessed Independence Day.

May Allah bless us all!

Khuda krey k meri arz e Pak pr utrey…
Wo fasl-e-gul jisey andaisha-e-zawal na ho (Ameen)

ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan.

Author MairaS:
Webpreneur. CEO ContentCreatorZ Pakistan. Managing Partner Media Marketing Services.


47 Responses to “Why We love Pakistan? It’s HOME!”
  1. Usman Shahid says:

    The time may not be in our favor but we have the will and the power to turn the tide. PAKISTAN will be among the very best, very soon. I am fortunate to have born and lived in my beloved country and I severe to ALLAH, I will die fighting for it.

    • MairaS says:

      Hi Usman
      Thanks for sharing your valuable feelings with us! Yes, its true that we are fortunate that we belong to this amazing piece of land. Times are tough, but we will inshaAllah face it together and will inshaAllah turn the tide. Ameen.

  2. saman says:

    when i read it I felt ohh its the voice of my heart too, Indeed its the voice of every Pakistani. Once while discussion I said in front of my cousins that I love Pakistan, they said why ? at that time i have no reason , Is there any reason is required to love your mother if not then how for Pakistan ( motherland) .

    • MairaS says:

      Thanks Saman for your valuable contribution. True, we do not need to give reasons for loving Pakistan. Its Home, and thats reason enough. Keep visiting!

  3. saman says:

    pakistan pakistan pakistan pakistan
    hay azmaton muhabaton ka nishan
    rooh e qaied ki azmaton ko salam ho
    jo na banate watan hum reh jate be nishan

  4. Zainab Zaman Khan Afridi says:

    I love Pakistan. There is no place like home. Loving the spirit Maira.

  5. saba says:

    yup.its HOME.no words beyond this line could explain why love pakistanA .wonderful piece of writing by a wonderful writer whom i know loves to express,and play with words so that they reveal the true meanings to everyone.
    Loving pakistan ,becomes more patriotic when u r living in another country….where u r deprived of…….
    freedom of speech….of language….of values….of culture….of family relations…..and so on…
    keep writing and caring for OUR beloved land.

    • MairaS says:

      Thanks Saba! We value your feedback! Very well said, that we value things when we cant take them for granted. Allah bless Pakistan! Keep visiting us!

  6. rabii says:

    i love pakistan cuz i dun feel lyk an outsider here. and a lot of things that people find shameful about my country i find myself loving it for them. there are things that i have here which i might not find in any part of the world. i love my country and i am proud of it. happy birthday pakistan. may u live for years to come. may Allah bless pakistan and its people. happy independence day u all.

  7. Umarfarooq says:

    This is great article. This 14th August, let’s promise to work in unity to help the flood victims till they are re-established back in their own homes securely after this devastation is over. Pakistan Zindabad


    • MairaS says:

      Hey Umar..truly, we need to prove ourself as a Zinda Quam by donating for our country fellows who have been deprived of everything they ever had due to the floods. InshaAllah we will not stop till the last one of the displaced people has his or her home and life back. Allah bless Pakistan. Ameen.

    • MairaS says:

      Yes we need unity at this crucial time !

  8. Iffat Chaudhry says:

    Pakistan is not just another country for me; it is my country, my birthplace, my recognition, and my way of survival. What I am today is just because of Pakistan as, it gives me courage, felicity and power of being Independent. My country is blessed with all the beauties of nature; a vast blue sky, a land rich with minerals and intelligent, talented and hard working people. There is hardly any match of Pakistan in the whole world; it is just lacking a sincere leadership and long term vision. But I am very hopeful from the people of Pakistan, who are capable of making impossible, as possible and have power to change the worst.
    I love Pakistan with all the depths of my heart and always praying to the Almighty for its prosperity and long life.
    Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Zaain Alie says:

    This the land I belong to, this is the land I will die for and this is the land that defines my identity. This is my country, this is my PAKISTAN.

    ” Happy Independence Day”

    • MairaS says:

      Allah has blessed Pakistan with sons of soil like you Zaain. We are ready to die for it, indeed! Allah bless Pakistan. Keep up this spirit.

  10. Soophia says:

    Pakistan is our country. We should spread peace. Appreciate it. Do whatever we can for it. Pakistan is where I was born. It has all my memories. I love Pakistan with all my heart and I hope Pakistan lives a long life.

  11. Usman says:

    We, the people of paksiatan, would strive to their last breaths, no matter how many times are we tested through earth quakes, floods, bombs, crises no matter what they may be. We would endure every pain willingly, most honorably, to serve and sacrifice for our country, try and pay back the shelter and the infinite peace it has always provided……….Live long Pakistan!!!!

  12. ZaynabB says:

    “HOME “says it all! 🙂
    A place;
    u cherish wherever u go,
    u love beyond any limits,
    u adore more than anything,
    u r proud of irrespective of the circumstances and
    u luv to die for whenever the times call you!

    Would like to say ‘ere that, I would have been no one, but my motherland (Pak) has given me an identity and people know me because of it all over the world. It has given me the confidence to walk proudly on a land that is truly ours. I may feel the urge to go outside it, getting fascinated by all the glitz and glamor of the world outside Pak, but in the end I know my heart and soul are at peace where they belong and they belong to Pakistan!

    The times are tough, but we the children of Pak can surely change it, with all our motivation and dedication to our home.

    ~ Great peace of writing, writer! 🙂
    Keep writing n keep motivating us!
    Luv u Pakistan! 🙂

    • MairaS says:

      Yes ZaynabB. This is what our nation is realizing. Pakistan is HOME and no comfort of the world can beat the importance that we Pakistanis attach with our beloved home. Long Live Pakistan. Ameen

  13. Rahila says:

    We love our country Pakistan because it is very our own…where our forefathers sleep. Yes…this country is our identity. So we should show our patriotism towards Pakistan not just by waving flag but by serving good deeds. Pakistan zinda baad!

    • MairaS says:

      Loved your comment Rahila! Very well said. It is our responsibility to transfer this passion for our country to the next generation.

  14. Fahad Zia says:

    Whenever we come back home from a trip my mother says, “Thank God, we are home”. But as we get close to home coming back from a trip my 3 years old daughter starts moaning,”nahi baba abhi ghar nahi jana (no dad, not home again)”. And I think that may be we have failed to make our home a place worth living for my kids and if they don’t enjoy living in it they would like to shift to a better place when they will be grown up. It will be hard for them to be excited enough to contribute anything to make it a better place unless God forbid something bad happens to our house by some external force that might put them in defensive mode that they feel like protecting it, fighting for it, rebuilding it while cursing their elders for their irresponsibility. In this scenario they might make it a better place but by that time they will be old and their children will enjoy living in it.

    Do we intend to leave our “beloved country” for our children, spending lives fixing it? Or we want to play our role and make it a better place for them? Fate is in our hands.

    • MairaS says:

      Definitely Fahad, we are the sole medium who could change the fate of Pakistan and play our role to make this place a living heaven for everyone !

  15. Zubair says:

    May God Bless Pakistan

  16. Rana Ahmad says:

    Pakistan is our identity, our homeland .It is a time for Pakistani territory to blend and work on the likely answers to eliminate this awful situation. the only require is to gaze at the origin of creation of Pakistan. This is not the blame of any one but it is our responsibility. This is our persona and i love Pakistan and pleased to be a Pakistani.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  17. naseer khan says:

    pakistan is over motherlandand the peopel who are living here is over brother and sister konw in current time most ofthem are wating for over help and its over responsibality to help them…………
    I love pakistan as i love my mother to………..

    pakistan zindabad

  18. Midrees says:

    Pakistan is may mother we need to prey for Pakistan may Allah bless Pakistan forever i love Pakistan very much, Pakistan zinda bad

  19. Anzar Khan says:

    Dil dil Pakistan jan jan Pakistan dil dil pakistan jan jan pakistan i love pakistan i love very very much pakistan we have to do some special for pakistan.

  20. asif says:

    pakistan is my homeland and i love pakkistan….
    Pakistan Zindabad

  21. Muhammad Asif Farooq says:

    pakistan is mine and I am Pakistan
    Listen Pakistan ki taraf kisi ny ankh utha kar b dheakha tooo
    Usi ki Benai cheen lain gy hum………………

  22. AbdulMoez says:

    Pakistan zindabad.

  23. ash sultan says:


    Khuda krey k meri arz e Pak pr utrey…
    Wo fasl-e-gul jisey andaisha-e-zawal na ho (Ameen)

  24. KAMRAN BODLA says:

    we need change in PAKISTAN

  25. Zeeshan Bajwa says:

    i love u a lot .My all life qurban ic pakstan per

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